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  1. After last week's dismal showing we need an improvement and we were much better today. Yet again Bobby Linn saved the day. He'd not had his best game but his free kick for the goal was superb. We really need to get the win. We played some good possession football at times and need to work at keeping possession to frustrate the opposition. Disappointed to see Stewart's goal disallowed but it did take a slight deflection off the ref on it's way to him so a bounce ball had to be given. Virtanen was man of the match for me. Still don't know why the manager persists with Donnelly up front. He doesn't seem able to judge the flight of a high ball when it is crossed or cleared from defence. In the first half he won one header, same second half up to his substitution. Doris won more headers during his short time on the pitch. Bit of a fright near the end when Gaston made a complete arse of coming for a crossed ball and Morton put it in the net. Luckily offside was given otherwise it would have been 2 points dropped. Hope the Morton lad who had to go off isn't too badly injured. When he went down and didn't get up it reminded me of Doris' injury a couple of seasons ago, so best of luck to the lad.
  2. Quite true but it’s definitely not our manager’s preferred style of play. We’re always a much better team when we get the ball down & play but we’re lacking in any sort of creativity just now and resorting to hoofball which never works for us and is thoroughly depressing. Attacking wise from last season we have lost mccord, denholm and wallace without replacing them and swankie has been out with injury. As i mentioned in a previous post its no surprise we’re creating very few chances & when we do not taking them. Perhaps the manager should pass that on to the players then.
  3. Hard to take any positives from the game today. I had hoped for a good attacking performance, but no such luck. The wind did spoil the game to an extent, the ref was awful and we just didn't look like the team from the higher division. Clyde looked compact in defence and were able to break quickly and put the defence under some pressure. They were worth their two goals although they got a lucky break for the first. We just never made any chances, just a few long range efforts that were either straight at the keeper or high and wide. We really need a big improvement for the upcoming league games. Not long ago I was thinking that we should be able to take some points off Morton next week, but now worried that we will struggle against them. Now thinking a 0-0 draw would feel like a win.
  4. Really? Watching a team with little threat up front, not much created from midfield and a defence that played narrow, giving the opposition acres of space on the flanks. Seemed very similar to what I see at Gayfield.
  5. Anybody else watching the Russia v Scotland game last night feel like they were watching Arbroath?
  6. My point is that this season we are playing with one up front, regardless of what the manager may say about playing two up front, and the only out ball we have is to give it to Bobby Linn. No striker can score goals if the team don't create any goalscoring chances. So if you bring in a striker on loan you will have to get your midfield to be a bit more creative. And if they start to be more creative maybe the forwards we have will be able to take any chances and start scoring. Bobby Linn cannot do it all, all the time.
  7. Would another loan forward/striker make much difference given the way we play? They would have to be able to chase down all the long punts upfield, retain possession, create their own chances and score regularly. If they could do that I don't think they would be put out on loan. It's a big step up from League 1 and we have players capable of playing at this level, but other sides get more players upfield quickly to support their strikers on the break than we do. They also manage to get them back to defend quickly. It is difficult for part time players in this league playing against full time teams who can work all week on their technical ability, fitness and tactics without having to deal with any work related issues away from football. Hopefully, as the season goes on, we will become harder to beat and get a few more breaks in games. So whilst I don't expect us to win that many games this season, I think that getting enough points to avoid automatic relegation could be considered a success. Avoiding the play offs would be an even bigger success..
  8. No complaints about the result, the only positive to take from the game that it was only 3-0. It was all over as a contest in the first half hour, Ayr were far better than us all over the park, so a bit of a wake up call after our good start to the season. It's always going to be a tough match when it looks like the opposition have more players on the pitch than you have and that was the case today. Second half was more of a damage limitation exercise. I think it's fair to say that playing Donnelly up front on his own is a waste of time at this level. He sure ain't a target man and can't hold the ball up when he does get it. Couldn't believe that he wasn't subbed when the changes were made, although by that time there was no way back into the game for us. So fair play to Ayr, they are sharing the top spot on merit and it doesn't look like losing their manager has had any effect. Expect to see them in much the same position at the end of the season.
  9. Another good point on the board and but for a poor decision by the stand side linesman and some good saves from Fox in the Thistle goal it would have been 3 points. Thought Thistle should have had a few more yellow cards for some cynical tackles. But good performances throughout the team and any points we can pick up against the better teams in the next few games will be a bonus. Think I can see why the manager signed the midfield players when the consensus seemed to be that we needed a forward or two. The midfield players are being asked to press and close down the opposition and chase everything. Difficult for part time players to keep that intensity up for a full game and as they start to tire they can be subbed for fresh legs and it seems to have worked so far.
  10. I agree with most of what Simon says, particularly regarding McKenna's faults being overlooked because of his work rate, excellent attitude and commitment to the club. I'm sure he would play in any position asked, maybe even in goal. No, not really in goal but anywhere else on the pitch. But his finishing is poor, I feel if he could improve that side of his game he could chip in with a few more goals from midfield. Maybe just needs to be more confident when a goal scoring opportunity falls to him. Having said that I am a fan of his and would have him in the team every week without question. Bobby Linn of course, Josh Falkingham, Ricky Little would fall into my top signings of the past few years, Mike McKenna as well for reasons already mentioned. James Murphy could prove to be another although I would not expect him to be at the club for longer than a season or two, he will probably move to a full time club either here or in England sooner or later.
  11. Great to get the home win, fully deserved and good performances throughout the side. That has to be one of the poorest Dunfermline sides for quite some time, for a full time side they were second best and it must be squeaky bum time for their management team. I had not expected to see Donnelly on the pitch at any time during the game but fair do's to the lad, he came on and took his goal well. Murphy looks like a proper football player, he could turn out to be one of the best signings the manager has made. I had hoped that the refereeing would have improved at this level but unfortunately it has not.
  12. QoS were the better side, their experience of playing in a higher league than us for quite some time made a difference, but we competed as well as we could and got off to a decent start in the Championship. But we gave their wide players too much room too often. I'm not totally convinced with Stewart, he seems to be one paced, doesn't seem to have that extra bit of speed to get past players at this level. Thought McKenna made a difference when he came on, maybe should have come on earlier. The re-organised defence due to O'Brien's ban from last season was OK but will be more settled with O'Brien back. The big QoS defender Semple must have taken a fancy for Stevie Doris, he couldn't keep his hands off Stevie for most of the game.
  13. I'm sure you can all tell the difference between "can't" and "can't be bothered". Circumstances dictate the former I'm afraid.
  14. Every home game. can't travel to away games these days.
  15. Nope, first went to glorious Gayfield when I was about 8 years old back in 1954 so have stuck with the Lichties through thick and thin for 65 years. My old man used to send me his version of match reports when I was abroad in the Army. No glory hunting, just love the game and have always been proud to support my home town club.
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