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  1. Who are the noteworthy signings? Have Drumchapel not been splashing the cash?
  2. Copenhagen away. Would have been happy with this as a Scotland shirt with maybe a red or white trim.
  3. Aye fair enough and something is better than nothing. I shouldn't be complaining.
  4. There's some extra money in the coffers. Could make a huge difference!
  5. Say if Celtic for example didn't take it, that would be an extra grand + in struggling clubs coffers. Could have made all the difference.
  6. Craig Brown got a bit of a rep for Scotland being quite negative and defensive but watching these Euro 96 games back again, Scotland carved out some right good chances against real quality sides. Tom Boyd was quite under rated as a full back I've noticed.
  7. There wasn't at the time Thistle were saying that either.
  8. I see St Mirren are doing drive in movies in their grounds. Is this something that Dumbarton could look at as a revenue source?
  9. If there's a financial sweetener and cash flow is struggling I could see the club going for it. I'd hope the idea is kicked into touch but if its survival and colts then...
  10. Depends where you want to cycle and road conditions. If you're off trekking in parks and rough terrain then a mountain bike would be ideal. If it's for commuting to work not too far then a hybrid (mixture of both mtb and road) would probably do. If you want to get out on the road and tackle some lengthier routes then a road bike all the way. I love the speed on the road bike. The road bikes are lighter and tyres thinner. I only really use the MTB for sticking the wee yin in the child seat or pulling her in the trailer. If you're thinking of getting either then chat to the folk in the local bike shop. They're usually quite good, the Halfords in Dumbarton are decent and also magic cycles in Bowling.
  11. Cheers for that. I've got a spoke key. To be fair the wheels are 6 years old and done a fair bit. No harm in giving it go and keep them as back ups.
  12. Double puncture and a slightly buckled front wheel last week on the road bike. Having to use the MTB while I'm waiting on new wheels arriving. It's like cycling a tank. Total withdrawals!
  13. Just because we border England, doesn't mean we are comparable in terms of league quality. Perhaps look to Norway, Denmark, Ireland and compare? It'd be more realistic.
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