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  1. And in an instant aw was dark. Long way back for the Gers. Goalie was a worry again the night.
  2. I’m pretty confident he has sent Kenny for an early bath. That said, he should not have been promoted give the grounds on which Hugh Dallas was fired. No one likes a referee who gets too involved in the game. I thought the best ref about was the boy who got the Scottish Cup Final.
  3. Took in the Beith game. A 6-0 score doesn’t lie. Beith were a bit sloppy with their passing and possession but when they did cut loose Peasy had no answers. Peasy number 10 was a stand out despite the drubbing and a credit to his team.
  4. Beith have got by without a number 8 for long enough because of their brilliant wide options, but not this season me thinks. They really only have two recognised centre mids and neither is a creator.
  5. Can’t believe Beith are favourites to win at Talbot. I know the recent record is good but does the early season form support this price? CAmby attractive given blasties injury/fitness issues.
  6. True but think same home form needed this season in the new league set up. There are some teams in there who are already earmarked for a rough ride and need to be tucked away. Davy is probably the top number 6 in the division so a massive miss.
  7. Surprising result despite Largs being a bit of a bogey team. Ladeside picked up some very good points on the road last year but really need to win their home games against teams destined to finish outside the top 5.
  8. Suspect a lengthy ban is on the way after his alleged assault of a spectator last Wednesday. Can’t wait to see them go up against the Pollok gang. Might be better than the fitba.
  9. It looks like the 3/4 title favourites have started with average performance but still picking up points. I expected Beith/Talbot/Pollok/hurlford to have a hangover from last season. I can’t say any of those teams have “strengthened” when looking at their starting 11 last night versus last season. Its a bit of a worry for the rest because they will click into gear soon enough.
  10. What a load of pish. Plan ahead and play the game.
  11. Camby can upset the odds. Beith better on the road.
  12. Went Pollok, Talbot, Beith last year and will stick with it this year. A lot of tosh on here about Beith. They had a brilliant start and finish with a much disrupted winter in between. Pollok have to win this year for wee Tony. I know the squads aren’t finalised but I think Beith are long on defenders and attackers and short a central midfielder that can see a pass. Talbot are a wee bit front to back for my liking and I think they also need bit more in the middle of the park.
  13. CB at five foot seven. Not against the Talbot my friend. Great player mind with a nice hard streak when required.
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