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  1. As others have said, it was a classic game of two halves. QP were very nervous in the first half with lots of silly mistakes, and our strikers worked incredibly hard to put their back line under pressure, completing two very tidy finishes. Second half, the real QP turned up and outclassed us. We had no answer in midfield and would have been better with statues at full back for all they stopped crosses going into the box. Yet, we could have won it with a penalty but the normally ever-reliable Byrne hit a poor one. He was our best player for me, and has a smashing season, so we'll not hold it against him. I'd have grabbed a draw before hand, and it was probably fair. However, throwing away two goal leads in never an easy watch, and worse with a penalty miss on top.
  2. El Buckfastico is classier... cue Coatbridge and class jokes 🙄 Anyway, I can't see anything other than a doing here but will pray for the magic of the cup to shine upon us.
  3. Yup, smashing game and I thought we were well worth the win in the end. It was though a little strange that our goals came in the first half when we actually played far better in the second. Had Byrne x 2 and Scally x 1 taken their gilt-edged 2nd half chances, my blood pressure would have got nowhere near the levels of the last few minutes! All in all, there were some impressive, hard-working performances, especially from players who have borne higher proportions of the overall stick of the last few months. The goalie had very little to do but what a save he had late on, Phillips was excellent in midfield, as were Fagan and Wharton in defence. However, I was most pleased for Morena; the guy was a huge part of our survival last year, and whilst he hasn't started so well this season, he now has his first goal for us and was back to his best yesterday. They were all good though, to be fair! Plastic pitch next week, which should suit us if we play the same quick, reactive football of yesterday's second half. I'd expect a much tougher game as well; Stennie were pretty poor and I can see why they view us their bogey team
  4. He's arguably our best player. Painfully one-footed but I suspect if he was more balanced he'd be nowhere near League 2. Dodgy facial hair though!
  5. Yeah, but that went out the window when he had to punt Brogan's entire squad to let Harper recruit guys who could play football.
  6. Hah! What a dick! They got themselves in a bit of a fankle with one of our number (a photographer) who had some prints in a cardboard tube on Saturday, Rather than look in the tube, the prints had to be unravelled just in case there was an inappropriate message on them. Failed Polis wannabes, methinks
  7. #3 was Ross Clark at left back and #8 was Will Graham in central midfield. I assume Captain Calamity is Brian Wharton; if so, he's normally a stick-on for at least one major mistake a game.
  8. Ooft! That was a sickener. I thought we edged it over the 90 so to switch off right at the end was galling. That said, I'd have grabbed a point if offered it before the game. Phillips, Wharton, Clark and Graham were the stars for me, although our goalkeeper had a couple of decent saves too. We look a lower middle table side but as long as we don't get involved in the dogfight at the bottom, that will do me nicely.
  9. Yeah, we don't really have someone who is truly comfortable at right back. Of course, if the constant chopping and changing at centre half continues, he may end up playing there.
  10. Yeah, here's a decent article on it. Denying a goalscoring opportunity by handball remains a red card.
  11. Our physio [who is also an excellent P&B poster] wasn't in attendance nor was his assistant. Not sure why that was but fair play to Stirling for agreeing to help. Now to the game and we were woeful and only won due to playing 9 men for long periods; even then, we were far from convincing. Stirling though were really spirited in adversity and whilst they'll be worried about being adrift at the bottom they have a level of fight that we didn't have when in a similar situation last season. Goalkeeper was murder for the goal and if PJ Morrison is available for loan, we really should be getting that done.
  12. I would very much blame the manager. Ultimately, he's convinced the club recruitment committee that his strategy was the right one, although their desire to penny-pinch has caused them to accept that without engaging their brains so they're culpable too. I wonder if Graham could confirm what John Brogan told him when he recruited him with regard to the players that he'd be playing with. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have said "I'm going to fill the squad with guys you were playing against last season with Larkhall" as Graham would surely have his own doubts about the likelihood of that being a successful strategy at senior level. I'd also like to wish Graham all the best. I did the wrong thing singling him and Paul McGeouch out so fair play to him coming onto defend himself. As Graham himself said, he wasn't alone in that team in not being ready for senior football. Ooft! Shots fired! 😂
  13. @Neilly Do you want to explain this one? I shamefully nicked it from you... 👍
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