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  1. I'm happy with the deal for the season ticket, no complaints at all. All I'm saying is I'm not forking out another £20 to take the kids to a friendly game against a team from the league below.
  2. I've not had a season ticket for a number of years but it was always my understanding that friendlies were included. Not sure I'm willing to fork out another £20 to take the kids to see half a team take on QOS. Will give it a miss.
  3. I would've thought you'd get into friendlies with the ST?
  4. Went on to buy for me and the kids but all gone. Hopefully more coming in, desperate to throw the Rovers £115 for 3 tops here
  5. I thought the Open day was a bit disorganised and slow paced but my three kids had an absolute ball at it. The wee boy is absolutely buzzing after getting about 30 selfies and high fives off the players. Didn't get a top due to the queues and the other stuff going on but will order or get next time we're at a game. All in all a great initiative by the club and the number of youngsters there give huge hope for the future of the club. Safe to say I think we have significantly moved on from last seasons shenanigans. Well played all involved.
  6. Not sure I'd buy into losing Musonda and signing Murray.
  7. Defence was shite most of last season so not averse to changes. Will judge once the squad is complete. Our two best defenders by a country mile last season were Berra and Lang. I'm not disappointed at any others leaving.
  8. Probably jinx our whole season but 16/1 looks pretty decent value for us.
  9. I'm trying to buy ST but canny seem to get it to work. Anyone else having trouble or is it just me?
  10. Dunfermline and Falkirk chucking money about like confetti in League 1 for one promotion spot can only end well
  11. I still have many issues around the tainted signing of Goodwillie, but as the folk who sanctioned and publicly played it down because of the footballing reasons leave I feel we are starting to move on from the whole sordid affair. A long way to go yet... Enjoy your new signing:
  12. Correct, no player in the squad condemned it. One supported it 100%, I'm glad he no longer plays for us.
  13. Kyle Benedictus: David Goodwillie has 'backing' of Raith Rovers (thecourier.co.uk) What this one, where he was 100% behind the signing coz he would've scored some goals? How do you feel about your new signing?
  14. Find it hard to believe Bene has more "respect" for McPake than for McGlynn. Best of luck to him though, he's been a decent servant over the years.
  15. Exciting signing, hopefully we can get Spencer tied up too.
  16. Not sure Donaldson is better than anything we have already but we looked fairly ropey in defence last season except for when Lang and Berra started together. Pretty sure Bene would be due a testimonial if he stayed, I'd be surprised if he left us other than if we didn't want to keep him.
  17. As one of the snowflakes who withdrew what little financial support I provided in the aftermath of the Goodwillie signing, for me the club has now crossed the threshold for me to reinstate where I was previously. I have today reinstated my players fund contribution, lottery tickets and will be purchasing a season ticket once they go on sale. I think the board have done a really good job since the end of last season moving the club forward from the Goodwillie debacle. It would be good if they could reach out to the ladies team to see if they could return to the club umbrella but other than that I have to say kudos on a job well done.
  18. I'm really quite pleased with how this appears to be going.
  19. Yes, either of those two would be more than acceptable. Both are a bit of a gamble but we finished 5th last season so it's time for a roll of the dice. Of all the names mentioned, these would be my top two. Hopefully we get a decent statement of intent from the club and the fans can unite behind the new management team leaving the tail end of last season in the bin.
  20. To be fair, I'm including out of contract players too, hoping that they would stay on if the right manager appointed . It's the hope that kills you... To be specific, I would say those below have potential and ability to play Scottish Premier League football at some point in next 5 years. Some already have top flight experience. Tumilty Musonda Connolly Gullan Stanton Matthews Zanatta Lang Spencer Ross Arnott Mitchell Coulson Young
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