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  1. Going by the Nithsdale twitter account they don’t seem to be struggling. Looks like majority of last seasons squad retained with 4/5 new faces added in. Abbey vale and threave also been busy going by the twitter accounts.
  2. I listened to Frankie Boyles Prometheus and really enjoyed it. Particularly the digs at the government and the Royal Navy rescuing wind surfers. Anybody recommend any good comedy pods?
  3. It’s more of a spice rack than this? Perhaps I got them muddled up..
  4. Clough85

    Boardwalk Empire

    Excellent choice you’ll love it
  5. Last weeks episode with the caravan was good. Jim’s new dog made his debut. Flashback to still game when the toilet bucket went everywhere.
  6. The lady of the house selected and placed the items in the spice rack. Il assume the glue is high out the way to stop the wean eating it. You can Get back to drinking your ditchwater wine now throbber.
  7. Put up this spice rack. She’s been asking since Christmas. I have given in.
  8. Absolutely outstanding Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Rick the p***k would be proud! knew that was the comic book outcome for Alpha but these things don’t always make it into the programs/films. nice we twist with carol though Now we get to see opie go ape shit mental and rip some more sap out a wheen of trees! im Negan
  9. Enjoyed the last episode, hopefully Negan will sort out these whispering idiots. Agree on previous post the absence of Rick has ripped out the heart of the show. I’d give it one more season after this. Still watchable though.
  10. Clough85


    Looking forward to this. Aaron Paul been added to the cast. Think il wait till all episodes are available and Binge watch. I watched season 2 over a about 3 months and lost track too many times.
  11. Just watched the latest episode. I think this season has been great so far. Rubbish bins. Passionate doodles. Artificial fruit. Laverne Cox (she had a cold). The season has been great regarding the whole woke, me too and Weinstein carry on. 3 men with broken teeth trying to find a Spanish waiter is the best thing I’ve seen on telly so far this year.
  12. Agreed, he was a little weasel in the first series. Mind he was for cutting Arnotts fingers off with bolt cutters must’ve been about 12. his maw was a Trollope
  13. The Jack Ryan series is worth a watch. 2 series in and hopefully there will be a third.
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