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  1. Some appointment for craigy jordyn sheerin
  2. Bonnyrigg pals r sayin the sfa r trying to push thru a new rule a year licence before promotion surely cant do that
  3. Brilliant for the bonnyrigg rose a see on twitter licence granted
  4. Seems like bonnyrigg no gaun up hopefully am wrong
  5. SFA are trying to push through a rule that new members cant be promoted unless they have held their licence/membership for a year.
  6. Goin by some bonnyrigg not up changed voting rights n when licence effevtive
  7. If the sfa r changing the goalposts on voting rights and licensing when granted is not for the forth coming season is an absolute joke. Time the EOS had a meeting with budge and Dempster to see what they can do seem to be only people with sense in that building.
  8. A personally think alan will stay a the rose with dean staying
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