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  1. Any new kits for the upcoming season post here please
  2. Any non-league or junior scottish ones been released yet?
  3. Can anynody tell me what sunnybank away kit looks like please
  4. cheers for the help so far :-D Is they any new elgin fans who can tell what they kits look like?
  5. Need help finding these... Sunnybank Away Kit Park Vale Away Kit Glentanar Away Kit Burghead Thistle Away Kit Forres Thistle Away Kit Portgordon Victoria Home & Away Kit
  6. See if you have any look finding golspie Sutherland away kit
  7. does anyone have a pic of they home and away kits please?
  8. Cheers for the info You wouldn't have a pic of the shirt would you? If not do you know they kit manufacturer and the sponsor for that shirt?
  9. What color is they away shirt and does any one have a pic of it please?
  10. What color is they away shirt and does any one have a pic of it?
  11. Let's say they are in the lowland league next season and win that then win both of the play offs would they be a loud in the Scottish football league?
  12. Didn't they have some one called up for the Dr Congo u21 squad not long a go
  13. Anymore kits that have been released?
  14. Any info regarding kits for highland league,lowland league,east & south of scotland leagues,north caledonian and all the junior leagues post in here please
  15. What does cumbernauld colts away kit look like?
  16. Will be a big help If you can thanks mate
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