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  1. The unstoppable force. Any advice on which big guns I should sign up front!? I’m thinking classic small pacy chap and powerful giant combo.
  2. Don’t worry mate. I’ve got a list of transfer targets.
  3. We need to build a team around him next season. In other news, PICK UP THE GODDAMN PHONE NELMSY!
  4. Lets be honest pal, it's highly unlikely you have any mates.
  5. I can now understand why Hertz fans hate Neilson. Cowardly performance.
  6. This murrrfucka gets everything wildly wrong. It's ironically impressive.
  7. McGregor heading straight to the glue factory after the game.
  8. H*n commentators making cheap jibes about Hertz fans leaving early. They obviously have short memories. They don’t do walking away. Mainly because their fanbase are too fat.
  9. Hertz have let us all down. Think Bob Neilson was playing for penalties.
  10. Just realised I’m watching h*n tv. I feel dirty. Very dirty.
  11. The commentators cheered then when R*ng*rs almost scored. Pathetic.
  12. Missed this last night. How was it? Johnnies the more confident going into the home leg?
  13. Hertz better win this otherwise I’m zooming up to Glasgow to crush some h*n skulls. Thank you.
  14. I have my interview on Monday boys. Wish me luck. Thank you.
  15. I think KT will be fine. Young and hungry. Shame he’s a Rainjurz man mind. Thank you.
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