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  1. Can't see him staying at Nandos for too long!
  2. Not too big a surprise in the end, nearly every dish throughout was great.
  3. Done a quick count and by my reckoning Jordan Allan has played 772 minutes this season and scored 7 goals, 110 minutes a goal. Yet we've only given him a full 90 minutes 3 times.
  4. The way Rose is playing he could end up -2!
  5. Boab birdies the last! Tied 12th
  6. That's me completed 4 weeks of the Couch to 5k app, was a little sceptical at first but found the app to be very helpful. Needed to make a start as lockdown has seen me hit my heaviest I've been at 19 stone, was in the 15s when my son was born nearly 5 years ago. Running has been hard but manageable, chuffed with myself as most of my adult life I've only ran when playing 5s, very seldomly last few years, or a quick dash for a bus. Determined to keep it up. Has anybody completed this app and kept up running afterwards?
  7. Sigh, this thread was fun for a little bit. Thursday's results: Two big wins for Clyde and Dumbarton, I'd be very surprised if that doesn't consign Forfar to 10th place, but still all to play for in the battle to avoid 9th and Forfar fans will be hoping that Stuart Malcolm resigning will have a positive impact; things certainly can't get much more negative. Results leave the table like this: Things have got a lot tighter overall with just 6 points separating 4th and 9th; it'd be a surprise if Clyde or Dumbarton could trouble 4th place and I'd imagine both, Dumbarton especially, will still be focusing on avoiding relegation, but stranger things have happened. Any team really apart from the top 2 are a few bad results away from being in trouble. Saturday Fixtures: Important games all over with a very tough fixture for The Sons. Clyde would be tough on paper but they've been able to spring results on Falkirk and will be in buoyant mood. A Forfar win (Ha ha, OK) would be have East Fife worried, but should the Fifers win as expected it'd have them looking at 4th place again. Doubtful that the game at Links Park should have much impact on the relegation battle and at Balmoor Peterhead will feel that need points again after throwing away a win at Forfar on Tuesday and seeing both teams immediately below them winning on Thursday night.
  8. Gary Irvine confirmed as caretaker for tomorrow
  9. That's Stuart Malcolm resigned from Forfar as well as assistants Barry Sellars and Martyn Fotheringham. No word on caretaker as yet but think it might end up being Gary Irvine
  10. Final league table: Disappointed to not finish 4th but overall a 5th place finish is great for Caley and it wasn't a fluke, we were pretty much in 5th all season long. It's clear where our problems lie, 64 goals conceded is shocking. On the flip slide we had some great wins, can clearly score goals and ended up qualifying for Europe. I've decided to stay on at Caley with the target next season to try and challenge for 3rd and do a lot better in the cups. Best XI: You can see the importance of Eder with 1 goal every 2 games, it'd be interesting to see what would have happened if he never had an injury. A lot of goals chipped in from elsewhere but you can see that I struggled for a decent average rating for any defenders, that's a priority for next season
  11. Game 36: Fixture 37: Fixture 38:
  12. Split fixtures: A bit unfair having 3 away games in a row to end the season! Although in what must be a Football Manager first all the fixtures are at the venues they should be based on the season so far.
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