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  1. Good match that. Finish is a bit confusing, surely the referee that came down saw the low blow/superkick from Jey Uso and could DQ Roman?
  2. Could also be to promote the game they are in
  3. Wouldn't put it past the WWE to turn E heel with to align with a heel Street Profits
  4. Tiffoney and Little are both out. I assume either Brown, Hodge or Grigor will fill in at Right Back
  5. I believe our streams have been lag free, I'm probably not the best person to ask as I'm commentating on them.
  6. Hi lads, Looking to watch Tuesday's game against the Warriors, for just £8 you can watch at the link below https://stenhousemuirfc.univtec.com/event/5f7ca45bd8bf793042f07bc1 Commentary from myself and Craig G Telfer, from A View From The Terrace
  7. Had nothing else planned for the evening so thought why not. Will try get all home game highlights out at midnight
  8. Must be something on your end Neilly, the commentary on the footage I have is synced up, not too sure what the issue may be though.
  9. Takes time getting used to filming football games, I struggled at first and still do on occasion. I believe the feedback was constructive so there was no need to say that he shouldn't be complaining because it was free...
  10. Or not... Just Drew vs The Miz
  11. Drew vs Miz and Morrison I assume for tonight. Wouldn't surprise me if the briefcase is on the line too.
  12. It did really take me that long? Thought he done it as a one of thing. Apologies
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