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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Considering you boys had this completely unknown striker on trial this time last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few more like him this time round. John Herron is a funny one, the guy must have some agent!
  2. What’s his end product like? How many goals has he got for you?
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    That’s some move down south
  4. I’ll go for: Dundee (A) Brechin (A) Peterhead (H) Stirling (H) Basing it off of last year where we had the top seed away, the League One side away and the lowest 2 at home...
  5. Aird will be off to United as well I reckon. His Mum congratulated Nicky on his move there over on the Twitter, surely that’s a hint? Just give me Faissal up front and I’ll be pleased.
  6. Dunfermline fans seem to have heard about Nicky Clark having already agreed a pre-contract with you. Anyone heard about it?
  7. Only way I can see us going down that route is if we are looking to play him in the reserve league next season, with him then looking to really push for a first team place. There’s no doubt that we probably need better, even as an option from the bench, so for that reason alone I can’t see it happening if I’m honest.
  8. Ashcroft is apparently available to play now, according to the Courier. Williamson is going to EEP for some light running tomorrow to see if he’s fit to play.. he got some stitches on the top of his shin after his injury the other night. Think we’ll be fine in defence with the same back line that started on Tuesday.
  9. If we make the play-offs then I’d expect a 1 year extension to see how next season goes. If we get promoted (big if at the moment) then it’ll be much of the same situation as our first year in the Premiership with clauses in contracts for relegation/staying up, I’d imagine. However, if we somehow manage to balls this up then it’ll certainly be a lot tougher for Ross McArthur to decide on AJ’s future. He clearly likes him and how he carries his business since he’s came here with all the modernisation he’s brought to the club etc, but it can’t be ignored that it would ultimately be a season in which we would’ve failed to reach our objective. I think we’ll reach play-offs and AJ will get a 1 year extension.
  10. No thread for this yet? Massive game for us again, up against an impressive Livi side who are on a really good unbeaten run at the minute. We’ve definitely improved over the last few weeks but this would be a big step in the right direction, especially if we’re to make the play-offs, which Livi are destined to be involved in.
  11. In my opinion the interviews are just very samey every week, whether that be the match preview or post-match interviews (I know you mainly only do the post-match stuff and sometimes get the chance to do the match preview). It’s maybe stuff that wouldn’t be easy to ask that people like me are after in these interviews. For example, everyone knows AJ has been dealt criticism in the past few months, it would be interesting to know how he feels about that as he definitely knows he’s had it as of late. As I said, probably not questions you’re able to ask in a one-on-one environment within the club but it’s perhaps what people would like to see to shake it up a bit.
  12. You ever read anything on the site?
  13. Brechin City vs Dunfermline Athletic

    A few stats.... • 6 points from our last 6 games • haven’t managed to win from a losing position all season • haven’t won an away game against full time opposition since Queens away last game of last season • since Paul Hartley was appointed Falkirk manager (October 4th) we are the third worst team in the league based on points attained - 19 points, only better than Brechin and Dumbarton who have 2 and 12 respectively. It’ll come across that I’m being an absolute pessimist at the moment but there’s not much to be pleased with except we are tighter at the back these days, but we’re in turn not scoring goals anymore. Mon the Pars, I’ll be at Brechin anyway!
  14. Anyone on here happen to read www.parsreview.org? If you do could you give any opinions on the site to me, keen to know how people view it.
  15. Slowly losing faith that we’ll make the play-offs. We’ve been so poor since late October that we’re now starting to really drown out all of the early season form which saw us top of the table at one point. If we make the play-offs now then I’ll be very pleasantly surprised, certainly not expecting much from the remaining away games given the abysmal record under AJ.