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  1. B’Jesus, its all down to 180 minutes fitba. Sneaky feeling that Kilby will turn the Cove tie around and that Berwick can survive over two legs against them. All very tight though.
  2. B’Jesus, hadn’t noticed Berwick had fallen back so badly. Good luck tomorrow 3 points a must. Brora will be behind you.
  3. B’Jesus for the love of all things holy, where is Albion Rovers. Big Cameron looking forward to coming doon the road on the Massy for the play-offs to see the mighty Brora Rangers make no mistake this time. At least Albion, wherever it is won’t have to travel up to our wee village on league duty on a cold weekday night next season. brorarangers.football will give you a map Berwick canne wait to welcome you Geordies next year
  4. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    B’Jesus and for the love of all things holy, it looks like the boys from Sutherland are on the march. If they win the HFL ( they probably will), then they can take EK too.
  5. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    B’jesus great to see the early season offerings in this most amusing of threads. Can’t see past Brora Rangers for Highland League honours this season. Cove not as dominant as last year, and far more HL teams likely to take points from them. Probably East Kilbride in the LL as winners. Think Clyde could easily fall into the relegation scrap so a Brora v Clyde play-off a treat to look forward to. B’Jesus the Bully Wee will not look forward to that one.
  6. Cove v's Cowdenbeath / Cowdenbeath v's Cove

    Nothing wrong with the BBC coverage. They have always given Brora Rangers a very fair coverage. B’Jesus even had us on Football focus this year between Liverpool and Preston VT’s . When the mighty Brora Rangers take on the desperate and free-falling Clyde in next years playoff let’s see who auntie beeb supports. [emoji56]
  7. Cove v's Cowdenbeath / Cowdenbeath v's Cove

    B’Jesus nothing wrong with the BBC’s coverage of the mighty Brora Rangers. Think they have a soft spot for the boys from Sutherland. We’ll see how it’s handled next season when we play Clyde in the playoff.
  8. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    B’Jesus it looks like it’s going to be up to the mighty Brora Rangers to sort this next season. New manager and a new strong squad raring to get going. Probably Brora v Clyde in next season’s repeat, and unlike Cowdenbeath the boys from the hamlet in Sutherland won’t make any mistakes. Canna wait for the 18/19 Trapdoor watch to get released so we can start poking at Clyde early. B’Jesus also need to apologise on behalf of the Highland League for the behaviour of the tinkers aka Cove Rangers. They certainly not welcomed back into the HL after they said goodbye to the other 17 teams. Arrogance personified.
  9. Cove v's Cowdenbeath / Cowdenbeath v's Cove

    Looking to take a second supporters bus B’Jesus Brora look 5 busses to Kilmarnock. Cove nae got any fans?
  10. Another Manager at Brora

    Gordon Conelly to be appointed new manager. Been out of game this season but he’s been shoed into Brora by the Chairman
  11. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Wouldn’t it be great if Clyde were drawn away to Brora Rangers in Scottish Cup to end your campaign in that at the first hurdle. B’Jesus that would be fun. Lovely to be back
  12. Killie v Brora

    B’Jesus really .........
  13. Killie v Brora

    This game is begging for a shock result.
  14. Killie v Brora

  15. Killie v Brora

    Just maybe,just maybe.Brora will not be short of support 6 bus’s coming down plus supports living in the south plus the novelty factor and curious supporter. They seem to be getting lots of press and TV coverage. Be interesting to see what type of crowd, after the hoops win and the unusual opponents. B’Jesus there could be a shock