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  1. If they're dropping obvious 'aherm asthmatic ' drugs cheats out are we not gonna be giving it to zara Phillips again??
  2. 12% of population have asthma so one would expect only a tiny minority of athletes in endurance sports like cycling swimming n athletics to need asthma medication.....almost as if uk is smarter at cheating than Russia....
  3. We had israel in qualifiers for 82 wc iirc.
  4. We will play a worse side in 6n namely Italy. At no point after second half did I say I was happy with our performance. It's nowhere near the worst period in Samoan rugby...not even close. As for rankings no one with a passing knowledge of rugby believes that Samoan side would lose to Romania. My point was quite simply that they aren't a gang as you claimed. They are a competent physical rugby team that at full strength we would have no divine right to roll over. If wales or Ireland were missing the number n quality of players we were then both would be happy at a win over Samoa. If their players were as poor as you say why are so many playing in super rugby pro 14 France n England?? Every player I mentioned that's missing has been recently a starter for us. Not in any way claiming Samoa are world beaters but bit of perspective is required. Six years ago we were a bawhair from losing to Romania n Georgia at rwc....the coach prev to toony couldn't get us higher than 4th in 6n n led us to our worst ever defeat to England n managed zero wins v England nz oz n sa. We have no divine right to roll over Samoa. Yet we beat them with half a side missing by a bigger margin than we did in last rwc....and we still know we can play much better. Its far from perfect but we have been in far far worse places.
  5. They'll hammer either of them.
  6. Seedings reflect fixtures. They have guys playing top tier in France England pro 14 n super rugby. They're absolutely not a gang. We rarely beat them by more than a few points and today we were missing Maitland visser Strauss Dickinson Ritchie gray gordy Reid Taylor Ford brown Bennett n lost nel to injury. There's plenty of room for improvement but there's no need to over exaggerate our deficiencies.
  7. Nah they're not. They were seeded above us at last rwc and were above us in rankings for quite a while. Plenty of guys playing at top level. We lost concentration but overall there's more positives than negatives not least five wins in a row at home.
  8. Well that was unnecessarily stressful in end. Total lack of focus after fourth try. That said some very good stuff in there. Certainly won't be any complacency going into nz game!
  9. Du preez I think....sub no8.
  10. Fuxake!! Concentration has been terrible. Great going forward but can't be conceding five soft tries
  11. Peter Horne is an underrated player for me. Decent goalkicker too.
  12. Pyrgos is so slow compared to price at getting ball out
  13. Yep plenty there to work on before nz n oz.
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