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  1. yes i do , was having a poke , trolling i think they call it .
  2. So some pub team leagues are null and void so we should too ? hmmmmm
  3. Sell vouchers for future season tickets /game entry and or start a club lottery online .
  4. I used to play and if lockdown occurs , thats it ..will pick it up again , just haven't got the time so some good will come of it David gilmour eat your heart out ..
  5. Dumbarton V Alloa playoff win 2018 stands out As a regular awayday Dunfermline stands out, good parking for the bike , ( The attendant waves me in through the cones for some reason, top fella ) into the Valley on the tannoy , good grub and a decent result most of the time , whats not to like ? .
  6. Never mind lads here's a picture of a cyclist just to cheer you up .
  7. I only know one person on here in real life , and he is a jambo , does anyone want to be known ? i could hazard a guess by his username and if it is who i think he hasn't been to many games .
  8. if you are talking about the gazebo i get it , but the MAIN stand offers a great view , ....bawheid 🙂 haven't been to palmerston or caley so i do not know, the rest don't stand out as either poor or very good anyway , i like to stand when i can so quite like Arbroath . (taking into account arctic clothing is a must ).
  9. I don't think that will work without relegation considered, as for helping the club i am all for it , i have already benefited from the season ticket and would buy next seasons now if offered, that said i am self employed and my income is already suffering , kidneys and selling are words that come to mind .
  10. Branson got his oar in then , sickening .
  11. Is that not normal for you though ...in a week 😏
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