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  1. Apparently we're away to Partick today but that's off aswell
  2. I wasn't expecting a start as open as that. It's being played in a Scottish style. Probably suits Celtic
  3. What would you say if Red Bull came along and offered to buy the club on the condition that they changed the name to RB Glasgow but stayed in Dumbarton? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51475532
  4. Location: Disneyland Paris Job Title: Waiting Staff Name: Fanny Fuchs She knew the connotation of her name in Scotland. She was German by the way and got a riddie when she realised where we were from.
  5. I worked in a hotel and there was a deaf housekeeper. One day she was hoovering the corridors. One of the maintainance guys switched off the thing at the plug. She obviously couldn't hear the hoover and continued on her way. Guests were looking a bit perplexed.
  6. Well if he was signed, gambled and was suspended it'd be an issue. Whoever it is, I hope he's willing to seek help.
  7. All allegedly. I'm glad we didn't take a punt on this fella
  8. Loved it! I'm quite glad it's not available to binge watch aswell for some reason.
  9. He's ran the line at our games in the past although he claims to be an East Fife fan I think.
  10. Will Frank Conner have her tied up in a basement in this alternate world?
  11. That's no way to talk about your sister.
  12. If Arsenal sign Kurzawa then it looks like he'll be 3rd choice. It wouldn't surprise me if he's sent on loan next season.
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