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  1. A real shame about Walter Smith, a Scottish legend and an absolute gentleman.
  2. Wow, that Q&A was a hard watch, the level of arrogance from your board is embarrassing considering you's are sitting 5th in the 3rd tier of Scottish football. The comment i really found funny was the ex falkirk players raise there game when playing against them, airdrie had no ex players in there squad on Saturday and gave you's a 3-0 drubbing.
  3. The fake accounts being setup and the i know something you don't know patter is embarrassing. If Rico isn't happy with how the club have dealt with it then he's surely got to go to the police and report the alleged offender, since they all know who it is but won't share with us in public.
  4. 100% agree with this. If there are 3+ witnesses which rico's brother is claiming then surely they would be pushing them to go to the police with the matter. Be interesting to see if Rico play's on Saturday.
  5. I think it'll be Agnew, McCabe and Easton as the 3 centre mids, with Mcdonald and Ritchie as backup, worst comes to worst Josh kerr can sit in that midfield role if need be
  6. If we can get an out and out defensive midfielder in the same quality as Salim I'll be very happy going into the new season. Yeah wouldn't mind it but who's out there available in that position might be the problem. I feel we're pretty covered in central midfield anyways be surprised if he signed another.
  7. Really happy with this signing, i think we were all a bit worried as to where the goals were going to come from this season. Great find from Murray! Hopefully a couple of loan signings before the league season starts and i think our squad will be complete.
  8. Interesting number 5 has been kept clear, wonder if they have someone in mind
  9. Wouldn't say alloa look much stronger, made some pretty average signings. But it has been pretty quiet on our front the last 2 weeks, would like to see new face over the weekend
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