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  1. Mcgregor and armstrong every time for me, behind them 3.
  2. Maybe, but still should’ve pumped falkirk Saturday
  3. Would be a nice bonus, to have him back even if from bench. Don’t think team will change much unless injuries are worse than feared but hoping mercer’s was just a knock, Dobbie limping at end but as said before if it was that bad he’d have got subbed giving it wasn’t his day. Big game for us before two tough away games.
  4. Dobbie could have done to do the same today
  5. Don’t really get this, bbc Scotland kept going on about our goal drought on Saturday. We scored twice v Partick? Need a win to back up the good result last Saturday.
  6. I’d take a chance on Harper. We haven’t got many options up tops, he’s started the season pretty well and it’ll allow Big Eck to have a good look at him even if we don’t use him. Go into the next game with Griffiths, Naismith, Phillips and Harper as our options up tops. Much as Bates been impressive, we’ve got McKenna coming back and back 3 looked pretty decent last game. Henderson is a tough one, obviously playing at a decent level in Italy, and seems to be one of there better players but we’ve great options in midfield.
  7. Livingston got to January in a good position, then decided to be bold and back there manager. A superb decision, as I hope we do if in same boat
  8. It’s nice to have a bit of confidence on here, but let’s be realistic football. A point at home to Ross county and away to Inverness are good points, regardless of what RJC thinks football doesn’t just pan out the way we want and think it should. We have a threadbare squad that are competing very well in a tight division, with teams with huge budgets and squads compared to ours. The starting 11 is decent our bench is okay will be further strengthened on fordyce return. We need to stay in the mix till January and take it from there, this is a league where everyone can beat anyone so as long as we do our bit by winning majority of home games and nick points every other away game we should be fine. Partick was disappointing, but the knicker wetting due to goals can be pushed to side, giving we reacted superbly keeping a clean sheet up there yesterday. Now it’s vital we back it up with a win next week, in what again will be a difficult game. We’re doing fine, we are there or there abouts. It’s important we stay within touching distance of play offs till January for me, then strengthen where needs be.
  9. Never stop wanting [emoji85][emoji23] sure it’s all in hand
  10. Hoping that Doyle’s enjoying it too much to go elsewhere and semple gets left for the season
  11. Saturday really will be a marker for us, hopefully we’ll prove Saturdays goals against we’re just a blip. We’ve looked relatively solid against Falkirk and Ayr. I really think we’re onto something with the formation, we’ve generally good balance about the side as well, and although brief cameo from both i thought Frizzell and Norman look to have something. With fordyce hopefully not far away he’ll have to settle for the bench for me, Doyle and Semple by and large have been impressive together, but as I say Saturday coming will be a big test for them, and the rest of the team.
  12. Think there should be some resting players. Even if we bring in bell, Murray and Norman. Then hopefully if we’re getting job done we can take couple more of later. Don’t think we can take chance of injuries, likes of Todd who gets knocks quite a lot maybe one of them to be protected. I get the not changing a winning team but we can’t afford the injuries and at the moment were going well I’d rather make sure we had everyone fit for Ross county the week after.
  13. Folk will talk about Dobbie in this game giving the four goals. But the rest of the team were excellent as well. The front 4 were absolutely superb, Lyndon leads the line like a proper striker now, his hold up play, his dragging centre half’s about is unreal, he’s absolutely flying , all yesterday needed for him was a goal which he deserved. Stirling just continues his form, I am one that doubted him but he’s turned it round since st Johnstone game and he’s a joy to watch. Harkins well I think the man is bloody brilliant, effortless at times and we seemed to have stumbled across a position that suits him and the team... what a goal. The midfield two help that front four by doing the dirty stuff well, for me I think Josh Todd has found his position. He’s excellent in there or certainly has been the last two games, although he gives us the base for the front four to play he also joins in occasionally to make it a five, leaving Jacobs to sit and do his thing which again he is good at. Thought the defence stuck to there task, the second half we probably sat a bit too deep, but we just tried to pick Ayr off on the counter attack. Mercer and Marshall again solid enough, but I thought Mikey Doyle and Semple were unreal, even when they missed things they were back in to cover. Again we’ve ended up playing Doyle centre half cause of injuries and I think he’s found his position. Big semple just gets better each game, really like him. Want to get over excited but I know as a queens fan, there’s a kick up the arse coming soon. But the last two weeks have been outstanding. Mon the south
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