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  1. Yeah know what you mean. I think the big clubs do do alright out of all the player farming and loaning tho. Other clubs playing their salaries, players getting exposure that way. And then moving for a decent fee with future payments for appearances. It affects us at the moment because its not working out for the best young player we've seen in ages. Its all gone kind of quiet regarding a move for him whether a loan or permanent. Which is a bit of concern. No way he's going to be starting for Scotland playing for Chelsea u23s Hopefully there's some light at the end of the tunnel for him and us soon.
  2. Woah woah woah, woah woah. You've already picked on this and I held my hands up to being dragged into his nonsense. This isn't the sorry sorry club. And to be pedantic i dont think I even spoke about Iceland beating England, so shut it.
  3. Of course there is, there's also certain people who do judge him harshly because he's Scottish. And certain people who judge him overly positively because he's Scottish. Thats human nature.
  4. Interesting, thats good for us. And also some major egg on faces for some know it alls on here. On a completely related note, this is a good song eh
  5. Islam Feruz is only 26, I hear he's back playing 5s.
  6. I think its quite likely Zinchenko was bought to play midfield, with the added bonus that he's a very good left back when Tierney inevitably does get injured. Its a clever signing if you look at it like that. But everyone fit, Tierney is first choice. He would be first choice in better teams than arsenal.
  7. I'd normally say "screw you ill post what I want", but aye fair enough.
  8. No you were criticising Iceland, their players, their performances, and for some reason a sexual abuse scandal. Which again isn't in any way relevant. Don't you remember? Scroll back
  9. You are absolutely downplaying it, its exactly what you are doing. Wtf are you talking about. Thats twice you have mentioned a sexual abuse scandal also, what relevance is this? Is it something you think Scotland fans should be debating, as well as the ongoing Iceland vs Morocco debate?
  10. Yeah Everton would only work for Gilmour if they made another few strong signings to go with him, and that doesn't look like happening. Their squad looks very weak. I'd love to see him try his luck abroad, a move to Spain would be perfect for him imo.
  11. The answer to what? They got to the quarter finals of a major tournament thats a fact, your the one who's trying to downplay that. And then accuse others of revisionism
  12. Here it is, direct quote from you. Youve never heard Scotland fans claim Morocco are worse than Iceland What a fool I never read the rest of the last post, I seen the last line when deleting it for the quote. As stated before by me, proven correct again. Paragraphs of jabbering with "everyone who disagrees hates themselves" at the end I think your projecting your feelings.
  13. Regardless of your opinion on their players, they got to the quarter finals of a major tournament. An achievement the apparently over performing Scotland could only dream of.
  14. Im certainly not a britnat, never heard the term before. But I can guess what it means. I dont support England in anyway. Dont dislike the people, but I want them to lose at football. And personally would rather we were independent, so that kind of blows that theory out the water. Also the post you quoted didn't actually even mention England? Just say "I have no meaningful answer" next time.
  15. Not as embarrassing as saying "I've never heard Scotland fans claiming Iceland are better than Morocco"
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