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  1. Devlin isn't really that young in football terms. But he is certainly an option. I still think there are better players in front of him.
  2. 15 minutes stroll over for me aswell if they want a square go Aye they're on it. Not very well mind ye. Driver being interviewed apparently. Police said the cctv was deleted but first bus stated it had been reviewed by the depot manager. So it's not adding up. Police probably don't give a shite because it's not that important in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Absolutely. They didn't need a big name, only a remotely competent one. Tony Gugliano has the chance this time, TBH I don't know a great deal about him. Hes a career type dude. Only thing I like about him is his background in mental health. The candidates the snp are fielding seem to have a fleeting interest in the area
  4. First Bus. Despite the driver nearly killing me they said the issue was satisfactorily dealt with in house and refused to show me the cctv.
  5. Jackie Baillie only kept her seat by a couple of hundred votes here. If the SNP had fielded a big name she'd have been booted out.
  6. She pretty much said that in yesterday's briefing. I think the word "Salmond" was mentioned today more than "vaccine" in the questions from the media. The c**t from the sun was naturally the worst.
  7. Thank you. I have that but the bus company are refusing to give me the footage.
  8. By law does a bus company need to give you footage of CCTV that you can be identified in? When cycling, I was nearly killed by a bus and want o view the footage captured. Plus I want to see my sexy legs in lycra on camera.
  9. Looks like Livingston didn't verti drain their pitch.
  10. He could do better than Napoli. He wouldn't look out of place at any of the elite sides
  11. With no gyms open and limits on how and where you can exercise, ooft. This whole situation is a mess. I really am doubting whether every club will survive this. 😕 The leadership at the SPFL have been posted missing. No real statements, moving fixtures to suit Celtic jaunting off to Dubai and different rules to different clubs. Complete rudderless shambles.
  12. Would furloughing our players until the end of the season and the season being voided save us money?
  13. Could be positive with no symptoms. Its for the best this decision but I think it should be across the board. Just abandoned this season and start again whenever is suitable. Null and void.
  14. They're testing though. There's bound to be more reported cases in the prem.
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