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  1. You post literally nothing but crap like this. Im not sure why your obsessed with him. But you've been following me with a petted lip since I ripped the piss out you about 2 years ago I've ignored you since, but your still raging. Dry your eyes and post about the topic, or pm the people your stalking for a chat instead. Stop bringing threads down with this.
  2. Absolutely, your on here moaning about every thread. Yet offer absolutey nothing but snide attempts to start an argument
  3. I can understand a bit better why Richarlison's temperament is so poor now. Christ id be raging as well.
  4. Na man, I already said your comment was fair enough what you on about It is a strange line on here right enough tho, if you offer any criticism of a player you must "hate" him. Even if you post positive things also
  5. People come on to take pops at a 17 year old breaking into liverpools first team Wha's like us eh
  6. You're probably right, but in a way I think that's probably a good thing. The spotlight can bring alot of negative attention with the positive. Hopefully the spotlight stays on Endrick and Doakzinho can sneak past him to take the first ballon d'or
  7. I was wondering about your first statement myself, but thats a fair enough answer. Im not going to venture any kind of opinion as ive not seen enough of either of them. Doak is making great progress already tho, getting on the bench last night shows how highly hes thought of. Ramsey too. Its exciting times for Scotland ahead. We just need a few more of these young players making the moves to englands big guns to come thru strong. Then were discussing Scotlands "golden generation"
  8. You know what, ill hold my hands up to that. I probably should have just snubbed him a while ago. I do think its interesting that other posters off topic contributions get ignored. Like the stuff from page 188 onwards. And the reason for that is clearly reputation numbers. But I can only control myself, and yeah fair enough my contribution wasn't great.
  9. Thats good news, I've said a few time thats what I think it is. Not being used to or able to implement managers new instructions. I genuinely think it could improve arsenal having Tierney back in the team and getting Zinchenko into the midfield. If he doesn't start more often after the break he really should be thinking about moving on in the summer.
  10. Im not sure how to gauge how he played without having seen it. Getting subbed on the hours doesn’t seem like a good sign tho tbh. Player ratings from the local papers dont suggest it was one of his better games. Billy Gilmour - 6 With Alexis Mac Allister away after helping lead Argentina to a World Cup triumph, the Scot, arguably, did not do a great deal to give Roberto De Zerbi a midfield dilemma. He seemed a little off the pace at times and didn't stamp his authority on the game enough. Billy Gilmour - 6 A rare start for the young Scotsman but never really got the chance to put forward his obvious credentials, replaced on 62 minutes by Pervis Estupinan These are obviously just opinions, but its doesn’t sound like he's really staked his claim as we hoped he might.
  11. After recent posts you've shown yourself to be subhuman, so I think I'll just ignore your interpretation of how a normal person would feel. I won't reply to you again, you can pm me if you've got something to say.
  12. Do you think this conversation is an improvement?
  13. Well yes, but your not taking into account I was addressing an absolute moron. Its hard to gauge what might be obvious in that situation.
  14. There is absolutely no comeback, your a low class person
  15. 9 paragraphs regurgitating the same stuff as before You agree now that a top team could beat a team of messi's. So thats progress. As for your hypothetical question you invented then attributed to me. I have absolutely no interest in it. Theres also nothing to go forward with on gilmour either, you think he's fine the way he is. I disagree and I would say his managers may well disagree as well, as he doesn't play. And we know that's got nothing to do with ability as he has plenty of that. Neither of us know for a fact what program he is working on in training. You think he's fine the way he is. I dont think you know much about football. And the last bit, thats absolutely what you were doing. Being a "guy on the internet" dosent wash as an excuse for trying to belittle someone by questioning their mental health. Its very low moral behaviour.
  16. I dont believe you are correct, I think he's not engaged in most of your post being nonsense. But let's just say for a second you were correct? And you decide to just call the guy out for having mental health issues on an open forum. What does that say about you? Nothing positive thats for sure
  17. Ok an awful lot of the same gibberish recycled from your previous posts. So most of it isn't worth acknowledgement. Point 1. Why would the taller team be 6ft 9 i think the reason your going to that extreme is your struggling to answer without admitting you were wrong. Let's say a team messis size, what 5ft 6 or something. Vs a 6ft team. If the all had the same ability the small team would get battered. I think you know this fine well. Point 2 I never said a team of a specific player would beat a team of messi's, you just made that up. I said a team. If you don't think a real Madrid or a man City would beat a team of 11 messis then your in absolute dreamland.
  18. I dont believe anyone in the last couple of pages is saying gilmour is a bad player. Only that he would be more effective if he gained some muscle mass, do you not agree with that? For what its worth i think gilmour is excellent and will go far in the game. If you look thru the thread you will see me constantly talking about how good he is. But he's not beyond any kind of reasonable criticism.
  19. He'd do you in thats for sure In my opinion he's alot stronger on the ball than gilmour. But at the same time he's had that opportunity to develop over time.
  20. The guys on posting about football on a football thread. Why not take this to the General nonsense thread? Or just give it a miss altogether as its clearly just bullying.
  21. Im finding it quite funny you being called out for saying gilmour would improve if he gains some muscle mass. It must be the most obvious thing that literally anybody could pinpoint as an area for him to improve. Yet apparently its not If gilmour wasn't on a program to do so at Chelsea and Brighton I'd be absolutely staggered.
  22. Ok quite simply, if you have 2 teams of equal abilities. One is taller and stronger and one is smaller and weaker. Who do you think would win??
  23. I've never watched a male vs female match, I wasn't aware it was a thing. But its a good example, the best womans team in the world would struggle to beat an average mens team. They might be more skilled but would lose almost every challenge.
  24. Reported today Chelsea and Liverpool chasing Caicedo. Could be great news for young Bilmour.
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