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  1. Probably reads P&B. I'm glad he's left but I hope it doesn't pave the way for Sparky to come back.
  2. No season ticket from me despite the decent price.
  3. Good signing! Fair play for getting a league 1 keeper for league 2!
  4. God only knows what to make of these signings
  5. That's absolutely disrespectful from the player and a bit shady from us if he's still under contract.
  6. Underwhelming. Did the wee dick not racially Rabin Omar?
  7. I'm surprised the walking football team hasn't been described as a pathway to the first team yet. I'm all for youth development but when Celtic are signing players at aged 7 and 8 from Renton Craigandro what is the point?
  8. Doesn't Hester have off field issues still surrounding him also? Could be signing a player you never get to see play. Of course that is the case for any player as they might get a bad injury for example. Sounds like an ideal farrell signing
  9. Absolute roasters. They haven't a clue. I worry how some manage through life unscathed
  10. Duthie, headless chicken. He'll infuriate the life out of you
  11. Russell McLean apparently going to QotS so I seriously doubt we could attract him. I reckon it's Tony Wallace and Alan Cook
  12. Why did I think big Josh was on loan?
  13. No anger at all. His attitude is honking and to be honest I just don't like his wee rodent face.
  14. I wouldn't trust that roaster to nurture a younger left back.
  15. Paddy Boyle offered a player coach deal. Horrendous move. He's a stinker. Farrell showing how extraordinarily incompetent he is.
  16. I can't stand Orsi. He's not the worst player but he's constantly moaning at others for his mistakes. Carswell, should be a stand out player league 2 but he's not delivered consistently enough for a couple of years. I'd be quite happy to keep Wilson, and McGeever. The rest can go.
  17. Sam's distribution consisted of battering the ball off his centre defenders napper
  18. Farrell will obviously be getting wind of the supporters frustration and anger. What kind of person stays when he knows he's almost unanimously unwanted?
  19. That's fucking ridiculous that statement.
  20. Who runs our website at the moment? Is it DFC admin? The Mackay statement said they were waiting to go live with a new website. My worry is that the new owners have control of it
  21. It's too late the players went missing months ago.
  22. I can't believe I let Dr Mackay look at my tinkle.
  23. Stop complaining folks, we have LED flood lights
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