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  1. Thanks for that. In these dark times it's the glimmer of hope that a brighter future may lie ahead for my club and our game. We're miles away from it just now though and forgive me for wishing it was another club that had sacrificed itself on this hill.
  2. I've listened to the Bill Clark interview and, whilst he gives a decent account of things, he hasn't really clarified a lot of the key issues. I believe he wasn't involved in the deal over last weekend but I sense he is protecting McGlynn and Smith by trying to alleviate any blame from them. However he does give an indication of how transfers at the Rovers have worked, and would be currently expected to work. The key thing is that the initial request always comes from the management team and based purely on footballing reasons. It is then escalated to the board for approval who look at all the other implications, usually the financial investment in most cases however you would like to think other things like reputational matters would be considered also. Clark is very much of the opinion that McGlynn has no authority over anything outside of football and therefore he points the blame for this mess squarely at the board who voted for it. I'm not sure I can agree. It seems clear now that the signing of Goodwillie would never have happened unless McGlynn wanted it. Although only responsible for footballing matters, he was willing to overlook Goodwillies character in order to benefit his team. He is as complicit as the board who voted for it. They are all rape apologists and if the club is to move forward beyond this then they all need cleared out.
  3. I have no direct communication with any of the residual board but I have heard informally from more than one voice who would probably be quite close to the thinking currently within the club. I have to say that the account given above that there is absolutely no contrition coming from within the club wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I sense more rage at Andy Mill, Bill Clark and Val McDermid than genuine remorse for the decision made. A bit like, well we've said sorry, what more do they want? We'll see what this week brings but I'm not hopeful we are going to make any great strides towards redemption.
  4. Dunno but I'd imagine a few of the squad would raise an eyebrow at that.
  5. Thats why my contributions have stopped. Step 1 is complete but my financial input to Rovers is on hold until clarity over what will be funding this is given. What a fucking joke.
  6. Will be tuning in for that. The K107 show is excellent generally and the interview from Clarke sounds like it may contain some if not all of the detail required to fully assess this situation.
  7. The silence from the club is pretty deafening to be honest. I wonder when we will get step 2.
  8. No idea bud, no idea. The club concordat talks about transparency yet we have seen none of that in either the build up or response to this catastrophic episode. This must change. Looking at the responses on here, from sponsors and volunteers etc then the owner, CEO, board and management team all need to go at some point in order for us to move on from this. This does need to be managed to a certain degree as if they all go at once then the club would simply fold. In all honesty that is not as unpalatable a situation to me as it would have been 5 days ago.
  9. The place to start is with the board. The four remaining gone, the two who resigned offered back. I'd love us to do whatever required to get McDermid on board as that would start to heal a lot of the wounds and increasing the fans representatives on it would be a good start. If we get the board right, I'd be happy for them to take a view on McGlynn. I would be amazed if he is still manager at the start of next season.
  10. Me too. I'm fairly sure he wont convince me but I'm willing to give him a listen. Edited to add, I'm on the side of the fence that he should go, as soon as practical. The detail behind the signing and his response to it would need to 100% absolve him for me to climb over to the other side. If, as is expected, he promoted the signing or tries to justify it in any way then he should leave on the same horse as DG and the remaining board. Folk saying that this is obvious, maybe so but we haven't been given that info yet.
  11. On the other hand this is a very valid point. I don't think he will survive this but I do think he has earned a shot at explaining first.
  12. Don't think that's what anyones saying chap. If he continues to justify it in any way then he can GTF. My view though is that he has done a tonne of good in his role at Rovers, more than just on field stuff, and should be allowed a shot at apologising first. The tone and content of that matter very much.
  13. I think there is s narrow path to redemption for McGlynn. It requires A major apology to the fans for the colossal error in judgement. No excuses, no pish about footballing reasons, no pish about rehabilitation, no pish about what Clyde did. A heartfelt, honest and without exception apology for the harm done by this idiotic episode. He only has this slim chance because of the goodwill earned over 2 extended periods as manager where he has gone above and beyond his role as manager and supported many community initiatives and supporters events. He deserves a small chance at redemption for me. A very small one. The board deserve none. They should be gone with Goodwillie. The longer they stay the more and more harm being done to the club. Finally this pish about DG being compensated for us ruining his career. Get in the fucking sea with that. His actions alone ended his career... dirty rapist c**t.
  14. Agree with this. The directors have to go, no ifs no buts. McGlynn and Smith is dependant on the detail of how the deal transpired and their complicity in it. I would be very surprised if they didn't have to go too. Quicker they go the quicker we heal.
  15. The first step of ensuring DG never wears the jersey means we can now focus on the financial and reputational (not mutually exclusive) damage caused to the club and who is accountable. 4 days ago we had a decent reputation, challenging at the right end of the league and looking forward to a £200k+ windfall from a tie at Celtic Park. All that now pissed away and the club set back years in it development as a real benefit to the local community. What we need now is a transparent and detailed account of this decision and all involved in executing it removed from their positions of power within the club. Then the hard work of restoring us to where we were on Sunday starts. What a self inflicted disaster!
  16. I think I'm going to go along. No had a good old sack the board chant for a wee while!
  17. Same. Maybe on point 3 I would say I want them out unless it can be demonstrated I'm wrong.
  18. I'd hope that there are serious discussions now ongoing to reconcile the club with all those who resigned or withdrew support on the back of this. This will have to result in resignations/ sackings but who has to go will depend on what reconciliation we want and what demands are placed. I would imagine but the quicker we treat that wound the quicker it will heal. I think I'm now happy to go to the game on Saturday. My primary concern was that DG would become a hero of my kids for being a footballer, that will never happen now and I'm so grateful. My contribution to the players fund will remain cancelled until I have faith that the decision being made are right for the club. At present that would mean until the 4 directors, McGlynn and Smith are gone but that could change depending on the detail surrounding the deal being released and it showing any of these in better light than they currently appear. I would happily transfer my player fund to a legal fund to find a way of getting rid of Goodwillie with as little money going to him as possible. There must be legal employment loopholes or even downright dirty tricks we could exploit to ensure this c**t gets a pittance.
  19. Agreed, and I'm not sure the specific scenario that would leave me ok with McGlynn remaining. Something along the lines of McGlynns only remit is the football and the BoD are responsible for the wider impact on the club. McGlynn may have even given them a warning about the background told them he'd be uncomfortable with etc and the board ploughed ahead anyway. I'd agree the chances of this being the case are minimal but I'd be willing to consider the detail if it is offered. All I'm saying is that there is a chance (a very small chance) he may not be as culpabe or accountable for this as the board members who sanctioned it. If he demanded it and is now pissed off that DG is not going to don the jersey then he can get in the fucking sea.
  20. If that does happen then good riddance. I'm not sure he would get another gig in Scottish football if that was his stance. I've said above, there is a very small chance I could return with McGlynn at the helm but it depends on the detail of how the deal came about.
  21. No, it wont. I personally can't see anyway back for the directors who voted for the deal, particularly the story from McDermid about the assurances she was given. The management team depends on the detail of how this deal transpired. I would need to see that before making my mind up fully on our future association with McGlynn and Smith. If nothing comes out then they need to go too but if it becomes apparant that they fully warned the BoD of the likely consequences then there may be a case for them to remain... maybe. Depends on the detail for me.
  22. Just to add: To everyone of a Rovers persuasion who stood against this in anyway shape or form, I am immensely proud of each and every one of you. We are a long way from it but if there is a light at the end of the tunnel it could be that we become the club that finally stood up to this c**t being part of Scottish Football when so many have been so silent for so long. Like I said the next 10 or so steps the club take to rectify this will tell just how close we can come to that reality but in the meantime, well done the good guys.
  23. I think we need an honest and transparent account of the discussions and decisions that led to the signing. Once we have seen that we can decide if anyone deserves a reprieve here. In the absence of that, I won't be back until McGlynn, Smith and the four directors who voted for the deal are gone as a minimum.
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