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  1. wot a bunch of miserable baskets , joining in though with Alloa to score first (trouten) the 2 goals from you lot 2-1 yes i am a miserable sod too !
  2. Sh*tting it probably..... (nah think you will win this one to be honest ) .
  3. when Alloa won the old 3rd division tile a few seasons back we were Skelped by Elgin and berwick 0-5 we still won the league by 14 points ..don't be silly .
  4. you really do not have a grasp of the meaning of the word do you ? .
  5. i have seen them given , and against us on one occasion , we just have to move on and hope this goes for us next time .
  6. well who was to blame Taggs Mcdonald or both ? we were doing allright and i thought we played well but bizzare goal and sending off was too much. only ourselves to blame . we cant afford to give away gifts .
  7. I was thinking more about your regular psuedo pessimistic 2 - 0 comments and that all time favourite "pie in a roll" .
  8. It's like groundhog day coming on to an Alloa v Inverness topic .
  9. your lot want your arses kicked for not winning that , we were blowin out our arse after 60 mins i was tired just watchin them . take the point though .
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