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  1. I dont know him personally, so we would be relying on him browsing the forum to take on my advice On a positive side he might help us steal some of their players rather than the other way round.
  2. Hes a long way from coming thru imminently, but 15 year old Lewis Pirie from Aberdeen has got a host of epl clubs apparently wanting him. Might be one to keep an eye on.
  3. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the lure of Younger Souttar playing in the world cup. Im not one that owes an apology for anything, I thought we should have had him involved at u21 at least. But tbh hes not really played that well. Incidentally, why don't you post here much anymore?
  4. According to reports its Villareal who are front runners, their sitting 9th 3 points outside the top 6. If he can get a regular game there it might be a really good move for him. Im not sure if I believe the story tho, but nobody knows what's happening behind the scenes.
  5. 2nd half he listened to me, we drew that half. Keep the faith
  6. Numbers guy seems to have 3 accounts now, including one with me down voting my own posts what a loser
  7. Going back to Clarke taking inspiration from myself, it was me who has been suggesting Robertson playing left wing with Tierney behind him. Which Clarke done for the turkey game. Another idea he's taken directly from me.
  8. Hes not in any way shape or form from any poster getting any stick regarding this. People are so desperate to stick up for Clarke they seem to be imagining things.
  9. Its just unfortunate for us in our constant zen like state of mind that others will continue to have opinions.
  10. Football fans being happy after a win and good performance, and disappointed after a draw and a bad performance. Your right its absolutely shocking!
  11. I dont think the results of Canada or saudi Arabia will prove anything one way or the other. Although Saudi Arabia have already picked up 3 points, so its a good campaign for both of them. Thats twitter post hasn't even asked if Clarke should be sacked, so im not sure why it bothers you so much. Clarke like every manager in the entire world will be subject to criticism and analysis. If you disagree with that criticism fine, but people have every right to do so. And the Scotland threads would be the ideal place for such discussions. Best solution might be to stop reading twitter and these pages.
  12. The original point some people have their knickers in a twist about was made by someone on twitter the screenshot was then posted on here. What I take from it is. Its apparently unreasonable to compare Clarkes Scotland team to other teams in a negative sense, but perfectly reasonable to do so in a positive sense. Doesnt make much sense to me, but that seems to be then consensus. And the repeated phrase that clarke should be sacked due to results of other teams has not been said by anyone, other than people claiming it was said.
  13. I dont think humour is your strong suit
  14. Great result for Costa rica today, their manager has them playing greater than the sum of their parts.
  15. Hes actually been quoted recently saying "id love to manage Scotland one day, thats what im aiming for" "play 6 at the back and get the fans super excited"
  16. In terms of future managers, I seem to remember Saudi Arabia manager Herve Renard being brought up by someone on here before. Hes certainly showed up well so far in this tournament, their about to play so this post could blow up in my face His career reads like he's a specialist in international management, hes won the African Cup of nations twice managing Zambia and the Ivory Coast. Could he be persuaded to come back to Europe to manage us? That video of his half time team talk against Argentina was amazing. Gave a good insight into his style, and how he can inspire a team.
  17. Has anyone said anything remotely like that?
  18. Can you quote one person saying Japan is a smaller footballing nation than Scotland?
  19. Ok well japan and Saudi Arabia have just won a game at a major tournament, againts top tier opposition. So in terms of the envy stakes were way ahead of them now.
  20. Its perfectly reasonable to look at the performances of other teams and compare it to our own? More reasonable than the people who judge Clarke on the performances of previous Scotland squads with different players.
  21. I honestly don't understand how you get bites But satoshi will be on here with another page of facts and references that nobody cares about shortly im sure.
  22. I dont know who this person is, but if your reasoning that he "doesn't like Clarke" is that he disagrees with some of his decisions, you must go thru life agreeing with everyone. Or disliking alot of people.
  23. Of course they don't, absolutely nowhere near it. They started Maeda up front, he wouldn't start up front for us never mind England.
  24. The games referenced were against Argentina, Germany and Belgium. Not slightly higher ranked teams. The only team in that list comparable really are England. Which we played well in. I think the point is relevant tho, these teams (Canada, Saudi, japan) peformed better than the sum of their parts. Which is the result of good management. At times were definitely not. At times were doing well.
  25. So in summary, Norwich didn't start him every wk. You have proved his point for him, and he is correct
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