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  1. The video is called "the real problem with Manchester Uniteds midfield" so its fairly unsurprising from that the content is specifically about Manchester Uniteds midfield. And he actually did say mctominay is comfortable in a back 3 with the game in front of him.
  2. I dont think its as black and white as that, there's more positions than being an inherent pessimist or having inflated expectations. Suppose viewing others opinions is all relative, to your own frame of mind. I think as a nation were generally quite pessimistic when it comes to football. And understandably so. What I find bizarre tho is peoples anger and vitriol to different opinions to their own. I think we could be playing better, but I'm not angry that others disagree while some agree.
  3. It was you who brought it up off thread
  4. If Billy Gilmour stays at Norwich he will be their main man by the end of the season. And if they recognise this he could probably keep them up. Thats how good he is. If people think gilmour isn't a player than thats fine. But I would suggest those people couldn't spot a player and dont understand the game Or are just a fanny looking for attention.
  5. He been mentioned about 250 times already and more of a winger. But deff worth a look i agree.
  6. Yes the tournament where we played 2 games at home, our easiest ever chance to get thru the first stage.
  7. I guess we have a similar option about a football player, and I wanted to post my opinion also. Is that an issue for you?
  8. He wasn't great, he played alot because we had very poor forwards. Prime Kenny Miller would probably still be a first choice player for us certainly squad player at least. But technically he wasn't great, he missed alot and had very little composure. In the top level in England he couldn't hack it at all. Miles out his depth. He certainly tried very hard and turned up to every squad. A good guy, but not a great player.
  9. Hes one I've been touting for a while also, we should definitely be asking the question.
  10. If we were splicing 2 forwards I'd go with Duncan Ferguson And James McFadden
  11. Its certainly early days to be writing adams off in any case. I think if he were to move clubs and play every week we might see a different player for us.
  12. With the 4 players you mentioned coming in particularly gilmour their all better than what we had at that time. Its been over 2 years since mcleish left. We've not lost any top players in that time. And none are close to retirement, bar maybe gordon or marshall. So the rest of the young guys coming into or before their prime are now 2 years more experienced. Add that all together and I don't think its at all unrealistic to say the squad and team is significantly better.
  13. You build the time machine and we could have one hell of a team, id still have gilmour in midfield tho.
  14. Your constantly referencing mcleish all the time as if he's some kind of yardstick. Mcleish should never have been given the job second time round. It never done him or us any favours. So if your argument is Alec Mcleish couldn't do better with this squad then I'd agree. But im not sure why were talking about it. We all have different opinions and thats fine the worlds big enough for that. I respect you think the recent performances have been good. I think they have been good in patchs. And the potential is their for us to improve the consistency hopefully.
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