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  1. Thought they were phenomenal in Glasgow last night! No support act, and they’ll play for 2 and a half hours (with an intermission).
  2. The inconsistency in refereeing here is so blatant. Desperate to give anything NZ’s way. Should’ve had it out the officials hands though - 3 butchered chances within a metre.
  3. Only had a chance to listen to 10 minutes of Open All Mics today (just before half time), and did enjoy the chat about Lewis Ferguson. Would’ve been lovely if they’d maybe saved it for a time when there wasn’t actual matches being played though. Feels like clueless pundits, hosted by a clueless host, directed by a clueless producer.
  4. I particularly enjoyed their use of back names on the stats caption - Ross v Killie being the favourite. Looking forward to St v Hibs next week, or Hearts v John.
  5. So we’re responsible for lumbering you with MOH for two years AND forcing a fee for Cammy Macpherson? [emoji1787]
  6. Probably the best all-round performance I’ve seen from Isner - prime Murray probably has just enough to deal with him, but someone like Isner serving at 73% first serves in is borderline unplayable.
  7. Hidden in amongst the images is the walk-up price for the three OF home games - first time I’ve seen us mention a matchday ticket price. At £32 for those, I can’t see us being less than £25 for a cheek-free league game.
  8. Ultimately if it’s all about money, we might as well give them three stands and squeeze our support into the Main Stand. After all, we’d sell three stands out. There’s also the fact that the stadium was designed to allow the West Stand to be segregated - I’m very much in the ‘one stand only’ camp, but it doesn’t sit overly well with me that by using W7 for the singing section/ultras it’s become untouchable, while the Family Stand can be handed over without a second thought.
  9. Yeah - pre-pandemic there was always around 500 tickets for Centre and Court 3 put on Ticketmaster 48 hours before play. Got Centre tickets that way about 5 years ago, cracking experience. Queue is also an option, but an overnight camp is needed for a show court.
  10. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m a South Stand season ticket holder, so I’m intrigued what the renewal price will be and what the associated terms are. Makes the survey a bit pointless mind you…
  11. Interesting mass email from the club/the chairman this evening: - Season tickets on sale from Monday (23 May) - 3 week early bird window for existing ST holders - Family ticket deal now includes up to 3 under 17’s rather than up to 2 under 13’s - Unemployed now part of concession rate - Survey coming out on giving the Family Stand to the Old Firm - SMISA members, existing ST holders and registered purchasers will be included - prices increasing this year, but figures not mentioned
  12. With the exception of ten minutes at the start of the second half, that was pretty comfortable. Delighted for Main getting his goal - hopefully that builds confidence, as the last couple of games have shown there’s a player in there. Wasn’t sure about Erhahon coming in to play alongside Gogic - thought it would be too defensive - but it seemed to work really well. Couple of mistakes from Ethan, but made up for them immediately each time - he seemed to take on the role of spoiler, and it seemed to allow Gogic to be more box-to-box. Dundee, for all their effort, looked like a Championship side. Sadly, Charlie Adam’s a shadow of the player he was - as others have said, I’m not sure he has a season at the level below in him. Young keeper looks decent though - some save in the first half, and no chance with the goals.
  13. Not from last Saturday, Ronan was playing deeper. Dropping Kiltie back there would be a waste, and we don’t have another fit ‘number 10’ in the squad.
  14. That’s almost what I was thinking - don’t think we need two sitters at home to Dundee, so maybe Flynn’s the closest we have to a ‘direct’ replacement for Ronan. Other possibility is Brophy in for Greive, but I’d be inclined to stick with last week’s pairing and bring Brophy back in for Livi on Wednesday.
  15. Amazing how quickly you can go from wanting Everton to win, to considering whether they should be liquidated.
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