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  1. We aren't playing Kilwinning on Saturday, first friendly is next Tuesday against Bo'ness United at Ochilview.
  2. He got injured after the first few games then caught as he was about to return, when he was getting back to fitness the suspension happened.
  3. Think his debut might have worked better if Mark Henry was still in the ring, they could play it off as Vickie and Andrade disrespecting Henry or something like that. The crowd might have actually heard it too if a conversation was happening and not just screeching
  4. Dunlop Brothers were the most recent set of brothers to play for the Warriors during our promotion season in 17/18
  5. Yeah I think we all would but the main issue is that no one has been built up to face Bobby.
  6. I'm just sick of Drew being in the title picture tbh. He's been involved in it since the Rumble last year.
  7. I have a feeling we'll get another match between the factions. Not sure what else the Inner Circle can do as a group after facing the Pinnacle, unless they face The Elite again with the face/heel dynamics changed.
  8. Also, what was the point in building up Ogogo's gut punch as a match ender, just for Cody to be hit by 3/4 and be fine? You'd think he'd sell the injury when he hit the match ender (Vertebreaker) but it didn't affect him at all. If this ends up with them saying that QT is nothing without Cody etc then I'll be disappointed.
  9. Fs What was the point in all of the students turning if they just lose each match against the Nightmare Factory lads? Pointless
  10. Yeah you'd think he'd take the L but since he's going as the "American Dream" I just don't see it happening. If Ogogo does win, I'd like it to be as quick as possible, like his other matches, couple of punches to the gut and that's that. Helps with the character and his injuries
  11. Ogogo should be winning this... which means Cody will win 😒
  12. I think this is the first time AEW have directly addressed WWE. Could be reading too much into it but seen rumours of WWE and NJPW working together.
  13. From what he told me back in March, he should be back around September. Obviously could be back earlier or later than then.
  14. I believe that Buzz is taking the team again as the club are still in the process of sorting out testing for the new management staff.
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