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  1. Got my first round of the year planned for Saturday, back to my old stomping ground at Dalmuir. Been spending lockdown ‘upgrading’ my irons from 20 year-old Pinseekers to 20 year old Ping i3s (nostalgia rules!). Fearing the slice on my driver could ruin my round, although it seemed under control last time I hit the range.
  2. I’m awaiting the Hibs limited edition black and white kit for the next derby, sometime in 2022 perhaps.
  3. Up there with the most inept officiating performances I’ve seen in any sport. Imagine how good a watch that would’ve been if Poite was competent!
  4. Pretty big story coming out of the Northern Premier, with Ossett Town (now merged with Ossett Albion to form Ossett United) being found liable for loss of earnings after an opposition player was injured in a match at Ingfield. Unfortunately for the merged club, Town still own one asset - the stadium. Facing costs of over £100k, the club’s existence is at risk. https://www.ossettutd.com/news/article/landmark-case-threatens-all-sport/ Consequences for football at that level could, in theory, be huge. Selfishly, having a soft spot for Town (and subsequently United) based on drunken away trips, I’ve ended up taking an interest in this one!
  5. I’d quite happily never go through another 120 minutes like that again. Not a great game quality-wise, but a good advert for Scottish football - both teams gave everything, and both sets of fans generated a cracking atmosphere. Obviously Hladky will make the headlines for us, but I thought Ferdinand was fantastic when he came on - guy hasn’t kicked a ball really since January, but strolled through extra time and looked a calming influence at the back. From the starters, Cooke was a handful and Hodson was solid throughout. Wasn’t a massive fan of our subs, but Neilson has a knack of changing the game with his - not in the way he intends I’m sure. 6 subs across two ties, and none of them had a positive effect. Celebrations justified from our point of view, but we can’t end up back here next season. Not sure I’d survive it! #beautifulsunday
  6. So Easton’s linked with a return to Hamilton within a week of setting up their second goal in a crucial game? I look forward to the seethe once some folk drag themselves away from our ongoing ticketing shambles. [emoji23]
  7. That was kinda what got me thinking about it - we saw a dip up to the upturn in fortunes under Jack Ross, but we’ve sustained the bounce in attendances even through the Alan Stubbs clusterfuck. In a way, relegation and a couple of seasons in the Championship might prove to be a benefit in the long term. Prior to Ross we had some league games with home crowds around the 2k-2.5k mark - apathy is a bugger to shift, and I admit to being someone who got bored and stopped going for a while. With having family in Perth, I keep a closer eye on St Johnstone than some other clubs - I said after our last game that you guys have a blueprint that we should be looking to emulate (and eventually surpass with the right management and luck). The cup win should’ve given more of a bounce IMO, so the winning team argument doesn’t really apply. Probably as stumped as most of you as a result!
  8. How times have changed - now that would see you as the best supported team in Scotland outside the ‘city’ clubs. Obviously reduced crowds isn’t a problem limited to St Johnstone, but the drop-off does seem pretty sharp when you consider the family pricing etc you guys offer - probably been done to death, but what do you reckon caused that?
  9. Just as I was looking for a way to pass my commute - fantastic public service!
  10. I imagine that was a relatively fun watch for anyone that doesn’t support either side. Accies’ last ditch defending is something else, and it started to feel like ‘one of those nights’ with 20 to go. Credit to the players for remaining patient when it would’ve been easy to start shelling it long in hope. Watching the key moments back now - red card looks right, although Mullen was pretty fortunate not to get something for his one on Gordon. Great persistence from McAllister for his goal, and nice to round it off at the end. Thought Flynn’s introduction changed the game, would go with him from the start on Saturday ahead of Lyons.
  11. That’s a relief! Been worried about that one for a while, but forgot about the crowd points. Was saying before the game that St Johnstone are the kind of club we should be looking to ‘copy’ to an extent - stay up, stabilise and work towards a consistent finish in the 5th-8th range. With our MASSIVE support, it should be easy! Just need to do that ‘stay up’ bit first.......
  12. Just wait until our thread for the Hamilton game in a couple of weeks - crowdwank by post 3 IMO.
  13. There’s footage on Twitter of the goal - initially thought it should’ve been keepers ball, but on second viewing that seems a bit harsh. Probably headed around the penalty spot.
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