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  1. just not good enough really, we seem to have lost that wee bit not as good in front of goal as we were , looking very difficult now but we will keep plugging away anything can happen thistle look better than Falkirk IMO..
  2. Relegation Royal Rumble

    What? we have only gained five points from both of these teams all season..and four of them off partick .didn't really think about this did you?
  3. The Highland Derby

    Cant distinguish between them on the telly..
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    being condemned Twice over , suits us fine...
  5. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    been a little disappointed with kirky so far , got to give him time though
  6. Surely jim will get liam dick back in the team, and reinstate the defence that was doing well enough before , but if we defend like we did against Ayr and Falkirk we are beaten here , and get Cawley back in the team please jim. As for our new loans Although Aitchison looks handy It is scandalous that Hamilton gets on before wee kev . Sort it jim please ..
  7. something not quite right today. why did jim bring on Cawley with 5 minutes left , the boy Hamilton is out of his depth I think jim is slightly losing the plot. Falkirk deserved the win today , our defending at the second was laughable.. we are going backwards just when I thought we would kick on..
  8. Do you know if roscoe is back ? Braaaaap!
  9. depends if the panigale breaks down or not looks like I will have to take the bandit 1250...doh!
  10. I like a snack after a good scrap, cheers ..
  11. If its you and just one more I won't need anyone else...….
  12. And 2 motorbikes mate !
  13. quite funny this has turned into a parking thread (my bad), the excitement is too much to talk about the game ..way to big a game for both clubs