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  1. Plenty of time for everyone to get nice and sloshed (me included)
  2. G’wan the good guys in green. Thank you.
  3. I’m up next month to see mates and for The Dabbadeen game if you’re about for a pint or two?
  4. This. Hope you horse The Rainjurz or whoever in the next round.
  5. This. I think he’s done sadly. In other news… (1) Shaun Rooney is the hardest man on earth with the dumbest trim ever. (2) St Johnstone fans are soft as shite. (3) McPake is completely clueless. (4) Flares are a minter unless you’re an Argentinian ultra or something. (5) Cammy Kerr needs to be sold. Thank you.
  6. Game is over. Sheridan is on. Either way, we can’t score for toffee.
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