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  1. lLike many of us involved in football, I am surprised and disappointed to read that Partick Thistle sacked John Hart in 1992, and did not report the background behind their decision to the appropriate authorities. I may be wrong but I believe Mr Hart was also a physio at Motherwell F.C. He treated many junior football players, and also used a junior football club venue to give fitness tests to senior players on a Friday evening prior to them playing on a Saturday afternoon. The junior football club would not have been aware of his past history.
  2. Surprised and disappointed to read of the publicity surrounding Mr Hart, who was sacked by the Firhill club and that the matter was not reported to the appropriate authorities. I may be wrong, but did he not also hold the same position with Motherwll F.C.? He not only treated the injuries of senior football players, but also players at junior football level. Took players for fitness tests at a junior football club venue most evenings.
  3. Having read the Record story I thought "What will be the reaction to that from the real folk who matter in the game - the supporters who follow their clubs and wont settle for having the wool pulled over their eyes with Smith's drivel? I have been coaching in grassroots football and juniors - plus one senior club - for over 23 years. Smith, Chairman of the Managers and Coaches Assosiation, is way off the mark with his latest gem. A stronger supporter of the Largs Mafia and self-preservation of those within the 6th Floor SFA Technical Department at Hampden Park, where any threat to the establishment is eventually dealt with - and critcised afterwards - aka Ian Cathro - it is easy to see why our wonderful game is in such a state of disarray. He might have won Scottish Cups at St Mirren and Dons, but his track record in the sacking department is worth noting. And his time with Clyde wasnt exactly memorable in terms of bringing through a flood of up-and-coming youngsters if I am not mistaken. I have enjoyed reading everyone's opinions on this subject - and whole heartedly agree with you all!
  4. What I would like to ask Mr Smith is: "What happens to genuine talent available and swallowed up at the team/club bought out by the Old Firm?" Laughable that this guy is still giving an opinion on our game. A strong supporter of the Largs Mafia coaching structure, and now Chairman of the Managers/ Coaches Association if I am not mistaken. Notice the Record mentioned his succcess at St Mirren and Aberdeen, but was he not eventually bagged at these clubs, plus Clyde and Ross County? Too much "Preservation of My Job" on the 6th Floor S.F.A. Technical Department at Hampden Park. Anyone coming in with ideas to improve Scottish football is either shown the door eventually or chucks it! While we are on the subject of change, Pat Nevin has a cheek with his observations on what he perceived as requiring change 20 years ago. Guided the good ship at Motherwell Football Club for the owner when a lot of players lost their jobs etc, and look where he is nowadays!
  5. A defence performance like that - partiularly through the middle - get managers and coaches the sack. Makes you wonder what they are doing on a day-to-day basis at Ravenscraig. The owner must be cringing watching that performance.
  6. I could not agree more. Eddie got me in to do some work with the goalies at Glasgow City Ladies, and we have always kept in touch. He started off with the old Shanks quote about "life and death". Apart from the stroke sustained last March, he had blood clots in his lungs from tests at the Monklands. Hope he makes a full and successful recovery - no matter the time span.
  7. Many thanks for the result. Just Maybole v Girvan. Saltcoats result is a shock for my money. Ayrshire clubs have done well today. Well done to Whitletts, Darvel and Annbank. Talking of shock results, what about Royal Albert winning at Johnstone Burgh and Gartcairn disposing of Cumbernauld United? Hurlford United out of the Scottish and West Cups this early in the season. Shettleston have certainly not suffered a cup final headache since losing out to Rob Roy.
  8. Delighted to see young Under-17 Development goalkeeper Michael McGee on the bench for Airdie ( BBC ALBA note it is not spelt McGhee). Michael, from Cumbernauld, joined our Goalkeeping Coaching Academy last March when he played with Seafar Villa. Has been coached at a very good level with us, and given the experience of working alongside goalies much older and more experienced. This is what I offered EWB when we spoke about coaching at Airdrie, and it fell on deaf ears. HALF-TIME INTERVIEW ON BBC ALBA with Eddie Wolecki Black. Should be interesting gents.
  10. From my knowledge of senior teams training - usually Wednesday is a day off and Friday reserved for shaping your team - Goram would likely be coaching young Ferguson at least two mornings a week. I did work with the lad once a month at Toryglen when he was playing with Bathgate and representing his national association. Found him receptive in adopting a good work ethic and taking on various coaching points. I did speak with EWB about working with any group of goalies at the club for nothing prior to Hamilton/Goram coming in, but nothing happened.
  11. As an observer and a goalie coach reading some of your excellent posts folks - I found airdrieman's bang on the button - it seems strange that GD is coming in to look at "all aspects of the football operation". Being owner and leading the club forward, would Mr Wotherspoon not already know what is working and is not working? Since appointing EWB and Iain King, has he not had plenty time to re-adjust or tweak areas of the coaching staff, those involved on a day-to-day basis and whether the move to Ravenscraig is working? A few years ago, I visited clubs in the English Premiership and Championships to pick up new coaching methods and see how their Academies were organised, and came back up to Scotland with a completely new vision and approach to what was happening within my own set-up, which has now entered its 23rd season. GD was also there at one particular club, but didn't spend much of the time viewing coaching sessions. I often wondered why he never spent more time in senior management - certainly at the level your club competes - instead of landing a nice wee number on Radio Clyde with that other "expert" Derek Johnstone.
  12. An excellent post, sir. You make several very valid points - especially teams folding. Hearing another West Under-21 team has gone. Been reading the topics about Cumbernauld and Kilsyth League. Here again, some good comments. With 2 of them recently going under, the overall situation does not help our game at all. As someone who coached the goalkeepers at Campsie Black Watch during a season when they won the Scottish Cup and West of Scotland Cup, I never thought I would see the day when they, Knightswood Juveniles, or Hillwood Boys' Club - all former winners -would be lost to the game. It is a worrying trend.
  13. How have Jamie and Billy fared since the start of the season? Looking back at comments, their appointment proved popular. How has Jamie, in particular, adapted as a former Royal Albert player going into the world of junior football management?
  14. Peter. Didn't know there was one of here as I don't post topics on a regular basis. I am more on thejuniors. info site. Hopefully, incoming manager will continue Jim's excellent work.
  15. Confirmed via a phone call from Jim late last night. Has had to quit due to work commitments. Informed committee and players last Wednesday evening, but kept quiet to allow coaches John Sherry and big Pat Keogh to take the team against Shotts Bon Accord, who won 2-1 at Lochburn Park. Brought teams/players through the youth system at Maryhill - previously successful in the amateur grade at Aikenhead Thistle - and won promotion with the juniors ( first time of asking) last season during his overall 9 year association with them. Back in the Super First Division after an absence of 8 years. Always found Jim a gentleman to deal with. Hope his current work situation improves, and that he finds a way back into the game. I am hearing his possible successor will be new to junior football, but no less ambitious, well organised and good with the media ( as Jim was).
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