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  1. its not where we want to be competing for though is it ? 🤢
  2. its not like us to make these mistakes , its a bit worrying .
  3. you can't make mistakes like that with o'hara around, dunfermline deserved the win but annoyed in the manner of the defeat .
  4. difficult to defend a goal like that though .it was well played
  5. the next game will be controlled with a joystick by leodhas apparently ,not much consolation for you guys mind !
  6. Thanks for all your hard work leodhas, and good luck with your joystick 🙄
  7. After seeing the highlight Mcpake should not have been off , but seen penalties given for Connolly brought down in the box , these thing will iron out over the season ( he say's in hope ) .
  8. this is the thing I get more annoyed about every time , no news ..ever its always through the grapevine, a quick twitter comment to let us know instead of hanging out there all the time would be nice .
  9. tough to call this game , i have no idea if Morton have improved or are poorer i think we are in a better place than the first game of last season .
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