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  1. Looks like this league is still shite. Will come down to who fucks up the least.
  2. Our starting line up is up there in this division. However, a few injuries and our bench is weak as f**k. Kerr and Forster are not up to it. Mullen looks awkward as hell and a mess. Get a CB in to cover for Fontaine and a midfielder/utility player in that isn’t Cammy Kerr. Also, give Afolabi a start instead of Mullen now. Nicolas Hamilton must be awful. Osman Sow seems have gone back to useless again which is a bit worrying. On the plus side, this league is awful and no matter how bad we are we should still finish top three. We won’t catch Hearts as we keeping slipping up too. Playoffs it is. Anything less than top three is a sackable offence though.
  3. I watched this sober last night. Need a few foams tonight to forget it. I do hope Arbroath stay up mind.
  4. Should have buried them by half time. In the end somehow hung on for a point. Bizarre.
  5. If we don’t score a second quick then Arbroath will get one chance and the game will end a draw.
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