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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure theres a manager out there, within our reach, that I would rather have here than McGlynn. This hasn't been a terrible season. The Goodwillie saga has derailed it but if he can even get it back half on track and finish the season with a bit of momentum going into next then I think we would be in a decent place. A deal to rid ourselves of Goodwillie would help that enormously IMO.
  2. A wee bit of form at the right time going into playoffs could be critical. We've shown no signs of doing it but we're as likely as any other team in this league to go on a wee purple patch. Unlikely, yes but possible none the less. The clocks will be in the forward position mind
  3. Very much this. I was mad with him at the time of the Goodwillie signing but I'm over that now. I've seen nothing on here suggesting Jack Ross is a viable candidate for the managers job.
  4. I think I would extend for a year. He has half a team built for next year and an objective assessment of this season would have to score it as acceptable.
  5. With 5th place or higher pretty much secured as well as the Challenge cup final, over the course of a season it certainly hasn't been a failure. Funny how it feels like it sometimes...
  6. Whilst I agree, it would be a fairly shite start to the "new era" of listening to the fans.
  7. Did Bill Clark not say that there was a review to be taken on the managers contract after the 3rd quarter of the season? Pretty sure we would need the supporters director confirmed before the managerial decision could be finalised...
  8. It was us that brokered the deal too. I remember a crisis meeting in the main stand when one of the directors at the time tried to justify it as we had booed the team, which included these three, off the park a couple of weeks previous.
  9. Recent history would suggest that shite form is a good thing approaching this fixture.
  10. Agreed. On the face of it seems a good appointment and an acknowledgement of the limited vision of our current board. Welcome aboard Susan, and good luck!
  11. Totally agree. Her piece in the Courier about who we should feel sorry for is exactly the tone the club should be striking just now. Putting her on the board and giving her a voice within the club is the sort of next steps in rehabilitation the club should be looking for.
  12. Scottish football, in fact football generally, is willing to stomach a fair bit of criminality as a price worth paying for on field success.
  13. f**k all wrong with cupping the ears to a quiet stand after scoring in front of them. Ridiculous getting booked for that.
  14. RIP Frank Connor. He was the gaffer when I first started going to games and one of the very few over the subsequent 30 plus years who were any good.
  15. Haha, enjoyed that infinitely more than I thought I would.
  16. Haha, indeed. FWIW, I loved the sky sports apology for calling him a racist...
  17. There are some right fucking lunatics that walk among us...
  18. Only problem with your belief in the case of Goodwillie is that never happened.
  19. My anger has dissipated somewhat, given the fact he is now away from the club. I'm not hugely motivated to see the BoD and Manager changed and I think with everything else going on in the world that there is unlikely to be any significant ongoing demand for change at either level. We may have lost some fans for good but I doubt there would be many of the hardcore going every week category. The biggest damage has probably been done to the stalling of our ongoing progression within the community. The damage to that is not easily quantifiable but hopefully the fact that he never played for us has limited that somewhat. For me, the line is now drawn under it. We move on.
  20. Doubt it will be all his wages, but yes I'd imagine Clyde are paying him less than they were in January.
  21. Given that he is now away from the club, as one of those who was not willing to fund his wages, I am now happy to reinstate my contributions. This is probably as good a deal as we could've hoped for and lightens the expense considerably. It is weird the difference in reaction to having Goodwillie play for us or for Clyde. Whilst I would class us as the bigger club, there isn't a monumental difference in stature between the two.
  22. Hope so, genuinely do. I think the reality of the impact will be felt when it comes to season ticket renewal and getting sponsors in for next year. I've got to admit I'm not hugely fussed about manager/board change depending on the outcome of the contract settlement with Goodwillie but it needs to be settled and I need to be comfortable with how its being funded before I start donating and contributing to things again. Thats my choice and mine alone, not really fussed if others see it the same or not and the club won't live or die on the back of it. Others might be fine already, some might be demanding board/ manager change, some might never return I don't know. I don't think the episode will have resulted in anyone who didn't support or contribute before now wanting to. Given we weren't rolling in it before, I'm not surprised some are predicting a bleak future. Telling them to shut up or walk away won't make that future for the club any brighter.
  23. So we've to shut up or buy out the club? I obviously want the club to survive, but this conflicts with me not wanting to contribute to the wages of Goodwillie. I can't afford to buy the club so should I just walk away for good?
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