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  1. My app tells me I have one striker in a 3 5 2 but when I click on Griffiths it tells me he's already in my team, yet he isn't! [emoji848]
  2. Hurlford AFC 2-0 United Churches of Ayr Was a very even game.
  3. Yeah. We had picked up 1 point from a possible 9 so he was clearly panicking. At least he no longer comes out with the remember where we were when I took over etc!
  4. After Ayr drew 3-3 with Alloa at Somerset McCall said we are here to finish in the top 2. In his time at Ayr he's just kept changing the tone to make himself look good imo.
  5. True. I just feel Ayr are far more likely to slip up than Raith on Saturday! [emoji52] In September McCall said we are here to finish in the top 2 anyway! [emoji849] Yet, 16 months ago he said 8th in the Championship isn't good enough for Ayr.
  6. I absolutely admire the enthusiasm from Ayr fans who are still confident we can win the league. Raith have better home league form than league leaders Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Man City and Celtic this season. In to the bargain we have Shankland suspended against a team needing probably a point to avoid automatic relegation.
  7. Would love to see a midfield 3 of Kerr, Adams and Crawford with Forrest behind Moore & Shankland. Will probably be Forrest and Crawford on the wings [emoji53]
  8. 4 2 3 1 Ruddy Geggan Rose Bell Boyle Kerr Crawford McDaid Forrest Moffat Shankland Let the front four run riot! [emoji3]
  9. *** SIGNED CELTIC SHIRTS FOR AUCTION *** **By the current Celtic squad** Auction closes at 21.00 hrs on Friday 23th February. All bids must be placed via this facebook link where more details can be found also: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155281410867584&id=686587583 Bids currently stand at £160 and £155.
  10. I heard McGinlay and Grady were on 1.5k a week basic and Annand the biggest earner on 2k a week basic! Wonder what the cup bonuses were? I seem to recall hearing that because of the cup runs we managed to just break even that season!
  11. Ruddy Geggan Ferguson Rose Boyle McDaid Kerr Adams Forrest Moffat Shankland [emoji41]
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