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  1. Hi Bunglebonce Neither has Sky Sports i'm afraid. The Social Club has BT sports only. I think the Caber in Golspie has Sky Sports.
  2. On what basis do you assume the club does not want to go up? You know nothing.
  3. Kettlewell showed some great form at the end of the season although playing at right back and through pain after hip operation. A good pre season and back to full fitness he will be like a new signing. Very impressed with him in interviews aswel always comes across well. This type of experience is a must for the step up to Div 2. He knows what's required of himself and his team mates players like him will always demand 100% from the team for the full 90mins against all opposition
  4. Oops forgot Allan and Martin so that's 18.
  5. Malin, Pickles, Houston, Williamson, Macdonald, M Maclean, Morrison, Gillespie, Greig, Mackay, Sutherland. Brindle, Brittain, Kettlewell, Porritt, C Maclean, Thats 16 who do not work for CRC Evans so yes please i will take your bet easy money haha
  6. Wrong....Brittain already has a job outwith football.
  7. 2 or 3 to come i am led to believe. Club will be ready for Div 2 next summer all going well this season. Happy to leave the HL behind & looking forward to new rivalries
  8. Brittain & Brindle both signed. Superb Brora here we go 3 in a row
  9. I heard the jukebox turned him down
  10. For me having 16 players that are capable of starting is essential, add to that reserve keeper & 3 youngsters. We need to rotate more this season.
  11. Squad of 17 perfect, reserve keeper & 5 players capable of starting.
  12. John Pickles signed for Brora Today, More news expected next week.
  13. What happened to the Nike Friday, When is the 7 players to be paraded infront of the P&J camera's?
  14. especially last weekend when the ball bobbled on the turf just as Zander was about to burst the net they worked on that at training.
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