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  1. Actually wouldn't mind him back, but wasn't offered a deal close season so can't see why McCabe would offer him a deal now after a failed spell away.
  2. Alan Lithgow released from Morton, would yous have him back? I certainly wouldn't say no.
  3. Yeah that Thistle game stands out for me, started over Gal for whatever reason and we couldn't create anything up top. He only scored 3 goals for us last season and they came against Dumbarton East fife and Clyde.
  4. Yeah slight overreaction from Falkirk fans, agree with the comments above couldn't break into our starting 11 last year and even if he stayed still would be trying to break into it. Fairplay to Jordan had a good 1st half of the season with Clyde 2.5 year deal as well good move for him.
  5. He's never had a howler of a game no, but I haven't walked out of a game and thought Mcmaster played really well. As Kenny M said earlier he gets the ball and its 5 yard back or side pass, offers nothing.
  6. I'd say we need a LJ replacement but get the feeling that Lewis McGregor was it.
  7. McMaster been a really pointless signing so far for us, barely featured and when he has doesn't offer much. Hope it's not made permanent.
  8. We'd be as well loaning him out to a lowland league team as well for the rest of the season.
  9. Yeah there's no chance we'd let him go in January unless we got a very generous offer.
  10. Jacob Esposito should never be mentioned again, 1 of Iain Kings masterstrokes him.
  11. What a name and what a fantastic barnet on him. Much needed defensive cover, nice of the club to tell us how long he's signed up for. (pretends to be shocked)
  12. Fully agree with this. Had 2 seasons at Airdrie in league 1 and couldn't cement a starting place in the team, must have a great agent keeps managing to get moves to the championship.
  13. Ah sorry missed the most recent game, looking forward to a visit on Friday night!
  14. Yeah that was a hard listen, singing Airdrie get battered everywhere they go until Montrose blew a 3 goal lead.
  15. I wonder why he's not getting in the matchday squad when 4/5 other U18s boys are, seems a lot of hype about the boy.
  16. Strange guy this, only joined when the Gary drama started and every post of his has been defending the board and slating Gary. Cringeworthy stuff
  17. Noticed Stuart Taylor has been in hospitality at a couple of home games this season, wonder if he is angling for a coaching position. Someone said on here that Agnew could be coming back as well as I don't think he's got another job yet. Would be happy with either of them.
  18. Hopefully not as we've done alright with taking a few of their players, time will tell.
  19. 3 needed at a minimum, would imagine all will be loans right enough.
  20. Hoping for a comfy win, don't plan on attending and i hope many others don't either and give the board a bit of a scare.
  21. The club giving us updates on how the academy are doing? Don't be so ridiculous
  22. https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1151139327?-35414:17927 Whilst we're on topic of the Goat, stumbled across this article this afternoon!
  23. I think he would've, Fordyce helped Murray with a lot of the training as far as i was aware when he was here.
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