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  1. Do you think the new TV deal will get paid if there's nothing to watch?
  2. When that Muppet virginton can rip the piss, and be justified doing it, you need to take the hint. Some of the language on here is embarrassing.
  3. Sanctimonious AND TEAR-STAINED. Quite the achievement.
  4. This is a Thistle thread, so yes, few HERE will disagree. Why not f**k off to your own one, stalker?
  5. Glad we can give some people a wee bit of cheer in these troubled times. I said it before, we deserved to be relegated on our form, just a shame it wasn't dealt with correctly, but in the circumstances as fair as it could be. And we'll wait an see what the next season brings (if it ever starts)
  6. Greenock Estate Agent: One of the local areas finest properties, incorporating the latest in Greenock design and technology all within a short walk to the best eating venues in the region, and boasting the finest views in the area. Maryhill punter: It's a bin.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/06/gretna-loan-details-deepen-controversy-over-plan-to-end-scottish-football-season-spfl
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