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  1. Nah, that's it, I'm done with this shite. I don't live in Forfar, but it is my home town. I have a wife who hates football and a young son, so I should be spending my weekends doing family stuff. Despite that, I give a lot of time to Forfar Athletic, but it needs planning. It's a logistical challenge to attend games, yet I've done it for years. I'm now at the point where I'm thinking what's the point of it. I am much, much happier spending my Saturdays slide tackling my wee boy in the park, the idea of making the effort of watching Forfar is less and less appealing. I now live in Bonnyrigg, they do so much to encourage the locals and youngsters to attend. Forfar is a big town but the board are appalled at the prospect of allowing children to attend for free
  2. Yeah, Gallagher will never go down as a Scotland legend, but he was hugely important in us making the Euros. No issue with his call up. Doig has a good chance of being in squads for the next dozen or so years, no harm getting him involved, even if I wouldn't expect him to play.
  3. I'm so glad to admit Callum McGregor has proved me wrong, I thought he had never really performed for Scotland without doing anything wrong for the first couple of years he was in the team, but he's been consistently excellent for the last 2 years for me
  4. He did well on Wednesday. Some state in front of me was berating him the other night constantly, even bollocked him for winning that corner we scored the 2nd goal from. I like that our attacking midfield options are all different types of player. McGinn, Christie, Armstrong, and Fraser can all be one of the guys supporting the striker and are all different, but all contribute
  5. I don't think anybody is happy in general, but I was purely talking about Ferguson who you've written off before he has kicked a ball.
  6. Christ, I'm as negative as they come normally but only our fans could be writing off a new signing so quickly. The boy needs to be given a chance
  7. I'd imagine it'll be a back 3 of McTominay, McKenna and Tierney. Patterson RWB and would be happy with either Hickey or Taylor.
  8. Beauty. One of the handful of appearances for Rodrigue Nanitalemio too that day
  9. Delighted with that draw, should be a fun day out, and we may even spring a surprise and win the game. Notice they have Mark Millar, his free kick away to Raith Rovers is probably the best free kick I've seen live
  10. 1 win in 10 this season says the preview, so plenty of positives
  11. Went to The Playhouse to see The Book of Mormon today and what an absolute delight it is. Love a good musical and also a big fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Trey may be the most underrated songwriter of all time. Hello!
  12. Me looking for Oli "The Goal" McBurnie in the squad.
  13. Seeing a lot of people on Facebook changing their own profile pictures to pictures of The Queen.
  14. Jaki or Liz? Wid either way. Well, wid have for one.
  15. When I heard The Queen died: When I realised she was in my team and I was no longer a filthy no pointer:
  16. We'll get a 1-1 draw, conceding a comedy goal and never looking like scoring in the 2nd half
  17. Do the board know you can be relegated from this league now?
  18. Assuming he isn't sacked after today if we fail to beat Stirling at home next week the atmosphere will be toxic
  19. Stats suggest we dominated but we just don't have a cutting edge
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