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  1. I actually thought he was off the pace and clumsy last night.
  2. Why does it matter if he was never going to be involved past 2020? Our most important matches for over a decade take place in less than 6 months time. What we need is the best players for those games. And you think he's one of our best players? He's been pish for a while. Good luck to him and that but he's not irreplaceable
  3. Terrible final ball. It's all very pedestrian
  4. Not even a foul nevermind a booking
  5. Rugby Park would have sufficed
  6. Suppose I'd go with that team. Clarke should demand he expects no less than 20 shots on target and no easing off at any point in the match. The SFA should have reduced the price to a couple of quid to at least get some sort of crowd in.
  7. We've bred a generation of shite bags. No steel or character from any of that bunch last night. Too easy for them to go into hiding. Not a leader amongst them. The side from 96 and 98 probably had a good 7 captains in the starting 11. Who knows what the solution is but it's brutal to watch.
  8. "we" you're not Scottish minter
  9. Even basics such as controlling the fucking football are beyond this bunch. We are minnows.
  10. Snodgrass is blowing out his arse. He'll not last the first half. Forrest on at half time for him.
  11. Remember we played Czech Republic with nae strikers? We're doing it again.
  12. I really hope I'm wrong but that starting line up looks horrific. The defence especially
  13. Nicky Devlin was good for Livingston yesterday. Surely he'd be worth having in there?
  14. No harm playing him. Especially against San Marino. The guy scores goals that what he does regardless of who it's against. It's the shambolic defence that worries me not Shanklands inclusion.
  15. Is anyone wanting a no deal Brexit in order to get a yes vote over the line when it comes to an independence referendum?
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