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  1. They are on our Vimeo still but only those with access to the account can see. I could potentially look at uploading some to YouTube over the next few weeks.
  2. Unsure at the moment as to why there was no commentary. I done my usual set up outside so I believe something inside may have come loose. Will be up at the ground tomorrow for the ladies game so we'll try and sort it out.
  3. Miro Vs Orange Cassidy it is!
  4. Casino Ladder Match for a shot at the World Title next week. Page returns and wins? Only way I can see them going, unless Danielson wins.
  5. Looks like Bryan vs Omega 2 is the path they are taking. I know he's asked for a break but it feels like Hangman Page has just be forgotten about. Knowing he'll return later in the night and this will all be irrelevant.
  6. Don't know how much I can say regarding the BTS stuff to do with the signing but we as the media team were told a time had been agreed for both clubs to share the news, an issue with the paperwork came up and we as the media team weren't informed in time, hence the post.
  7. Why was he at Stenhousemuir the other day? Filming a documentary with one of our community partners, Denny Warriors.
  8. An issue with Corbett's number not matching what the referee was given, I believe.
  9. Punk used COP for his MMA fights, not sure if that means anything
  10. Hi all, the main commentator from WarriorsTV here, thank you for your feedback. We apologise for the issues with the camera system, it's an automatic camera that can be controlled by a person but unfortunately that person was unavailable for us tonight. I'm also sorry for saying "McGarth" instead of "McGrath" during the game, as McGarth was listed on the team sheet that I had, spotted a comment on twitter about it. All the best for the rest of the season!
  11. I have a feeling it might be one of the NXT call ups they have planned...
  12. https://wrestletalk.com/news/top-wwe-star-out-injured-for-nine-months/ Bayley is out for 9 months
  13. Even if the booking is somewhat good, who is going to watch? They have drove most of their audience away
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