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  1. Ferguson has been good the last few games for Bologna. He's in with a chance of starting. He drifts about the midfield, getting into good forward positions between the midfield and defence of the opposition and also pulling wide to deliver crosses. Against Cyprus, I hope we go with Dykes and Adams and revert back to starting Adams upfront on his own against Spain.
  2. I'd liked to have seen Lewis Morgan as his goal scoring and assist stats are strong but it's a fairly predictable squad. Hopefully the lack of game time for some has them raring to go and prove a point.
  3. Hopefully it's Betis and they give us 20k tickets
  4. Yas! Take yer pish speech and shove it up yer arses. Hope it's 8 nil
  5. Intensely want Aberdeen to skud this mob due to the instantly dislikable owner John Gall. What an arrogant wee shite
  6. The fella enjoyed the game. Everyone at St Mirren are a credit to the club. The game was fairly decent. Shankland was playing way too deep for my liking. I was impressed by Main, Cochrane and Devlin most of all. Good atmosphere and a really healthy crowd. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at the game.
  7. I'm a Dumbarton fan but I'm working tomorrow and taking a person to the game and just want to say what a great club St Mirren are. They sorted out a ticket for the person I'm supporting and me. He's a massive Hearts fan but hasn't been to a Hearts game since the early 2000s due to an injury. He's buzzing to go and they have sorted him out after a chance phone call. Much respect to those running that aspect of the club! If you see a Hearts fan in the main stand please be kind it might be him!
  8. Because its optional as per the September 2022 Scottish Government guidelines.
  9. My daughters doctor surgery just made me go and sit in a separate waiting room because I politely declined a mask. A bit weird but they got really combatative about it.
  10. I don't know if I've seen a Scottish player with so much pace with the ball at their feet than Doak. Hopefully he continues his development and he's not another false dawn
  11. Wee guy is at 13 weeks now and settling in great. He's great on and off the lead. Trying to get him out and about and socialised as much as possible since his vaccinations. Kids just love him!
  12. Kind of off topic but how did you find getting ADHD testing for yourself? I'm on the waiting list, what should I expect?
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