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  1. Yas!!! I'm assuming we won the Scottish Cup?
  2. Playing one of my Football Manager 2009 games and in 2021 Morton won the First Division to get promoted to the SPL. That would be an oddity in itself but what's even weirder is that in the summer they released over a dozen players and have only signed four, despite still being OK financially. They're running with a first team squad of 11 players, 2 of which are goalies, then their youth team filling the gaps. So far they've played 6, lost 6, scored 1 and conceded 16. They come to Station Park next to take on my table topping Loons. Guaranteed they pick up their first point! It's just how FM works.
  3. Forgot that was back on, cheers. Last series was cracking, loads of interesting characters and agreed the old bits are class. Got a surprise last series when a girl I went to Uni with popped up as she got married there.
  4. Is it just me that just once wishes Larry Duff was actually able to help Ted? Even if it ruined the joke? Ah, Larry
  5. You're going to love this. Fm 09 is so good. In my games Saints normally drift between first and second divisions so hope you can do better than that! I've started playing one of my old Forfar games again and in 2019 Andy Jackson inspired Saintees have just won the First Division to return to the SPL. I reckon you can win the SPL by 2019 in this
  6. It's 25 years today since Father Ted first aired, one of my favourite shows of all time. Share your favourite moments.
  7. Football Manager 2009 is the best one IMO. Man City have won 4 of the last 5 champions leagues in my current game beating my Annan side in the final in 2032.
  8. Word of warning for anybody going to watch it, the video cuts out just before full time but there's nothing really missed. Some game that one, the talent in both teams was incredible. The Dutch had guys like van der Sar, Stam and van Nistelrooy as well as a midfield trio of Cocu, Seedorf and Edgar Davids who is especially great in this game. The Czechs have some attack with an old style front 2 of Koller and Baros, Paborsky was still great and very underrated due to his spell at Man Utd, Nedved was among the best of his generation and you forget how good Rosicky was before injury and Arsenal ruined him. A tremendous end to end game, none of the goals were particularly great but it had a load of missed chances, both keepers with fantastic saves, shots of the woodwork and a late winner, thoroughly recommended. I see ITV are showing Euro 96, and I understand why, but looking back Euro 2004 was a fantastic tournament with so many great moments. So many teams with amazing squads yet Greece win the whole thing but some pretty iconic moments throughout.
  9. "All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ". No, all you had to do was shoot the fuckers Big Smoke you absolute weapon. San Andreas is still my favourite GTA, it was the first one where the map felt huge and added things like being able to swim and climb were good. I played through it again a few years ago. The missions with Carlita when you first leave the city are so hard. Surprisingly enough, playing through it again the flying school I passed first time as well as the aforementioned train mission.
  10. Non-English commentary (definitely better than Clive Tyldesley) Netherlands vs Czech Republic from Euro 2004. I haven't watched this since it was on live but remember it being a quality game. That's my viewing this morning:
  11. Cheers for this, it's much harder than I remember. Sacked in my first season sitting in 7th at The Loons, just above relegation. Added a new manager and finished 7th but was comfortable surviving. Finding it hard to sign players as hardly any free agents and no funds for transfers. What I'd give for Taribo West! Love being able to batter through a season in a couple of hours
  12. Not to mention set piece delivery. Just like the summer when we wouldn't miss Easton or Reilly
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