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  1. A shame, that. Jozo was pretty injury-prone, but on his day he was a cracking defender, and Hayes was always a handy squad player. I also read the other day that Calvin Miller has left as well.
  2. Quite a decent podcast, and interesting to hear Charlie Christie's reasons for resigning and his comments on your club's identity, as I remember thinking the Niculae signing was a bit of an odd one, and partly for the sort of reasons mentioned in the podcast, as well as it being such a high-profile transfer.
  3. I've already got quite a few gigs lined up for this year; Embrace at the O2. Goldfrapp at the Usher Hall. Twilight Sad at the Barrowlands. Space at the Garage. Gerry Cinnamon at Hampden. On top of that I'm also going to feel like a massive ned going to a 90's rave at Ingliston, Scooter at the O2 and TTF at Braehead Arena. I'm also going to see if I can get a ticket for the Fratellis gig at the Barrowlands and Electric Six at the Liquid Rooms. It's getting fucking ridiculous and we're not even into February yet, this could be another expensive year ahead.
  4. Just been offered a ticket for Goodbye Mr Mackenzie on Friday, should be a good weekend as I'm also going to see Gerry Cinnamon on Saturday. Edit: I've also managed to get a ticket for the Friday for Twilight Sad in April.
  5. Just on my way back home after voting for Deirdre Brock.
  6. Re Twilight Sad: I think James Graham fed off the energy of the crowd, if not I have no idea how he didn't need to be scraped off the stage after that. He put everything into that performance! Re Jetpacks: If they're as good as they were in Edinburgh last year, it should be a cracking gig.
  7. It turned out that Man of Moon were pretty good, glad I checked them out. Twilight Sad were fucking brilliant, and just like in August their cover of Keep Yourself Warm was fantastic. A rather decent weekend all in all, and as I didn't hold fire on buying a ticket, I'm off to SWG3 next week for We Were Promised Jetpacks, unlike one of my mates who's off to the Liquid Rooms tomorrow.
  8. Sheds were fucking class once again, and The Twang were pretty decent as a support act. Next up is Twilight Sad tomorrow, though a mate has recommended their support act Man of Moon, so I'll probably head along for that.
  9. Probably because I'd completely forgotten about him tbh. He was pish though, and as Magee says, he only played a couple of games for us, so not quite enough to be included in the XI, but possibly an honourable mention.
  10. 1. It turns out it was Stockport we signed him from, and a quick Wiki search shows he's been released by Macclesfield. 2. Pretty sure he came back to haunt us when he was at Molde. 3. I remember reading that we apparently signed the wrong Bangura, though that was probably just red-top nonsense. Other than that, I'd probably consider Edson Braafheid at left-back (who somehow came on as a sub in the fucking World Cup final in 2010), and an honourable mention for Andre Blackman (whose most memorable contribution was a sliding tackle on his own gaffer on the touchline*) and Marvin Compper. Our midfield options could also extend to Freddie Ljungberg, who was well past his best when he arrived. I'd probably put him in there in place of Kouassi who, while pretty pish, still has time on his side (or at least some time left on his contract). Charly Musonda also flattered to deceive and Scott Allan was signed mostly, if not entirely, to wind up Sevco IMO. Could also possibly replace Cole with Colin Kazim-Richards or Nadir Ciftci. Could also consider Scepovic here as another waste of money. After all that, my XI would be: Zaluska Janko Thompson Hooiveld El Kaddouri Musonda Ljungberg Allan Berget Balde Bangura Subs De Vries Braafheid Hendry Tonev Juarez Kazim-Richards Ciftci *
  11. I've got Saint Etienne tomorrow and the Happy Mondays a week tomorrow, cannae wait.
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