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  1. Yeah, there is a real double standard with that kind of thing. Had that been Rovers yesterday, I'd have been turning a blind eye to it, or even laughing at it. Anyway, it wasn't Rovers as we threw away a decent start and lead. Once again, we failed to deal with simple balls into the box. The Gayfield-style wind didn't help but Annan managed to cope with that so it's not an excuse. Still, as is becoming my mantra, it's a hell of an improvement on the Year Brogan!
  2. I'm not so sure about that. I actually thought they responded quite well to our determination and work rate; they're clearly a talented side but it looks like they can scrap too. Which is just as well for them, as they'll need to in this league especially when they're not on their 4G pitch. What a terrific match that was, with a draw probably fair. We were a revelation in the second half, and whilst we're still really shaky defending cross balls, we're going to score plenty this season. Ross Clark would be my MoTM; I was very critical of him against Dunfermline where he looked out of his depth but he has been excellent since and is now becoming an attacking threat. Will Graham looks a smashing player too and the most likely replacement for Fozzy when the latter moves on. There will be poor days to come as we are a very young side but we're so far removed from the shite that Brogan put out, it's scary.
  3. Great start for Cove last week. I'd like to think this week will be a harder test though. I'm not sure they'll fancy the Cliftonhill pitch and hopefully Rovers will scrap as hard as they did at Ochilview. If they tuck us away like they did EC then we could be looking at a title procession.
  4. Aye, that caused quite a bit of shock in the way end.. Big Marky is one of the last guys I'd think of as a dirty player, so here's hoping it was a one-off. Young Sean was winding him up quite a bit but there's still no need for what he did. That was a terrific result yesterday, made even better by getting back in front after having seemingly thrown away a decent lead. As other have said, we don't have an over-burden of creative quality, although I do think that will improve once Roberts and Stewart assert themselves more on games. We can scrap though and that can bridge quite a lot of the quality gap, if the opposition don't fancy it; Cove at Cliftonhill next week will be very interesting Fotheringham was my MoTM and he'll be a big miss if the rumours of him moving south for his day job are true. We'll still have Morena though; the closest living thing to whack-a-mole, popping up where the opposition least expect him. That guy is the epitome of hard graft.
  5. Rumour is there will be no change so £13 / £7. I suspect something will appear on the website next week.
  6. Ooft! You fell for an old one there, Eddie 🤣 Anyway, I think we'll win 2-0 on Saturday; Euan East with his first senior hat-trick!
  7. Did he definitely refuse to sign-on with you again? I'd assumed we only got him as you released him. You might have a few more cases like this once the attraction of playing at Hampden goes, and assuming you don't go semi-pro.
  8. Yeah, the Dunfermline player did nothing wrong. Ball was there to be won and he did that; total accident and thankfully not as serious as feared. As for St Mirren, we'll need to learn to defend first. I suspect that's what they'll be spending their 'free' Saturday doing
  9. Oh my! What a doing! The Pars look a cracking side set to have a good season but their smashing win in Paisley on Sunday is a better measure of that than the poor competition we were. That was definitely a rude awakening after such a promising performance on Saturday. We were always going to struggle to create much against a much better side (although we did have chances) so a good defensive performance was key... and that was not a good defensive performance. Clarke at left back was clearly identified early on as a weak link and Dunfermline utterly roasted him. That caused Wharton to come charging out of central defence several times leaving the ineffectual Krones on hos own on the middle. The defending for crosses was as bad as ever too and at times I feared John Brogan had sneaked into the dug-out. There were very few pass marks. Young East tried his best to hold the ball up on the odd occasion it came near him, and Byrne put in his usual shift of hard running, but only Morena could be said to have a good game. The above said, we're still miles better than the first three quarters of last season, and we won't play many teams as good as the Pars this season... thank God!
  10. Yeah, young Christopher Smith did well. I'd be tempted to give him the remaining cup games now as Goodfellow will be out for those due to the protocol for concussion. We actually do have another goalkeeper (Daniel Potts) who would normally be ahead of Christopher, but he [Potts] has been with us for years and never really kicked on when given the chance.
  11. Absolutely. Along with your good self, they gave him very cautious and appropriate care, although when the oxygen canister appeared we all feared the worst. Kudos to the referee too; there was clearly seconds left to be played in the first half so it was unusually pragmatic[and absolutely right] to blow the whistle for half time and give the medical people a bit of space.
  12. Yeah, we play Accies on 6th July. The exhibition runs for 3 months though, so there's a good chance we'll have Edinburgh City at home during that period.
  13. Hmm, I suspected that would be the case when I seen where Goodfellow had been playing recently. Here's hoping he's only here to challenge for the starting job and not a shoo-in as No 1. We will definitely need another goalkeeper, and maybe a bit of competition will bring Goodfellow on. The other signings seem promising though, and for the first tine in years we could actually field a team at this stage of the season; we normally shop in the July 2nd chance market.
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