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  1. Well a see James has moved on to hibs academy horrible decision to move him upstairs. Must have been hard for him watching his play off squad get dismantled 1 by 1. Clubs won a game so they release it now imagine they released it during the albion rovers and forfar defeats
  2. Hes OK thankfully not as bad as first feared. Just a small tare not toren hamstring
  3. A actually don't mind the eos doing it because it gives smaller teams with not that many followers the chance to get out there. Many friendlies had ground hoppers at them because the eos tweeted the fixture a believe
  4. The best 1 https://scottishfootballfixtures.wordpress.com/2021/07/11/tuesday-july-20/
  5. In thr eos a committe member should text a goal in it automatically adds to website that's how you get Live scoring on the website
  6. Official catch up never done a preview show aswell. The lowland website wasn't even offering live scoring it was down. The league needs to get its act together promptly at least the eos twitter is very active on promoting there clubs posts
  7. Be good if the lowland media department used a bit o the old firm money to create a video highlights packag nothin fancy rather than having to check clubs twitters all the time
  8. Williamson was decent today very neat on the ball. Evans came off the bench. Edinburgh uni n9 a handful the boy spellman. Broomhill will be kicking themselves they never won that today .
  9. A see Preston playin nitten Thursday 7 30 ko
  10. Thomson a brilliant signing quality operator in this league. Thomson is a signing that should pull the club forward away from any play off. League 2 will look a lot different in the next 5 to 8 years with the likes of Bonnyrigg east Kilbride and it won't be too long until the likes o Auchinleck are in the lowland aswell. Yes Thomson has a past but he seems to have knuckled down and got on with his life
  11. What do people make of new lateral flow testing rules when an eos team plays a lowland or spfl team
  12. What was the lothian Spartans score yesterday
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