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  1. f**k covid.lets just lett 50 thousand into hampden and terrify the Croatians
  2. Quite emotional after that. Absolutely proud of the players. Every single one of them were brilliant and we outsmarted them. Completely gone!
  3. I thought McGregor has done brilliantly well. Quietly going about his role but being really effective
  4. So we're wanting the Czechs to absolutely batter them here and score a load of goals?
  5. Anyone watching this Croatia v Czech game, looking at Hampden and thinking the stadium is a bit embarrassing compared to others in the tournament?
  6. The closer it gets the more confident I am. England always have a dodgy group game in them, I think its going to be tonight.
  7. Scott Brown on ITV. They'd be better with a turnip sitting there
  8. Grant Hanley has been one of the fastest players in the tournament so far? This surely can't be correct? Or is this distance covered?
  9. What I would prefer versus what I think Clarke will go for. I think Clarke will drop McTominay back into centre half, more so if KT is out. I think Clarke might go with Hendry or Hanley. Toss up. I'd have Hendry
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