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  1. RT @PricelessCena: Nigga said my nails aren't done. Wtf😂 https://t.co/fxU4amYQrw

  2. @RangersFC the return of Shagger Jr https://t.co/P38I7kGGgP

  3. RT @chloexharman: Jacks got this dealer who always texts him and rings him when he’s on it and this is the text he woke up to today hahahah…

  4. @Sparky_4895 Take care mate hope you’re all good

  5. RT @MailSport: Kenny McLean declares himself the Mayor of Norwich as he drinks Mad Dog 20/20 during victory parade at nine in the morning h…

  6. RT @RampantRyanJack: When people want Gerrard out, they forget that Murty released lineups like this when he already had a transfer window.…

  7. Where’s papac’s talk https://t.co/jclYOTB6XP

  8. RT @wolves_1990: Why are u proud of this, filthy fuckin animal https://t.co/2uIIaW9uy5

  9. RT @DarrenCampbell0: We get it u punt whiskey https://t.co/pfNLzCc37U

  10. RT @MazzaIeeni: Does anyone know the best way to remove crushed up wotsits from your vaginal hole?

  11. RT @BridgetteWest: I almost killed my boyfriend with a slice of cheese https://t.co/BKMuRqOGz3

  12. RT @MainlyOasis: Liam Gallagher recording Step Out sounds fucking amazing! ???? RedBlueNinja10 https://t.co/hITImSrS0X

  13. RT @FtblGlen: https://t.co/SWGPnw0uau

  14. RT @BrazilFlair: When you’ve got a Champions League final on career mode and get an email from a 46 rated youth player https://t.co/yfHysiw…

  15. RT @Robleghorn: Andrew Dallas entering the Crown Bar, absolute scenes. https://t.co/8lXoeNhPUa

  16. RT @decentpatter: Boom Boom Boom, everybody say wayo... ???????????? https://t.co/2IbWsGNVcg

  17. RT @jackc_2312: Steven Gerrard: “ Ravel do you have any questions before joining us? ” Ravel Morrison: https://t.co/TGqyd4CYvz

  18. Oasis ~ Gas Panic! (Hazed Mix) https://t.co/MmIbDlczEB via @YouTube

  19. RT @MessieSchmidt: what americans think smirnoff ice is vs what british people think it is https://t.co/dNPNTa7i9U

  20. Mad how one thing can mess up so many aspects of your life for so long

  21. RT @GalacticKeegan: I was thrilled when Harry Redknapp won I’m A Celebrity in 2018. I know how tough it is to survive three weeks in the ju…

  22. RT @spfl: ⚽️ #SPFL Goal of the Day! ⚽️ What an absolute cracker! ???? @andymurdoch95's first goal for @RangersFC was a strike of epic proport…

  23. RT @OFAHCentral: When Trigger goes undercover to help win "Guess the baby Trotters name" ???????????? https://t.co/vld3tlixiX

  24. @_laurengrant_ Stalker

  25. RT @LiamFlannigan1: Who’s gonna ask too speak to the manager first. https://t.co/NsTzECwGeb

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