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  1. Ridiculous decision by the ref to even start the game. Is it not possible for a ref who lives within reasonable distance to look at the forecast and conditions on the pitch early enough to cancel the game, if conditions are as bad as they were today? Or is it a case of Scottish football authorities not having any interest in anything outside of the Premier league? Feel it for the Ayr fans who made the effort to get to the game today, hope they all got their complimentary ticket for the re-match and hope they can all make it back for that.
  2. Oops, my mistake, memory failing with old age. Apologies to QoS and good luck for the rest of the season.
  3. At lunchtime I expected the game would be postponed but the wind dropped bit and it was game on. Not long ago to put out an Arbroath team without Bobby Linn would have been unthinkable but fair play to the management, they have got the team selection and tactics spot on. Hopefully the break will have Bobby champing at the bit to get back in the team and he will be back to his best when that happens. Thought Queens would have put up more of a fight given their league position and that they, quote " Should be coming to places like this and winning", but all in all an easy win for us. Gold and Hilson both took their goals well. Good to see Hilson getting his first goal for the club after great work by Swankie. Wouldn't single out a MOM, everyone did their bit, Miko again terrific and what about Ricky Little? The man plays consistently well week after week, seldom had a poor game since coming to the club. Queens problems are obvious, but I love to see them losing games. I've never forgiven them for coming to Gayfield some years ago, when they were almost thrown out of the league for non payment to their players, with their fans playing the theme from "The Great Escape" on trumpet and drum for the whole game. And they had the nerve to beat us!
  4. Regarding the wind, it should be taken into consideration when there is segregation. Give the away support the Inchcape end so that they can have the wind in their faces for the whole game. It's only fair that after all these windy years the home support should get a break from it.
  5. This is not only good for the club but also for the future well being of any youngster who gets involved. If they can be encouraged to get involved in sport and outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of a screen playing video games, it can only be good for their physical wellbeing and longer term health. Hopefully the club will continue with the good work within and outwith the football side of things
  6. Wondering if the James Craigen signing is looking at the longer term. Miko is on loan with us until the end of the season but will most likely go back to Aberdeen at the end of the loan period. Craigen may have been brought in as defensive cover this season and as a replacement for Miko next season?
  7. As Douglas Peel posted "Any midweek fixture for part/ time players is a disadvantage,if your alarm is going off at 6.30 am to go to do a job,then thats not the same as someone rolling out of bed for a 10 am get together,as is ,in the full time game." Is that why Dunfermline didn't agree?
  8. A much needed, and well deserved, 3 points today against a poor Partick team. We adapted to the conditions and Partick didn't. The Partick team we played here at the start of the season were a much better side. Thought we might have tried Chalmers and Wighton wide for their pace and Hilson in the middle up front. Wighton had a good game and scored a good goal in a crowded box. Hilson seemed a little lost out wide in the first half ( he's no Bobby Linn) but improved as the game went on and Donnelly had his best game for us but....and for me there's always a but regarding Donnelly, he did some good work but his final pass tended to end up to a Thistle player. Still, as said, probably his best game so far. The midfield worked their socks off and agree that McKenna was MOM. Would have been nice to have kept a clean sheet but Gaston, well we all saw what happened. Thankfully we had 2 goals in the bag and full time was just seconds away. Not too bothered about the Falkirk replay. It would be nice to win and make some money v Hearts in the next round but really the league has got to be our main focus.
  9. Doubtable given our recent form, but I hope I'm completely wrong. Is Hilson likely to start tomorrow night?
  10. Crap game today and we really don't need another mid week match. Can't remember Mutch having to make a save. Lots of high balls into the Falkirk box with nobody capable of getting on the end of them, but kept persisting with them. Subs could have been made earlier to give them a chance to get to grips with the game and have any impact, but when Bobby Linn goes off any creativity tends to go with him. The ref didn't do us any favours, challenges and tackles made by Falkirk were bookings for us for similar tackles, but then Scottish referees are notoriously inconsistent. Fair play to Falkirk, they are a big, strong side and a draw is the least they deserved. Thought Ricky Little did well against the big guy Sammon considering the difference in size. If the manager wants to make us the best part time team in the country i think he needs a creative midfielder and a goalscorer. Hopefully Hilson will fit the goalscorer role, but we need someone who can make things happen when Bobby Linn is subbed or gets injured.
  11. Really sorry that Steven Doris is leaving the club. Honestly feel that if he had been given more match time he would have improved and worked hard at getting his weight down and getting fitter. As already said, a club legend. A player who never hid during a game, always gave 100% for the team and scored some memorable goals. He leaves with best wishes from me, and I'm sure from all Lichtie supporters. He never looked quite right wearing another club's colours, but I hope that he will fit in and score regularly for his new team. All the best Stevie.
  12. Today again showed up what has been obvious since pretty much the start of the season, we need a proper striker up front who knows how to score goals. We rely far too heavily on Bobby Linn to score as well as create chances. Overall Morton probably deserved the win and although we started well lack of pace at the back caused us problems. Thought it might have been better to have Gold at right back and Whatley in midfield where he is more effective. Moton's second goal looked suspiciously offside, but the defence all slowed down expecting an offside decision whilst the Morton player just ran past the defence and the goal was given. Morton almost scored a couple of own goals from sliced clearances before Scott Stewart scored with a powerful header, but we didn't look like scoring again until near the end of the game. Their keeper made a good save, tipping a shot over the bar and a shot from Swankie drifting wide of the post. A disappointing afternoon on a day when we should really have taken at least a point. Need to improve for next week to stop the slide down the league. Hard to say who was best for us, probably Virtanen who worked hard for the 90 odd minutes and McKenna who never stopped running for the whole game.
  13. A happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020 to all Lichtie supporters, in fact to all Lichties wherever they may be. Hoping to end the year on a high with a result in Inverness, but even a point wouldn't be too much of a disappointment.
  14. Apologies to Lichteeeeeee. I didn't look at what you quoted and assumed, that since your post was immediately after my post regarding the game, that you were referring to me. Also because I have criticised Donnelly in the past and said today that he and Shankland were hardly in the game I again assumed that you took that as a direct criticism of Donnelly, which it was but only a faint criticism. So, In future I'll pay more attention before firing off replies. But I stick by what I said in other posts and I definitely do not have 2 accounts or an alter ego of "gone fishing".
  15. I think you are a little confused, your post was in reply to my initial post about today's game and you gave some personal opinions at the end of it. I'm not telling anyone what they should or shouldn't do, merely making a suggestion, but it seems that I should have said that "Perhaps you should avoid jumping to conclusions based on no factual evidence". Would that suit you better? Glad to hear that you will rest easy in your bed tonight, maybe dreaming of big Luke someday being Man of the Match. Another suggestion, maybe it's time to put this conversation to an end . I'm quite happy for you to have the last word if you wish and I won't pay any more attention to your posts
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