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  1. Let’s split these tractor shaggers in two please. Thank you.
  2. Motherwell are good c***s but their fans are in bits here. Great win. Thank you.
  3. How's Jack Hamilton getting on this season?
  4. Motherwell doing well this season. We're not. No idea why but I fancy a 1-0 shitfest. Thank you.
  5. They’re taking it well… Taste that sweet sweet medicine lads.
  6. Knew you’d do it ya sexy green studs.
  7. Keep sticking that sword in Hibs.
  8. I always thought Michelle (on the right) was the hottest.
  9. I initially thought 'JTS' meant 'John Terrys' which is a truly terrible thought.
  10. Best wishes to the lean green machine. This thread has potential to become a classic. Thank you.
  11. Just looking at potentially promising managers, I'd be looking at... Pete Wild (Halifax) Tommy Miller (Spennymoor) James Rowe (Chesterfield)
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