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  1. What are the chances of shirts being onsale for the first home game?
  2. New keeper looks very much like a young Ian Murray
  3. Sorry to hear of the passing of Legend Drew Busby. My heart is a wee bit broken today. He was a gent of a guy and well loved in Dumbarton. Take care Jambos.
  4. I hope there's more ordered for the first home game for those who couldn't get tonight!
  5. He might have been working. Part time players remember!
  6. Forfar kit would've been much better without the tyre tracks up the front. Quite like the grungy Stranraer change shirts.
  7. What a weird turn in conversation. John Dillon and Kyle Hutton being compared!
  8. Let's hope he signs with them. Absolute weirdo that he is
  9. We've all been here before. Expecting NS to deliver something huge regarding independence only to be let down.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see Carswell pitch up at Drumchapel or the likes in the wosfl. His performances haven't been anywhere near good enough in what is supposed to be the engine room of the team. He could have been our Mark Noble aswell. It's ashame, but we should wish him well, say thanks for the service and part ways.
  11. Without knowing too much at all... Stenny Forfar Stirling Dumbarton Annan Bonnyrigg East Fife Elgin Stranraer Albion Rovers
  12. What specifically was the problem with the warm up out of curiosity? Was it the drills weren't correct to warm the body up properly?
  13. That league cup group game between the Don's and The Sons is going to be sexy as...
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