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  1. 42 minutes ago, airdrieman said:

    I see Josh Kerr has left Bohemians. I wonder if he has something else lined up as it seems to have come out of the blue. Talented player, I'd still rate him above all our centre-halves apart from Fordyce, but just never fit. We had him for 3(?) seasons and barely got a sustained run of games out of him let alone a full season, including the shortened ones. A shame Bohemians never worked out as I thought it was a good move for Kerr at the time. 

    Actually wouldn't mind him back, but wasn't offered a deal close season so can't see why McCabe would offer him a deal now after a failed spell away.

  2. 1 hour ago, airdrieman said:

    I actually probably rate him better than I do Gary Oliver TBH. But your point about scoring against the teams around you and your promotion rivals is they key point I think. I haven't checked so it would be interesting to know how many, if any, he's scored against the likes of Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk etc this season? But it was in those sort of games last season where I think he was shown up as a lower-end League 1 striker. Struggled against Cove, Montrose, Thistle in the cup and, when him and Gabby McGill ended the play-off final as our front 2 we were never going to win it. 

    Have noticed the same. Especially when it's somebody who comes through the youth system or has another connection with the club or town. Also think there not being a good Airdrie team for about 15-20 years until last season has warped people's perpsective. 

    Yeah that Thistle game stands out for me, started over Gal for whatever reason and we couldn't create anything up top.

    He only scored 3 goals for us last season and they came against Dumbarton East fife and Clyde.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Mybitchunderprotest said:

    That's it been officially confirmed and it would be tragic for the laddie if he's just back to warm a seat in the dugout.

    Disagree with this. McMaster looked fine when starting matches which took a while after his injury. The game's Vs Dundee and Kelty/Falkirk either side of the cup game he didn't do anything wrong at all but he is the first to be dropped when the manager wants to change formation or line up. That doesn't do any good at his age when he's needing a run of games.

    He's never had a howler of a game no, but I haven't walked out of a game and thought Mcmaster played really well. As Kenny M said earlier he gets the ball and its 5 yard back or side pass, offers nothing.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Kenny_m said:

    Jamieson's best position was through the middle as a striker. (he was wasted out wide)

    I wouldn't think Prince or Dixon would be in Rhys's plans to start games, granted that no one has really seen them play.

    Even though Gabby can play there it seems to leave Gal & Sal as our only 2 out and out strikers with Sal not really a success at Stranraer and not looking capable of playing 90 mins.

    Big trouble if Gal gets injured therefore yes, we could be doing with a striker.

    I'd say we need a LJ replacement but get the feeling that Lewis McGregor was it.

  5. 45 minutes ago, Div said:

    Didn't realise he had made that League Cup appearance for us, so assume he's back to shore up the bench same as Offord is. Expect maybe Olusanya might follow Brophy out on loan so it would be 2 out, 2 in.

    Think the boy Dean McMaster is going to sign a permanent deal with Airdrie, but not sure if it's now or in the Summer.

    McMaster been a really pointless signing so far for us, barely featured and when he has doesn't offer much. Hope it's not made permanent.

  6. 6 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

    Responded on your thread. SD has given you a detailed answer as well which is extremely generous IMO. A complete shitebag. If you come up against sides from lower divisions between now and the end of the season he'll do fine. If not, he's a waste of a jersey...

    Fully agree with this. Had 2 seasons at Airdrie in league 1 and couldn't cement a starting place in the team, must have a great agent keeps managing to get moves to the championship.

  7. 29 minutes ago, broomiesniper said:

    think it was needed to be said, don't want the young team giving the club a bad name, or also the supporters club with behaviour on the buses.

    Good that they provide a bit of vocal support but they also carry a cringe factor, like trying to call out Section B at Airdrie away.  If anyone from Section B approached them then they would absolutely s**t it!

    Yeah that was a hard listen, singing Airdrie get battered everywhere they go until Montrose blew a 3 goal lead.

  8. 2 hours ago, airdrieman said:

    Will sit along nicely with my ATS one 😂

    The article says 'only FIFA rules have prevented him from making a full debut in League One. But next month he'll be eligible for McCabe's squad'. Whether that's the 'only' reason who knows but it would be brilliant to see him come off the bench at least once. A bit of size and chaos factor can be a difference maker. Had to laugh at the bit that says 'But he admits he couldn't have envisaged North Lanarkshire as being the starting point for a professional career'. 





    6ft 5 at 17 lol hopefully see him in January then!

  9. 51 minutes ago, airdrieman said:

    He has failures on his CV but I'd be giving Paul Hartley whatever he wanted to take the job. He's won 4 titles and a play-off? We're not getting better than that. Allan Johnston is a bit dull as a name and has never been great in the Championship, but he wins this league every time he manages in it. He would get more out of this group of players and have a better January than McCabe IMO. Stuart Taylor might be a shout as a coach. He seems to be well thought of in that regard and he could really help McCabe from a coaching, shape and organisational perspective as well as run things in the dugout while McCabe and Fordyce are on the park. He also played in the team that beat Celtic at New Broomfield. Doesn't seem like he's necessarily a great manager though but even bringing him in just the dugout alone would surely help? Agreed that it's pretty slim pickings beyond that. 

    Agreed also that on our day we can beat any team in this league. But that defence has been disgracefully bad since August and he's never once looked like fixing it. A team which can't win a game when it concedes a goal is not going to finish in the promotion play-offs. Being entirely reliant on scoring the first goal to win just isn't sustainable. 

    Noticed Stuart Taylor has been in hospitality at a couple of home games this season, wonder if he is angling for a coaching position.

    Someone said on here that Agnew could be coming back as well as I don't think he's got another job yet. Would be happy with either of them.  

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