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  1. Strange guy this, only joined when the Gary drama started and every post of his has been defending the board and slating Gary. Cringeworthy stuff
  2. Noticed Stuart Taylor has been in hospitality at a couple of home games this season, wonder if he is angling for a coaching position. Someone said on here that Agnew could be coming back as well as I don't think he's got another job yet. Would be happy with either of them.
  3. Hopefully not as we've done alright with taking a few of their players, time will tell.
  4. 3 needed at a minimum, would imagine all will be loans right enough.
  5. Hoping for a comfy win, don't plan on attending and i hope many others don't either and give the board a bit of a scare.
  6. The club giving us updates on how the academy are doing? Don't be so ridiculous
  7. https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1151139327?-35414:17927 Whilst we're on topic of the Goat, stumbled across this article this afternoon!
  8. I think he would've, Fordyce helped Murray with a lot of the training as far as i was aware when he was here.
  9. Clyde 1-1 QOTS Edinburgh 2-1 Airdrie Falkirk 3-1 Kelty Montrose 0-0 Dunfermline Peterhead 1-2 Alloa
  10. Alloa 2-1 Airdrie Dunfermline 1-1 Edinburgh Kelty 2-1 Clyde Montrose 1-1 Falkirk QOTS 3-1 Peterhead
  11. Haha my bad, panic over! Must wear glasses when reading the match preview lol
  12. Fordyce, McCabe, Ballantyne, Frizzel and Rae all out tomorrow. Frizz and Rae expected to be out for another 6-8 weeks. Could be a grim looking starting 11 tomorrow.
  13. Gonna maybe assume Wylie been sent back then? What a waste of a loan him and McMaster have been.
  14. Not that anyone got pass marks on Saturday but Euan Deveney was honking on Saturday could see a lot of there long balls were targeting him with one eventually working. Craig Watson must've been sick being dropped and him keeping his place. Wouldn't mind seeing McCabe back on the bench and keeping the same team that beat Clyde a few weeks ago bar Deveney.
  15. Glad to see Sal go and get regular game time, but yes absolutely rubbish decision if there’s no else lined up to replace him.
  16. Me too but I think I'd rather Ballantyne in at left back than Deveney, he's still young and raw but based on what we've seen on him so far i don't think we'll win a league with him playing every week as harsh as that sounds.
  17. Agree with your team selection, although I think he might play Ballantyne LB and Watson RB with Dycey and ATS in the centre.
  18. Dunfermline 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-1 Clyde Kelty 1-2 Airdrie Montrose 2-1 Edinburgh QOTS 0-1 Alloa
  19. Airdrieonians 2-1 Clyde Alloa 2-2 Montrose Dunfermline 1-0 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Kelty Hearts QOTS 1-1 Edinburgh
  20. Interesting to see that SPFL will allow clubs to play the national anthem before the games on Sat, do you think we'll be one of the clubs to play it?
  21. Clyde 1-3 Dunfermline Edinburgh 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 1-1 Alloa Kelty 2-2 QOTS Montrose 1-2 Airdrie
  22. Hopefully a wake up call, can accept a defeat when we play majority of the game with 10 men, but 5-0 at home is an embarrassment am sorry.
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