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  1. If you thought the mourning for auld lizzie was bad, I can't wait for this!
  2. Who dragged Charlie Adam away from his crayons and super noodles to "analyse" this game? Instant sacking.
  3. I dunno if Robertson will get back in this side btw
  4. John McGinn's arse should get a minutes applause against Ireland!!
  5. Surely that was excessive force and a red regardless of whether or not the full back was covering? NHL stuff that
  6. Just cannot get motivated for this game at all tonight. I cannot be fucked with it. Its all a bit meh
  7. Scottish Cup draw at 6pm. I fancy a glamorous away day to drumchapel
  8. Quick, @microdave set up the next match thread
  9. They better watch, they're only 5 points off the trapdoor at the bottom.
  10. Choked on a bridie and vowed never to return
  11. First time watching Hearts this season. Great result but hard work. Just need to get final pass and decision making tuned in and they'll have a decent side. That boy Neilson looks like a talent
  12. A one minute booing would've sufficed
  13. Forced mourning is North Korea levels of madness
  14. Do we get double time if we need to work?
  15. Games aff if Lizzie turns into worm food
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