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  1. We were told Kevin O.hara was no good Innes cameron was no good . the new players will do the talking on the park ,, or not, we shall see it is an anxious time for Alloa fans with the new manager and players coming in
  2. Well happy that he is staying will be a stand out in L 1 barring injuries ,
  3. if you thought AJ was slow on the substitute issue wait till you see him , i critcised him a lot on here for favouring his son when to everyone else he wasn't cutting the mustard so to speak , that and the incredibly late sub issue , he never seemed to know his best formation either on his plus side he did have to put up with some key injuries , some fans liked him some didn't .
  4. I never saw that , was it on twitter / website ? Not happy about that , i am coming around to the BF appointment but this will take longer .
  5. All this and no mention of BM in the fray yet , can we all relax now or am i premature ? BF said on go radio that the chairman had freed the players we know of not him , i wonder was ray grant pushed or did he go interesting if nothing else .
  6. The home end will be full of the Wee County Loyal this season, so there's that.
  7. I am confused , I thought MM was a Sellick fan judging by The Rangers Fans comments on him Now he is a ragin blue bigot ?
  8. you know fine what i mean . here is me thinking that the club wanted to attract more fans, maybe i am wrong .
  9. Managers have a slightly higher profile than the playing squad , BM would have as high a profile as he has a bit of known history maybe when this all settles down and some success comes on the pitch (hopefully) the situation will become acceptable to a degree ?. P and B is the only way we can let those closer to the club know how we feel possibly ? the Fact we have been kept out of the ground exacerbates the alienation Yes the club have had plenty to distract recently , just give us some news! ! (recently freed players unannounced as an example ) . maybe if that side of things was improved we might react a bit more positively What is the dividing line between Uber fan and happy clapper ? like a lot of fans on here i have been supporting the club since totten was in charge barring 6 years forced to work saturdays .when i couldnt attend love the club as much as the next man , regardless of how i want to part with my hard earned and dwindling income (thanks to Covid) . Its a shame about hetherington but players move on , he has been here a long time the worry is are their players out there that can fill his boots, especially since we lost Flanagan too last season Press conference was at 11 pm as far as i know , we shall see .
  10. Oh you got me ...well done you but you are wrong i said i wouldn't buy a season ticket , very different to boycotting entirely .Never said anytime that i wont go back read a bit more carefully . be careful what you wish for eh ? as they say regarding grant though . Every right to voice my displeasure as someone who has followed the club and put a lot of money the club's way i hate bigots and bob malcolm is one .
  11. It's a hard one but in my heart of hearts i know i can't stay away, i just hope he ! isnt there with BF , whether i get a season ticket or not i know i will go back . most likely won't commit to a season ticket though .
  12. But is Bob M coming with him ? , this would be breaking point for me if they do , man is someone i would not want anywhere near the club .
  13. don't do it man ! The drink and the P&B don't mix , get help ! I still Shudder at some of my drink inspired posts (that's my excuse and i am sticking to it ) . If this bob malcolm character follows him i really do not know what i will do ...
  14. Anyone have a rough Idea how much Sauchie juniors season ticket costs ?
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