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  1. Stumbled across this thread after a shit stressful nightshift. After reading a bit it's really actually cheered me up and helped me put things into perspective. It's good to know that there's so many people looking after and helping each other.
  2. I don't think anybody has said anything like that, but fair enough. The sky is also blue, for those that think it's not.
  3. I'm not 100% sure what "they've nee playing" means. But in anycase I think you mean Lewis Morgan rather than Mikey Johnston who has started games ahead of him recently. As for the second part, I think it's safe to say your an idiot. You think it's ok to publicly make decorations regarding someone's mental state and personal circumstances. With absolutely no insight into either of these things. It's not ok to do either of these things.
  4. Ok so where are you getting this information on his personal state? They literally just played him in their last game, from the start. With their new fit striker on the bench.
  5. Only If you choose to believe unsubstantiated things by randoms on twitter as fact. I did see Griffiths was saying tho putting his fingers in his ears was to fire back at the social media abuse. Wee idea for him, don't go on social media.
  6. If arsenal thought Kolasinac was any good I don't think they would be signing Kurzawa. Tierney will be first choice left back with ease before the seasons out.
  7. Indeed, while we're arguing over mcburnie, naismith, Shankland and hoping for Griffiths to find form. Norway have got the second coming of bloody Roy Race
  8. We really must be one of the most unlucky teams when it comes to injuries. Clarke has never had close to a first 11 at any point. I'm not giving up hope tho, never do.
  9. From my experience is is reciprocal. Partick frankly have the same problem as morton. Our fan base going to watch the old firm rather than their local team. Glory hunters which ruin Scottish football. So why would I dislike another club in the same position. As for the Morton forum, there's only about 10 folk on there. They hate everybody. But hate having to look in the mirror most of all.
  10. You weren't actually playing so wind you neck in. I'm not sure what all the pretend morton Partick hatred is about.
  11. I thought they deserved to win. That didn't make them anywhere near very good. Any team in the division would have pumped us today.
  12. You deserved the win against today undoubtedly the worst team in the division. Bannigan did play well, as he had all bloody day to pick passes under no pressure as we had absolutely no midfield. But if you think you played great today and it was lovely stuff then you are easily pleased. We are absolutely honking, and you didn't create many chances at all.
  13. I never posted on the new one, but had a look a couple of times hoping for a decent forum. And it's just the same as the other one. Apart from the same group of people who on earth is going to want to read that? I've given in on both. The original one ages ago As you said it is a shame, how many clubs on our level have their own forum? We have 2 and neither is worth reading for fans interested in the club.
  14. So there's 2 stand alone morton forums now. Both of them absolutely terrible.
  15. I had it to prograis by one round, alot of the rounds were so close to call. If you had it for Taylor fair enough 🤷‍♂️
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