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  1. Are we really shiting it over potentially playing Norway to qualify? Don't get me wrong, they have good players but it's not exactly Germany or Brazil we've got We are so negative it's unreal. Ok out of the way 4 teams we're 3rd favourites but there's not a great deal in it and these are the sort of teams we need to beat to qualify
  2. That can't be right surely? A crowd of 1000 if you're lucky. Bonnyrigg must hold 3000, they'll surely have a cash gate
  3. Now there's only two things I'm interested in fella!
  4. Willie Miller just described Cyprus' effort as having the majority of the ball over the line. So no goal then Willie? He actually suggested that most of the ball being over the line should be a goal.
  5. Stuart Malcolm confirmed as new Forfar manager tonight
  6. Got Montrose on my coupon, an even bigger kiss of death
  7. I think Lottie and Thomas will make the final 4 purely for entertainment and the other 2 will come from whose business plan is the best. Wish they'd stop telegraphing who is in trouble during the task, they kept on showing Aisha not speaking. They've done it in a few other ones too
  8. Bingham was a manager, think he was last at Whitehill Welfare but no idea how successful he was. Those 3 were why I was tricked into supporting Forfar, I thought it'd always be like that.
  9. Can anybody post the photo of Neil Lennon sitting by the touchline at Tynecastle with the crowd having a go at them but all their heads have been changed to Craig Levein? Ta
  10. Jim Weir has resigned from Forfar
  11. No worries mate! Well before my time but I've always liked that
  12. An absolute Devon Loch from Steph. Fair play to David, he never really annoyed me throughout and although I thought he'd be 3rd favourite he did well in the final. Definitely agree that the overall quality was poor this year
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