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  1. Cheers mate, I'll need to try and get it updated again!
  2. Very sad news, same type of cancer that my brother-in-law died from, not a nice way to go. I grew up wanting to be a goalie and loved him and Leighton as a kid, it wasn't just saves it was saves at crucial points and he really gave everybody around a lift as you'd trust him to deal with anything
  3. I think it might have been ok being predominantly sky blue with navy "bits", but as it is, it's a mess and the sky blue is like a fucking highlighter pen
  4. You're not seriously suggesting some League Two teams may he running the risk of breaching FFP and getting a slap on the wrist from Fifa are you?
  5. What's the general consensus of this kid? I'm hoping for a left footer with a bit of pace
  6. Happy enough with the loan signing of Hanratty, hopefully he can have an impact and it'd be great if he had a bit of pace and a left foot. That home top though, horrific, just the template we predicted and they didn't even give us predominantly sky blue, hope this is the last year with Pendle or they actually offer us something bespoke given our tenure with them
  7. Aye, especially when another 3-4 teams have similar kits. We've got a unique colour in the SPFL, but too often we've ended up with a kit that you'll see in any pub league
  8. They've had a couple of decent ones, the sky and navy hoops was a cracker, but I'd say on the whole they're not great.
  9. Had a weekend up in Aberdeen with the Mrs (much better City than is often portrayed - maybe we got lucky). Ended up in a pub which had tank Tennent's, apparently delivered straight from the brewery so it's fresh. I'm not sure if it's just a marketing ploy, but it was an incredible pint. Look at it. Just look at it!
  10. Here's the style of Brechin's new kit, wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with this template for our new home
  11. Cheers for that. I thought he had potential in his short spell with us but was still a rough diamond. In terms of dropping down to League Two, he may have some loyalty to us for giving him his chance in Scotland initially as well as the security of a 2 year deal. If he shows promise then I wouldn't imagine we'd stand in his way of a full-time offer should an acceptable one be made, don't imagine any full-time deals were sent his way if he's signed for us. All the best for the season
  12. We've signed Roberto Nditi again after his release. How was he for Queens? Seemed to play a decent number of games last season
  13. What a putt Fitzpatrick!
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