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  1. Yeah probably holding out for a championship move now, Ballantyne and Brody would be 2 solid full backs for this league.
  2. Yes, him and Jonny both leaving Celtic in the summer. Would happily take Brody back, thought he was poor in the playoffs but was impressed with him in the lead up to the playoffs.
  3. Yeah no surprises with that list, all replaceable. Hopefully a couple of announcements today now that the manager has been confirmed.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised, think we tried to get him last season.
  5. It’s all happening tonight not sure Davie hutton would approve of a goalie coming in from Celtic right enough
  6. Can we please stop replying and entertaining the falkirk fans.
  7. I agree with some of this, but 10 days after the final and the only news we’ve heard from the club is the managers away. Slightly worrying thought we woulda heard a couple of resigning/releases.
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