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  1. Not to my mind. A more-pertinent question may be whether he's done enough for someone to take a punt on a development fee for him. I'm pretty certain we offered him a contract, and he is only 20, so we're hopefully due something.
  2. Not sure what 'YC' stands for, but his penalty record is astounding. that said, I'd rather we stopped giving them away, although the first one yesterday looked a wee bit dubious. The sending off looked soft too, but Pixellot clearly isn't exactly iMAX quality, so I can't say for sure. Good fighting draw on a day when Cowden sprung back to life. Here's hoping we can get rid of the illness and injuries for their visit in a fortnight, with a free weekend to plan and prepare in between.
  3. Yeah, I'd agree with that, albeit I watched on a pretty choppy Ayr United TV stream. Ayr edged it in the end for me, but Rovers competed well for an hour or so and should have been ahead at half time. Hopefully that just adds to the confidence levels. I wonder too whether our captain may struggle to get in after his suspension - young Alfie was excellent yesterday. On the stream, the video quality wasn't great but that's the best commentary I've heard on a club stream. The two main commentators were fairly balanced in their views, had clearly done their homework on Rovers ,and knew a bit about football in general as well. Having listened to two clueless old guys with Black-n-Gold specs the previous week when Rovers played at Annan, the Ayr folks were different class.
  4. Is this the offending article? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/kelty-hearts-win-would-massive-25001334 All I see there is a young boy wanting him and his teammates to be at there best and see where they match against the clear best team in the league. Surely, Kelty aren't so precious that they would take offence at it, and if young Charlie and co end up on the end of a reality check (and personally, I think they will) I doubt it will do them much longer-term damage. Our season won't be defined by how we perform against Kelty. Your near neighbours are more our level (financially and on the pitch) and we beat them last week.
  5. Good man! One of our regulars is a Gillingham fan who has lived in Coatbridge for many years
  6. Last I heard was that it would return but not in time for the Cowden game
  7. Yeah, pretty much left to rot. The steps are too marrow by modern standards so it would need dug out and re-done, and we don't have enough demand for that (or money to pay for it)
  8. Segregation is rare and only where there's a risk of disorder - Airdrie, basically. Paddock still open but we call it the Enclosure
  9. Yeah, that was the last time it was used. How Yardley got down to head that one in a foot off the ground remains one of the wonders of nature. Airdrie get all parts of the ground east of the tunnel and there is a barrier put in place. They enter by the same turnstile block though. I'm sure we had the same arrangements in place last time we played the Ton too.
  10. I get the whole bogey team stuff, and we do have a great record against some really good Stenhousemuir teams. However, there's another 'bogey' at play - Rovers and expectation. We were really good last week, but have a look at the Rovers Message Board and you'll see that most people expect us to win and handsomely. That never tends to end well for Rovers - we perform best when least expected, so I'm going to go for 0-1 and a wee reality check. I do still think we'll be nowhere near the Danger Zone this year, but we're not the finished article yet. Hope I'm wrong!
  11. Ah, yes! A variation on the 'announce the crowd over the tannoy' joke. The auld ones are the best!
  12. From what I've heard, Rovers thought Blair Currie would be released, and would have been very interested but might have had competition for his signature. However, in reality, it was Cammy that came free and was really easy to deal with. He's an absolute cracker, but I'm sure you know that. Delighted to have him
  13. Yeah, there were a few folks in the crowd who officiate at low levels. One was drunk though... eh, Chris?
  14. As far as I could see, City weren't protesting at all, as the matter seemed to have been dealt with by your Board at halftime. Naysmith then blew his top when he found out from the new ref and then came over to remonstrate with his own employers. Cue 27 mins of shambles that left your own team totally flat, and us not much better. I'd he interested in how you'd have solved the matter given the COVID protocols. Surely not have the match abandoned and Rovers shafted despite being two goals ahead? Anyway, we were excellent today and well worth the victory. We did lose momentum after halftime but that's no surprise given the clown show that ensued. Calum Wilson was a well-deserved MotM but our wonderful goalkeeper wasn't far behind. We'll compete this year, no doubt
  15. Yeah, Level 0 capacity is 404 so we should be able to host most League 2 away supports.
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