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  1. Looks like the Taylor prograis fight is back on, yay https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.badlefthook.com/platform/amp/2019/8/16/20809257/regis-prograis-wbss-finalizing-deal-october-26th-josh-taylor-fight-london-dazn-boxing
  2. whats the general conciseness on fm19, good or not in comparison to the rest of them
  3. Would prograis not have to give up his belts if he pulled out? Thought that was going to be what happened to baranchic (crap spelling I know can't be bothered checking his name) when he was threatening the same. Absolutely shite if he does. WBSS is great, so hard with all the politics involved tho.
  4. I always find it a bit sad when old firm fans come on the Scotland threads and give their silly opinions based on years of brainwashing and bias. As if Scotland fans are gonna be interested.
  5. Got 2 for the 30th at hampden, yay Only applied for one other so thats not bad
  6. Yeah if it was gonna happen it would have been a long time ago. I don't think it's to both their shame it never happened at peak. Pacquaio was desperate for the fight and Floyd was desperate to keep holding of and holding off.
  7. 🤷‍♂️Not sure what your on about now I still doubt Manny would be able to hit him. Mayweather nullified Pac that much the first time I crashed out. Was so easy it was boring. Mayweathers been inactive. while Pacquaio’s looking like Benjamin Button. Absolutely mayweather won the first fight convincingly, Its impossible to know if the shoulder held Pacquaio back that much. It's a fight I'd have loved to have seen alot sooner. I still reckon both in their prime mayweather would have squeaked a points win. But now, he'd get an absolute pasting........possibly
  8. Many boxers have made alot of money doing just that
  9. Liam Morrison must be worth a mention on here, never heard of the guy till the last few wks. But hes 16 and a unit, and has celtic and Bayern of Munich fighting over him. Obviously he won't be world class like Harry Souttar. But he sounds one worth keeping an eye on in any case.
  10. Just caught up with the fight there, I had it also like this. Comentators had paq winning just about every round. But after 7 thurman was picking good punches and picking up clear rounds for me. Great to see paq get the win tho. Fantasy from me also, but I'd love to see mayweather come out of retirement and take a beating from him now 😅 Also chisora beating usyk, I can't bite at that. Wind up for sure
  11. Have a feeling whyte is gonna get beat here
  12. The problem with mcburnie is he looks like hans from the burbs
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