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  1. 17 minutes ago, Kenny_m said:

    Yeh whilst Ballantyne could play there and has a great attitude, i love a leftie in that position. Deveney probably suits our system better but i'm still unsure of him.

    Me too but I think I'd rather Ballantyne in at left back than Deveney, he's still young and raw but based on what we've seen on him so far i don't think we'll win a league with him playing every week as harsh as that sounds.

  2. 1 hour ago, Kenny_m said:

    It will be an interesting team selection tomorrow.

    Henderson, Ballantyne, Fordyce, Frizzell and Smith are the only definite starters i can see although personally McCabe would also start for me but not sure he will.


                                Ballantyne Watson Fordyce ATS


                                        Frizzell Devenny Telfer

                                                Smith McGill

    Hopefully the goalie understands that sometimes you need to hoof it after his horror show against Alloa.

    Agree with your team selection, although I think he might play Ballantyne LB and Watson RB with Dycey and ATS in the centre.

  3. 6 hours ago, Passionate said:

    All of a sudden we seem to have a few selection permutations,  which is great..   Rhys has to get the right mix though....t



    Watson.       McCabe.    Fordyce    ATS

    Telfer.      Wylie       Frizzell

    jamieson.     Gallagher.     Smith


    you could make arguments about Justin D playing LWB personally I have no idea why Rhys played him there against Edinburgh, he stated that's why we got the goal at EEP ,  although he was playing centre mid that day and was put to LWB through necessity late on (lack of options)..   Wylie is a funny one,  he was a stand out the last couple of years in Celtic B and should be decent at this level although looks like he is lacking confidence,, but he appears to be carrying a bit of timber and started against Edinburgh,  the big question is are Celtic putting pressure on ourselves to play him,   he had a few offers apparently before he joined on loan...     

    ATS is another everybody is saying he is shot,  although he was playing Premier League a couple of years back, deserves a chance especially with Ballantyne out    ,   surely the Player of the Month will get a start up top Gallagher is a far better all round player than McGill, although Rhys prefers to start McGill who is far better used as an impact sub,    is Galls part time status the issue here with his lack of starts........LJ and Smith have had plenty chances but we really need goals off them,  if they continue to misfire, I can see another 'quality' loanee getting brought in....


    Very slowly but surely the squad is coming together. 18 now,  is that enough......


    Surely you wouldn't have Wylie over Justin Devenny.

  4. Yeah on paper should be a win for us but Edinburgh started the season better than I expected so think it'll be a pretty tight game, we've won our first 2 home games pretty comfy so got to be confident. I'd like to see Jamieson start again and just put it down to one bad afternoon, depends how his reaction has been in training. 

  5. 1 hour ago, el Gringo said:

    As always, there's an injury update in the match preview and it's discussed in more detail in the DTV+ interview. No club discloses signing prospects.

    I know no one discusses signing prospects but McCabe stated before the Peterhead game he was hoping for 3 new boys before that game. We only signed Wylie no one else and that was 4 weeks ago, just slightly frustrating not being able to hear anything.

  6. 34 minutes ago, G_H said:

    could try for someone like Scott Allan who is premier league material but clubs wont touch due to a health condition:


    Though it's defenders we really need at the moment (I'm assuming we are extending the Hibs guy in regards to goalkeeper?)

    Regarding the Goalkeeper once again really poor communication from the club announced him on a 7 day loan and he's played the last 3 games for us and not heard a jot about how long he's here for, don't think it's too much to ask to keep us updated with these little details. 

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