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  1. Makes perfect sense… which is why McPake won’t do it sadly.
  2. Gowser looks absolutely shot. Like an angry dog chasing a ball. I’m afraid the old boy might have to be put down.
  3. One thing I will say is Byrne looks fired up. <end of positives>
  4. Has anyone ever see us train!? I sort of wonder what one of McPacker’s ‘intense’ training regimes involves…
  5. Griffiths looking nice and rotund. Agree, passing here simply abysmal.
  6. McPake and Frodo look like a right pair of nuggets at the side of the pitch. In other news, both these teams are utterly honking. Is that McDaid I spy!?
  7. This will be pure agony. Only for the football impurest. I bet it ends up a draw.
  8. I’m extremely stressed atm but I will end up watching the ‘match’ tonight. Will it end me!?
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