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  1. Aye, but when you're desperate, you're desperate. There wouldn't be too many willing to put their reputations on the line, by risking taking someone else's side into the Lowland League. Here's hoping he can shake the players up a bit.
  2. Panic? Frightened of being the board to take the club down, so covering their arse a bit?
  3. Yeah, we are where we are though. Here's hoping there is a plan, and more importantly, one that can be executed in a couple of days.
  4. Yeah, I'd second that. Always very frank with supporters, and in after-match interviews. I also don't like this tendency some supporters have to kick ex-managers when they're down. We have a few that are describing Brian as a disaster etc. which just isn't true or fair. It hasn't worked out this season, and we've done the right thing in moving to change things at this late stage, and Brian should therefore be thanked for his efforts and wished all the very best. Time is of the essence here, and the aim needs to be to have a leader in place for our next training session (Tuesday, I reckon). I hope our board are capable of doing that, and the situation doesn't drag on unnecessarily. If it means Michael Paton being the only candidate available in that timescale, as he's already there, then we might just need to suck that up and pray for a 'dead cat bounce'. A more considered appointment could then follow in the summer
  5. That's bollocks! We made the most of that today, just like we try to do at Cliftonhill, but Rovers are far better on astroturf and have been under the last few managers; Brogan and his lower tier juniors aside. That did the heart good today. Nobody will ever predict the Rovers, that's for sure. Great stuff, and 5-1 didn't flatter us. Now watch us lose to Stranraer on Tuesday and get fucked by Bonnyrigg next Saturday - it's the rovers way! Oh and I feel conflicted over the Sons. I do like to see them doing well, but I also like getting bevvied with their supporters, so um yeah, come on Stirling, I suppose
  6. Hope this is on; if only so I can get pished with the Sons of G60.
  7. There's still a handful of us. I didn't make Saturday's game, so had nothing to say about it, However, it does sound like the usual hard luck story that looks like taking us into the Lowland League
  8. I've blanked him from my memory, which doesn't suggest he's a world beater. however, his stats show he was signed just before Brogan was sacked, got two games in November 18 under Kevin Harper and then disappeared. Was he injured or just crap?
  9. I'm another who thought that was a decent game, and I reckon any neutrals attending with an open-mind would have been impressed. Champions League, it clearly isn't, but its young fit and committed guys doing their absolute best, and there was some pretty skilful players on show. A draw was fair, to my mind, although losing a goal late on is always a sickener. I did think it was a penalty and sending off at the time, and I still think that having seen Stenny's excellent highlights, which as close to VAR as we're going to get. Our two wide players (Reilly and Wilson) were the stand-outs for me, but they all passed muster, with Scott Robers doing his absolute best as a makeshift striker. However, We really need a natural one and soon. We're off the bottom again, but I'm not sure we'll stay there, especially is we don't get someone in up top to take more of the chances we create. I had a dream the other night that we beat Brechin in the playoff final, but I'm not sure my delicate constitution could handle that level of drama.
  10. It's all about the aesthetics these days, auld yin. I'd rather have had white trim / panel borders, but it wouldn't have looked as good on that design.
  11. He looks really fit and has lost a right few stone. Not sure I see him as a coach, but he definitely looks likely to be signing for you as a player
  12. That was more of a general comment than anything else, as the officials are poor at this level. I didn't see the red card properly but I do think the penalty was soft. That said, if I think differently when (if?) I see both again, I'll happily post just that.
  13. Another week, another hard luck story, and we're now 0/6 and rock bottom. Playing well is great, and we did with both 11 and 10 men, and dodgy referees will come and go,, but we are in danger here. There will come a time when injuries and poor form will hit, where we definitely will deserve nothing from games, and likely get just that. Therefore if you're not 'making hay when the sun shines' trouble will likely lie ahead. Here's hoping there's an SPFL club sitting with a young striker who will benefit from coming out to us and filling his boots. Certainly, we have nobody like that on the books currently and playing our tallest midfielder as a no 9 smacks of desperation. Oh and I think Dumbarton will do very well this season. They have a. cracking squad and are winning before they've all 'clicked'; similar to Stenny last week, who I think will be your main title rivals. Bothered Baillieston
  14. Very fair comments above. We should have got a draw, but as pointed out, you need to hit the target to score and we didn't. Young Charlie will be kicking himself this morning, but he played well, and hopefully if he gets similar chances next weekend, he won't go for power. Regardless, we played well against what is an excellent Stenny squad and one that will click within a couple of weeks, so probably best to get them out the road. We have the usual squad size worries, having once again saved on numbers to pay some players a wee bit more, so here's hoping injuries are kind to us.
  15. Not to my mind. A more-pertinent question may be whether he's done enough for someone to take a punt on a development fee for him. I'm pretty certain we offered him a contract, and he is only 20, so we're hopefully due something.
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