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  1. 2018/19 Betting Thread

    Ffs, reserved and forgot to draft before Thursday night game again!!
  2. Standing Bowl XVI

    Week 7(1) - Eagles & Colts
  3. Standing Bowl XV

    Get in! I'd like to dedicate this Standing Bowl to my beloved Dolphins who I knew would find a way to lose despite leading 17-0 at halftime!
  4. Standing Bowl XV

    Week 5 - Patriots and Bengals
  5. Standing Bowl XV

    Week 4 - Chargers & Eagles Almost feel ashamed after last week's performance.....
  6. Standing Bowl XV

    Ffs - Bills are torching the Vikings. Looks like wipe out.....
  7. Standing Bowl XV

    Week 3 - Vikings & Texans
  8. Standing Bowl XV

    Week 2- Rams and Saints
  9. Standing Bowl XV

    Week 1 - Ravens & Broncos
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    Ah, I suspected it would be me being thick....
  11. Fantasy Football 2016

    I'm looking at the scoring settings and seeing TE is set at 1 PPR?
  12. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

  13. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I’m abroad with crappy WiFi. I see it is a short week but can’t seem to select line up yet. Is the deadline for that extended to the day of first game?
  14. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Ah feck. It does look like a good thing and I could do with a war chest for next weekend as hitting Newcastle races on Saturday on a stag do. Oddschecker showing it in to 11/8 in most places, Weird thing is I seem to have another £20 bonus in my Betfair account! Frittering may well have commenced though.....