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  1. Sandy Clark has been Johnston’s assistant last couple of jobs, didn’t mean Sandy himself as manager.
  2. Yep thomson out the running, shame was confident he would have one more crack with us. Wish him all the best anyways, left us in a better position than we were before him.
  3. Raith Rovers close in on new manager as Ian Murray emerges as frontrunner (thecourier.co.uk) Looks as if Ian Murray is now the favourite for the Raith job.
  4. Been through enough? Aye it must be shite selling your stadium for millions and back to back promotions, really feel for you's.
  5. I had heard he was signing on a couple of days ago, this was without Dunfermline not having a manager
  6. Good news for Dunfermline fans, might not be great news for us
  7. I'd like to think we'd hear before the weekend, no point signing players up when we don't know what's happening with the manager!
  8. So folks, who are keeping and who are we releasing? Keep - Easton, Frizz, McCabe, Fordyce, Currie, Gal, Gabby, Cantley, Aggy (as a coach not a player) Release - Walker, Ritchie, Allan, Mcdonald, Pyott, Lyons Undecided - Watson and Kerr Personally can’t see easton or frizzell sticking around be pretty confident the rest I mentioned would stay, McCabe’s interview yesterday would maybe suggest he’s happy to be here for next season, as did murrays.
  9. Still mates with a few of them apparently as well, an absolute warmer of a guy
  10. Great poster u are mate, all the best for next season[emoji1303][emoji1303]
  11. Good post[emoji1303] all the best for next season
  12. Terrible performance over the 2 legs, absolutely gutted considering the season we’ve had. Good to see Falkirk fans highlight of the season is us not going up…
  13. Fairplay to qp better on the day and deserved the win[emoji1303] all the best in championship next season. Not surprised tho to see more lies from one of the quitongos absolutely love the attention those boys
  14. I’ll have a couple of beers for your right now!! Cmon the [emoji815]️ s
  15. If that was Queen’s Park at there best and they still couldn’t beat us I don’t think we should have much to worry about on Sunday, not lost a home game since November. Cmon the diamonds [emoji815]️
  16. Very happy with the draw considering how bad we were, advantage airdrie for the second leg and btw how bad is the Queen’s Park support, lucky if there was 500 there for a playoff final
  17. This was the quote from the Dundee courier Airdrie boss Ian Murray is admired within the Stark’s Park boardroom but no approach would be considered until after the Diamonds’ Championship playoff final against Queen’s Park.
  18. I seen an article regarding the Raith job and the bit at the bottom saying that the board are keen on Murray but wouldn't consider speaking to him until the playoffs are done, real fear he could be offski if we don't go up this weekend.
  19. Do you need to wear your teams colours to attend the game now like?
  20. I left at the the 3rd goal by the time I got out I heard a cheer for airdries 2nd and went back in, so glad I did. A game I’ll never forget
  21. Hahahahahhaahaha I hope they montrose boys have a terrible bus home
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