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  1. Ross just got arrested on the Kingsway deliberately speeding. He was desperate for three points.
  2. Was in Tutties today, bra. Anyway 4-0 Dees tonight, 7-0 would make my day.
  3. I got my watch from Pattersons on the Hilltown, a Rolex for £7. Couldn't believe my luck.
  4. I was there, sure it was a Sunday game. Blonde haired Fletcher played for Arbroath then, I'm sure he scored.
  5. I see a win here, 0-3. Our forwards are lousy but the new boy might be OK.
  6. Nothing up front, unless the new guy has something.
  7. I know many YES voters who want true independence, not under London or Brussels. Sturgeon never mentions them, her fantasy independence is as likely as the Titanic sailing into New York.
  8. The rest of the planet, 7 billion or so, is far more important than the half a billion in the EU. No one actually likes the EU, its just different levels of disliking it and actually hating it.
  9. The SNP are about as useful as an asteroid strike. Scotland really must be the stupidest country in the world.
  10. Keep the left and the EU out of our lives and things can only improve.
  11. Did Brexit kill President Kennedy as well, the surrender monkeys and the loony left blame Brexit for everything. Absolute nut jobs.
  12. Indyref2, about 2030. Indyref 3 about 2040. Indyref 4 about 2050. It's like a hamster in a wheel, same old same old.
  13. Truss should win, she needs to tell the SNP to forget about a referendum. There are important things to sort out and wasting time and money on a vote that the majority don't want or need is ludicrous. Indy ref 3 and 4 will be the same.
  14. Picnic compared to what will happen if Labour ever darken number 10s door again. White flags galore, mass immigration like we've never seen before the euro. Absolute nightmare ahead if the left get in.
  15. Yes, but once a generation. Otherwise every 8 years or so, let's vote on it again. And again ZZZ,,,,
  16. Opinion polls are a complete waste of time, one even had the Yes camp ahead before the 2014 vote. Look what happened. If we voted tomorrow it would be 60-40 status quo, some people haven't got over the 2014 vote yet. To divide the people yet again would be complete madness. I doubt very much there will be another vote anytime soon, there are important things to sort out. Scotland will actually win the men's world football Cup before winning a vote on independence.
  17. Why don't the SNP try it, they honestly must be the most incompetent shambles of a government on the planet. An absolute one trick pony which can never reach the carrot in front of it.
  18. Many SNP voters don't want so called independence. Imagine Russia attacking an independent Scotland, the first thing Scotland would do is ask England for help. An independent Scotland would be a North Korea in the making.
  19. The left is the biggest danger to this country, they would sell it down the river in two minutes.
  20. Are the SNP the most racist rabble in the UK, a cult of sorts. Absolute rabble of an organisation.
  21. It was the million plus Scottish votes that swung the EU referendum. Now the whole UK has independence, and rejoins the rest of the world.
  22. Wonder what the reason for Indy ref 3 and 4 will be. England beating us at football.
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