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  1. Don't know, it was definitely on championship forum last night.
  2. A fit and hungry Stevo would complete part of the jigsaw but i dont think its gonna happen
  3. I know its hard to let go but the championship forum now has this thread
  4. Carrying this thread from league one forum. Two clever loan signings, be it premier league reserve or English Premiership u21, one midfield and one striker, keep Moore and Preston (raw pace and goalscorer) and a little of bit of luck this part time club may stay in this full time league
  5. Stevenson is undoubtedly a great talent and should be a stand out in midfield at championship level, but he is unfit and i doubt he still has enough hunger. Be great for him to prove me wrong because he would be perfect for us
  6. Forget Stevenson, we need a 27/28 year old striker on loan from a premier club who is out of favour but got the experience and similar for midfield. We have raw pace and raw talent but that will be found out in the championship. Moore, Preston (if they return) and the midfield would benefit from a couple of wily loan signings and now we're in the championship we are a better attraction
  7. Agreed if the team continued playing hoofball, play to Moores finishing skills and Prestons pace and build up play and things would be different. We' re one good midfielder away from a decent season and Moore grabbing 20+
  8. People seem to forget Preston's only 9 months older than Forrest and could have probably played under 20 this season gone. Moore and Preston were just developing a great understanding before Moores injury and it was just starting to re-emerge the last few games of the season. Put a midfielder who can play the ball through on the ground and these two together have the potential to make a mark this coming season. Just saying like
  9. The best line up this year was the one that led the division after comprehensive home wins against Stenny, Cowden and Airdrie. With injuries and diabolical pitch and weather conditions that line up hasnt been used since, but now theres no excuse, team is injury free and weather is fairish, but will the management have the guts to stop simply accomodating Stevo
  10. Just remember Stinlar are on a roll and unless we are playing a struggling side Stevo is anonymous. He is not the player we remember, he is not fit enough to play midfield and will offer nothing up front unless one of a couple of 30 yarders actually hits the target. We all know this and need to admit it
  11. Stevo completely anonymous yesterday. He was fantastic against Cowdenbeath reserves and a sh**e Stenny side in games we'd have won anyway but the two games he's played against Dunfermline when hes been needed hes gone missing. Been a fantastic player! But we cant live in the past, hes unfit and simply being accomodated in the team and that doesnt bode well for the games against Peterhead
  12. Lets go back to the Stenny game earlier in the season. Moore and Preston rampant, Docherty and co running the midfield. This was on good pitches with good weather and a full team. On that form we wouldve comfortably beaten anyone in this league. Too late now for the league but we have the quickest forwards and best midfield in the league, we will win the play offs
  13. Forrest stevenson preston devlin....talented and deserve better than this knackers
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