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  1. I'd also add the Du Wei Show v Clyde to that list, and the 2-2 Scottish Cup draw with Sevco, though the hilarity that followed did make up for that slightly. As far as internationals go, the most pathetic performances I have seen from us (apart from the result in Astana) would be the last time we played Lithuania at home, we may have got a point but it was probably the most brutal Scotland game I've ever been to, and totally fucked our qualifying campaign after two games.
  2. It's the folk who have e.g. the French tricolour on their profile after a tragedy that seem a bit OFTW as well, I'm always reminded of the Ralph Wiggum "I'm helping!" meme when I see that. I also can't take anyone with the Brexit Party/UKIP logo as their profile picture seriously in any way.
  3. On Facebook the type of morons who do this will almost always have their profile picture surrounded by poppies as well. The same idiots will probably also post "Free Tommy Robinson" at some point. Twats.
  4. Just got a ticket for Akala at the Liquid Rooms next month, a busy few weeks coming up: Ocean Colour Scene at the Usher Hall in the last weekend of July, Akala the week after, TTF the Saturday after that, then The Cure at Summer Sessions. Considering I get paid on the 18th of the month I'll be fucking rooked after all that. Should be worth it though.
  5. Marijuana Pepsi sounds like a line that was taken out of I Am the Walrus.
  6. HMHB were fucking class tonight, though with the turnout tonight I think they might have managed two seperate nights.
  7. This. I'm at a football match to watch football (and probably swear at the ref for almost every decision going against my team), no matter how good, bad or indifferent it is (and going to Scotland matches it's usually the middle option), I've never thought to myself "Ken what I think would improve this match? Chucking something onto the pitch!" A safe/designated pyro area could make for a cracking atmosphere, if it's done properly it would look pretty impressive and there's less chance of a smoke bomb/banger hitting an innocent bystander. This would possibly involve lengthy discussions between the clubs, the SPFL and police, but it would be more worthwhile than some dickhead lighting/chucking something in the middle of a stand and hitting a random punter.
  8. Roll on Friday, can't wait to see HMHB at the Liquid Rooms.
  9. I bought X-2 first, and while it was a fairly decent game I still think X shites all over it in terms of storyline and gameplay. I haven't played either of them in a while, but I;d probably be more likely to play X from the start, as the plot more than makes up for how linear the first half of the game is. I also found Tidus' fish-out-of-water buffoonery pretty amusing, though the less said about the forced laughter when you leave Luca the better, I still fucking cringe any time I hear that. I also seem to be one of the few folk on here who actually quite enjoys playing XII, due to the more open combat style and license system being an interesting change. If folk want to talk about properly linear though, then XIII wins that hands down. This is one instance where I actually prefer the sequel.
  10. Great, we've essentially offered Murty the job, or at least our own version of him.
  11. NES SNES Mega Drive Sega Saturn N64 PS2 Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Gameboy (original) Gameboy Colour PSP Also played a fair few games on my sister's Binatone, ZX Spectrum, PS1, Gamecube and Wii. The family PC years ago (Windows 95) came with Doom as well, if that counts. I only really play GTA, FM and Undertale on my laptop.
  12. I'm also headed to the Barras tomorrow. I only got the album delivered a few days ago, worth the wait tbf. Every pub in the Gallowgate will probably be fucking rammed tomorrow as well.
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