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  1. Need to sort ourselves out now or it’s going to be a long season, lookin at fixtures every game going to be difficult.
  2. Least we never embarrassed ourselves, a step in the right direction I suppose
  3. I am worried, no chance of a Clyde win here Any Clyde supporters confirm that this game will be taking out of my season card automatically? wasn’t going to bother watchin it but if I’m payin for it anyway I might as well
  4. Can’t believe supporters actually paid for a stream after they last 2 games I did predict a pumpin today. Was Thomas Robert that good going forward or was it just Clyde are absolutely honkin ?
  5. What a rumour I have today, one of my neighbours and friend has been doing his coaching badges along side David Goodwillie and Gabriel Agbonlahor, apparently goody has put a good word about Gabriel and Danny has asked him to help out with coaching next season and he only wants travel expenses.
  6. Not fussed about this tournament anyway unless we have a squad that looks like could progress and we don’t.. glorified friendlies roll on the league
  7. Omar to Morton has to be the worst transfer of the transfer window, my mates an Elgin supporter said he struggled last season
  8. Rabin Omar on a 6 months loan to be announced next week
  9. Personally prefer the away strip, now time to get some signings Clyde 👍
  10. Great signing for Fife, at this rate we will be fighting relegation
  11. I would take Cove away on Boxing Day would be some laugh
  12. Stirling Albion & Monty linked with Danny Swanson, would take him at Clyde and him and Goodwillie are good mates, not sure what kind of wages we would be able to afford
  13. Ray Grant away to Kelty, total waste of a cracking player
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