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  1. Apparently they couldn't agree on his pay. I'd assume he wanted more money if he was just to sit at home and do nothing until they need him. Don't think AEW would pay him as much as WWE but he's actually going to do stuff there so
  2. Paul Wight (aka Big Show) is All Elite. Massive surprise that
  3. Part of me thinks Drew isn't getting a WWE title shot at Mania, reckon it will be Drew vs Sheamus in a 1on1 match whilst Lashley faces Keith Lee for the WWE Championship (That being if Lee is actually injured and not Vince giving up on him)
  4. Chris Jericho hit a wonderful Lionsault to win against Pillman Jr and Garrison. Think he done it to spite the fans after almost killing himself doing it last week...
  5. Shinsuke Nakamura has his old theme back. Looks like he's confirmed to be a face now
  6. The Elite turned out to be Omega and the Good Brothers, even though Kenny baited them, the Young Bucks still protected him from a Moxley attack after the match. Interested to see where they go from here.
  7. I think most of the roster was missing last night as Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Keith Lee and Riddle all pulled double duty...
  8. Drew McIntyre has tested positive for Covid-19
  9. Talking with someone from BSC, they said he's more of a wide player, which we've been lacking without Hopkirk.
  10. Thought the whole plan was for Drew to face Sheamus at the Rumble unless they push that to Mania?
  11. And it was an absolute shambles of a segment
  12. Maroon can clash with Red and Purple, so both teams just played in their away kits. Pretty sure we done the same thing when we met in October.
  13. As it's our home game now, we'll be streaming the game. Craig G Telfer and I on comms too
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