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  1. I'm sorry that happened to the Dundee bus. That is not what Dumbarton FC are about. Unfortunately these wee fannies and their like appear every now and again. Back in the day when we brought banners and stuff to games we didnt do anything like this. I pinged a fag at a lino at Elgin and was swiftly slapped round the ear for it. Felt like shite for doing that. It was generally all good natured when we went up and down the country. There's no place for bricking windows of a coach.
  2. BTW that's not a red. Cammy Kerr has reached round and done something which has caused McLean to react and by react I mean he's turned round to the ref. I've seen worse in an Asda queue. We should be appealing that.
  3. Better yet he found my Dumbarton scarf under his wife's pillow.
  4. Support worker in a rehabilitation residential home for people with acquired brain injury, trauma, mental health etc.
  5. I just took a pay cut to start a new job. Not much of a cut but a cut none the less. 3 days in and I've been offered a senior position with a wage rise. Sometimes it's worth the risk. I love my job, its tough but ultimately satisfying and I think that's what they've looked at.
  6. Indiscipline has cost us a few times this season. I think just about all our reds have been avoidable. It's not like we're a team of Vinnie Joneses.
  7. Agreed. He's easily our best option there. He's not spectacular but very good on the ball, composed and more importantly reliable.
  8. It could be coincidental that we choose to have a VPN "sponsor" for streaming games to those "abroad"
  9. It's illegal to stream for fans abroad?
  10. With regards to the covid passports, firms were advertising 12 month contracts for covid passport checkers at stadiums. I can't see them paying people for 12 months and not using them. Unfortunately I think they're here for a bit along with masks. They should be binned as soon as possible.
  11. Perhaps if the club sold the season ticket to "abroad" fans with a link to an affiliated VPN perhaps a "sponsor" then this would be a happy medium rather than lose much needed income.
  12. Wonder if we can get Fred Perry shirts for our 150th year?
  13. Saturday was the first time I've used my season ticket! Only my second home game of the season. The other was hospitality. The ST was pretty much a donation to the club this season due to work. Work has changed so hopefully I'll be able to get to more games and bring my daughter.
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