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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    McCann in please. Thank you.
  2. Sorry, who are you!?
  3. Loads of seeth on this thread. Bravo to all involved. Thank you.
  4. We’re smashing this tinpot league next season. Thank you.
  5. What’s the beef with Berwick? Genuine question
  6. We’ll stay up next season... Unless Jack Hamilton is in goal! [emoji90][emoji90][emoji90]
  7. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    #weareallstmirren Munoz has embarrassed himself on this thread though with the homophobic shite.
  8. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    Hamilton - FFS. Can we bin the whole team please? Thank you.
  9. The bottom half of that list can GTF.
  10. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    St Mirren are good c***s. If you finish 11th then please horse the DABs in the playoffs. Thank you.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Stockport are essentially an English mini R*ng*rs so no surprise there.
  12. I mentioned Petrie. Would be a great shout. It’ll be Strachan or McLeish. [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]