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  1. Scotland squad for Next month

    I see Fraser at Bournemouth was playing today. Quick recovery!
  2. Scotland squad for Next month

    Henderson playing in Italy is surely worth a look.
  3. Scotland v Albania

    I'll take a hammer tae you
  4. Scotland v Albania

    Look at the goal back. McGinn asked for the ball
  5. Scotland v Albania

    McGinn going forward and winning the ball back is brilliant to watch however, I get the fear if he's near his own 18 yard box. I like the look of Mctominay and also O'donnell must have been close to man of the match. Armstrong brought a bit of intelligence to the midfield to counter McGinn's dug chasing a crisp poke style. Naismith was brilliant tonight, sheer work rate and tenacity deserved his goals. Only negative was a bit careless on the ball and Russell didn't offer too much.
  6. Scotland v Albania

    The way we've won the ball back high up the pitch has been surprisingly impressive. Just need a decent final ball and we would have buried this team
  7. Scotland v Albania

    I wish someone would just put the laces through it on the edge of the box
  8. Scotland v Albania

    Russell isn't being effective here at all. What's his position?
  9. Scotland v Albania

    Iwelumo moment there
  10. How'd we fund a new coach?
  11. Scotland v Belgium (07/09/18)

    Nirvana did.
  12. Scotland v Belgium (07/09/18)

    We should've picked our futsal players
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Surely now it's time for this thread to return?
  14. The Sons 2018/19

    Good players signed but can Stevie get them working?
  15. The Sons 2018/19

    Bring back Muzz!