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  1. You must have left it at home a lot recent times no ?
  2. was a bit raw at first but came on big time later in the season, you could see his confidence increase every game, good signing and thats the second loan full back we have seen go your way (McCart ) .
  3. All i seem to get now is adverts for Raleigh choppers ? ! and motorcycles on gumtree that are already sold .
  4. Good move and makes sense for both clubs, the games will be more interesting now, "your ball" ! no after you ! no i insist, 🙄
  5. Yeah and .......O'Hara ..........most likely , i will take a draw now ...
  6. Looks like we have benefited from QP going F/T like we did with Neil Parry, seems to be well thought of and a good prospect long term Welcome to The recs Nicky .
  7. Showing some [email protected] at the very least knowing full well some fans won't like him for the past misdemeanours , he has a lot of belief for a young lad .
  8. A ton supporter has suggested that Nicky Jamieson is headed our way , did he leave ,was he freed (has no club as of now ) whats he like ?
  9. It was hard to believe the Fawkirk fans who didn't rate him when he came here looking back now , if used properly he will be good for you .
  10. I would prefer it ,but for Kevin's sake maybe not .
  11. looks like it (not signed yet) has split their Fans and upset some of them, poor dears, If they play him right they will have a good player more than good enough for them , but if the fans get on his back (and they most likely will they may not get the best of him .
  12. unless you have a link for sale please don't tease ... nice though, sell a kidney type of price most likely
  13. doubt it , retirement means retirement, not as if he has an injury, would be good to see him back for a goodbye though
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