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  1. Yeah he really took the game by the scruff of the neck there, id go as far as to say we wouldn't have won without him. Scotland fans hes seen hes capable of that already. And that's why they want to see him on the pitch doing it.
  2. Ok if now your understand that everyone isn't attacking and out to get gilmour. Theres surely no need to keep posting the same "information and statistics"
  3. Don't know But certain players can adapt to other positions. I would expect him to be able to do it well. I think if Clarke was going to play them both down the left Robertson would be the further forward. As he did against Turkey. Which I would like to see again.
  4. I think this is where you're confusing things, there's like 2 guys who post things purely for a joke and to see if anyone reacts. And you react. Everyone else is discussing gilmours lack of game time as they are concerned. And want him to do well. Lots of posters are not having a go at him.
  5. I dont know the guy your talking about, but I just read a few of the player ratings reviews. And it doesn't sound like he impressed any of them either unfortunately. But I never watched the game myself.
  6. Thats how you do someone like a kipper
  7. Eh morton have had some of scotlands best ever strikers
  8. Come on man, no you didn't. That's fooling nobody You got caught talking crap, not the first or last. If your opinion is Miller is better thats fair enough, if your justifying it cos he once won a play off and lost a cup final. Thats just not gonna wash.
  9. Its not really, miller didn't stop playing long ago. Most Scotland fans would have watched them both extensively. You just use your eyes and form an opinion. And before I do, im not shitting on miller. He always did his best for Scotland which is all people can ask. But this is the discussion. For me also Adams is the superior player. Their similar in terms of physical attributes and workrate, but Adams just has better technique and ability. Im not sure what you think Miller achieved down south. But in comparison with Adams hes way behind. Millers best season in the championship he scored 19 in 44 games. Compared to Adams 22 in 46. In terms of Premier league goals, Adams is miles ahead. Millers best premiership season he scored 4 goals. His total in the premiership is 6 goals in 55 games. Compared to Adams 24 in 113 games. With a best of 9 goals in a season. Adams worst premiership season is better than Millers best. Miller only got 2 seasons in the premiership and I think the numbers tell the story as to why.
  10. better1 /ˈbɛtə/ adjective 1. more desirable, satisfactory, or effective.
  11. I think the difference with gilmour and some of the players you mention like McTominay or Fletcher is that he played earlier in his career. And in terms of his minutes on the pitch he has went backwards. The other 2 came thru a bit later and gathered more appearances as their careers progressed, which is what you would expect if they do well. Id expect nobody is really concerned about Jack Rodwell or Tom Davies. Theres lots of examples of young players starting gilmours age and continuing to do well as a counter point. But also they don't really interest me, im looking for gilmour to do well. In general tho. Do you understand that wether Gilmour is currently doing poor or ok or brilliant is subjective? Its ok if others have a different opinion.
  12. Ill say the answer, no of course we wouldn't. Che came over and showed great enthusiasm and improved the team. Gunn deserves exactly the same chance.
  13. He waited for England, realised it wasn't happening and came over to us. Whats the difference? You said the family bit made no difference? So ditch Che as well yeah
  14. Are you up for dropping che Adams for the same reason?
  15. Fun fact, Alexis MacAllister is known as the Argentinian Angus. *possibly
  16. Gunns not even played yet, bit early for the burger King chat
  17. Im not saying money is an absolute fact as their are loads of examples of it not being the case. But Kelly and Clarke are on fractions of what Gunn earns. English clubs are scouting in Scotland in greater numbers due to the change in signing young overseas players. I think its likely if any championship club thought that either were a good option they could buy either of them. And then double their wage with ease. Which they would and could do, there's no reason not to expect they don't think their good enough. Compare that to Gunn who's 26 and starter for one of the championships best teams. I've not seen enough of him personally. But on paper he's absolutely miles ahead of any other options. Hes at a good age for a keeper also. Being our international keeper could benefit us and him as he would get exposure if he does well.
  18. I'd agree with that as well, but let's judge Angus Gunn against nobody but Angus Gunn.
  19. I dont think the story would be out there if it wasn't already happening, I expect its a done deal. He agrees to come over and is no 1 until he loses it.
  20. Thats the way I see it as well, its another option for us. And he's playing regularly. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. I cant understand any of the negativity.
  21. Attention seeking post. If hes a wee bit better than our current choices, then good. If hes alot better than our current choices then its great. Bizzare to take a new player committing to us in a problem position as anything other than positive.
  22. People keep saying this, but it seems to be a feeling rather than a fact. Nobody can provide an article or quote saying anything negative from him. The article I just read said he said not at this time and politely declined. While not fully closing the door. Which is the same situation as che Adams whos done alright.
  23. I didnt know who they were until I read that, so I dont have a clue But hopefully aye, hopefully the pair of them are world class
  24. We were also discussing prospects for the future, I dont think he's suggesting an 18 year old with 5 appearances for airdrie should be in sticks against spain.
  25. I dont think anyone is writing dykes off. Were just the same as any club or international side, we need to be looking to make improvements all the time. Dykes has not scored alot at club level, and had some poor performances for us. As well as alot of good ones, but its only about making our squad as good as it can be.
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