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  1. When is the draw for the nations league?
  2. Iceland, Ireland and Montenegro please. We will get Israel. No point even drawing it.
  3. It is indeed. I think they're all on YouTube. The wanting to buy an Internet for a Sega mega drive one amused me at the time.
  4. I'm familiar with the Rab Corbett calls. Pioneering at a time when Internet was dial up.
  5. A few familiar faces in the Alloa squad return to the Rock. After the bonus 3 points of Saturday past, I'd be more than happy with a point. Wilson is becoming the main man for us. Does anyone know if that manager fund is still sitting there because I'd use it to tie him up for a couple of years. If he keeps up this form he'll move on to a bigger club, I'd like us, for once, to benefit from a sell on clause or the likes. I'm sampling hospitality for the first time at the Rock (thanks lads). Thoroughly looking forward to it.
  6. I said the determination to centralise everything. Some things should be centralised, some things shouldn't. I'm all for more local input into the running of certain services. Transport should be run by the same central body with local hubs.
  7. Voted yes in 2014. I'd vote yes again inspite of the SNP. My vote for independence next time won't be as strong though, I won't be campaigning or getting as involved as 2014. I really think if the SNP promised to disband after a set period of time post independence would help. Definitely need a proper currency plan.
  8. The determination to centralise everything. Not adapting the education system radically to the Finnish model. That is a colossal f**k up. We teach kids to take/pass tests, this is fundamentally wrong. It's not relevant to the working world. Treatment of football fans. The OF can't behave and everyday fans that support other clubs are punished as if football culture is that of the 1980s. It's not. Fans should be able to enjoy a beer or whatever in their seat. Minimum wage - this should be higher. Infact it should be done away with and a universal basic income be installed. I get that in some instances we're restricted by not having a fully autonomous government but that's a different argument. Sports in schools - not enough effort is being channeled into getting fitter and healthier. It starts when we're young. We have crazy amounts of unhealthy people which are a drain on our health system. More needs done to combat this. It'll take a whole mentality shift. Public transport - its too expensive. Its shite. It cost more to go from Dumbarton to Inverness by train that it did for me to fly to Valencia. That shouldn't happen. Politicians - they don't seem representative of everyday folk in the SG. They're not employed in their area of expertise. There's too many that don't know what real life is about. For example Humza Yousaf - studied politics now a minister for health. What expertise does he bring to the table when it comes to making critical decisions? John Swinney - studied politics and was the education minister. He's never been a teacher, or a head of a educational establishment. What did he bring to the role?
  9. Looking at going to Donegal next summer. Me the Mrs and two kids aged 4 and 10. Anyone been and anything you'd recommend doing? I've never been to Ireland. Her sister lives in Armagh so we're wanting to stay far away enough that we don't need to see her alot and close enough that we can make our excuses and leave.
  10. Hes been doing punditry work this season on Open All Mics on Sportsound. He's actually really good at it
  11. Tough draw for you guys but you should get a proper good crowd in for that one.
  12. Who's the other pundit with Colin Cameron? He seems very familiar
  13. Wilson should definitely be offered a deal right away. I'd be shocked if bigger clubs weren't already sniffing about. If we could offer Rory Loy a ten year deal we should strike on this one.
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