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  1. f**k this consolidation malarkey. We have players signed up good enough to challenge for promotion. What we need is a manager who can identify and add whats needed and get them playing in a way that realises this. McGlynn couldn't do it and is now gone. I don't know who on the shortlist will be able to do it but the board in their interviews should absolutely be demanding a promotion challenge of the new boss. The new boss should be demanding it of themselves. There is nothing in the league to fear next season. It will be competitive yes but we've as good a chance as anyone else.
  2. The other way to look at it is they backed their manager and brought in one of his targets. The fact McGlynn even suggested him means he's hugely culpable in what followed. Had he just suggested the other two or that he would simply play Poplatnick then the last 4 months would been very different. I'm happy with Thomson, hopefully he plays 2 up front at home.
  3. I'm growing on the Kevin Thomson idea I have to admit.
  4. I think if that were true McGlynn would still be here and Goodwillie would be in the team.
  5. Agreed. Not sure we'd want someone who only knew of the job and who to contact from seeing it on the news feed.
  6. I think I was genuinely feeling pangs of excitement around late November early December last year. The 2-1 win over Falkirk and the 1-0 win at home to Killie lulled me into thinking that we were in the title hunt this year. We had been playing some tidy stuff but both them games we looked resilient and won with something to spare despite not playing great. I wonder what odds you would've got on McGlynn being Falkirk Manager by the time the playoffs came around as we walked out of the Falkirk Stadium that day? I was excited at our last managerial appointment.
  7. Whilst either of those would possibly please, or satisy some fans.... it would be a stretch to describe them as exciting.
  8. Have to admit that my excitement over the start of a new era is being dampened somewhat by the list of candidates seemingly available.
  9. The next future management superstar is out there somewhere, I'd like to see us take a wee gamble on someone in the twilight of their playing career that has played at international level. Berra fits the bill for that, as does Scott Brown. It's a total roll of the dice but appointing some journeyman, been round the blocks like Jim Duffy or Tommy Wright would be a disaster. No idea if anyone with that CV would be interested but we are currently an established championship club with Premier League ambitions. It could be a good start to a managerial career for someone.
  10. No, frankly I dont. I'll be watching through my fingers at who is appointed, I think we all know it's going to be a total clusterfuck. I feared at the time that the Goodwillie signing was like a Nuclear bomb going off, the fallout will be felt for years and we won't start to move forward until all involved either move on or genuinely learn the lesson and show genuine contrition. Where we end up before then is anyone's guess but I don't think there is a lower limit, we could genuinely end up at the dregs of league 1 or even into League 2 So far the only board members to be replaced were the ones who opposed the signing anyway. Getting them back in to replace some who sanctioned it would be progress off the field, as would the owner acknowledging the disaster and fronting up the cash to get rid of Goodwillie for good. The CEO is still there doing f**k knows what as her Husband fucks off to one of our fiercest rivals who are currently a full league below us and until very recently the laughing stock of the whole of Scottish Football. She needs to gtf too.
  11. We have a no bad core of players and there is space in each position for a new manager to make his stamp. I reckon we've got about 2 to 3 weeks to run a recruitment campaign. There's plenty of chance to build a team beyond that. The last 4 months have been fucking murder and I'm glad they are behind us. Now there is an opportunity to really freshen up the squad and re-engage with the community aspects of the club. Been quite clear that McGlynn has not enjoyed the last few months either and I wasn't particularly looking forward to starting the next campaign with more of the same. A big big couple of weeks for the board to show their credentials. A decent, forward thinking appointment and a deal to rid the club of Goodwillie gets us fully to the next chapter. Whilst I have little faith, you just never know.... It 's the hope that kills you
  12. I think the issue is likely to be playing budget for next season. Ironic given that the amount he spaffed on Keatings and Goodwillie are probably major factors in a tighter budget. I've no doubt he'll do a job at Falkirk but I'm not sure throwing cash at him is the route to success. He is known to sign some shite. No our problem any more though. Everything crossed we can get lucky replacing him.
  13. I'm not hugely fussed for an explanation. If it was taking a big uplift in pay and an extended deal then I'm happy he's away as the last 6 months warranted nothing of the sort. Get the advert oot and start recruiting. We've not got the worst squad in the world so I refuse to believe we are not an attractive option for someone. Who tho, f**k knows!
  14. Big call now required from our Board on who should replace him. Given their recent history on big calls I think a wee flutter on us ending up in the seaside league might be a sound investment.
  15. Genuinely, if you had asked me on 30th January ( I know we had been on a poor run of 4 or 5 games) I would've had very little complaint on how we were performing on and off the park. If only the decision the next day was to give Poplatnik a wee run in the team!
  16. ...and if we have a paid CEO who is married to the Assistant Manager and never saw this coming then she should be sacked for incompetence.
  17. For as much as I am ambivalent to McGlynn leaving, I'm also fairly certain that the Board have no replacement lined up. If he does jack it for Falkirk then the negligence by the BoD is glaringly obvious and we will almost certainly start next season with a poorer manager who has had a very short recruitment window. Someone above mentioned being backed into a corner. Absolutley this, and much like everything else this season, very much of our own doing. If we wanted to keep McGlynn after finishing 5th then we could've offered him a deal 6 months ago on pretty much the same terms and he very likely would have taken it. The only reason for waiting would be to assess the second half of the season in which case he should be drop kicked over Pratt Street. We should have announced his replacement yesterday morning and wished him well on his return to the seaside. The fact we have no plan B is nothing less than a shambles, the BoD need to do one.
  18. Some proper knicker wetting going on in here. McGlynn is a well backed manager who has just recorded one of our worst half season runs in recent memory and chucked the best part of £150k at signing which has tore the club apart. If he's willing to go to Falkirk, an absolute shambles of a club in the league below, for a wee bit extra dough then good fucking riddance. Rovers man my arse.
  19. I'd be more disappointed if we had given him a huge pay rise and a 3 year deal tbh.
  20. Good appointment from Falkirk perspective and allows all parties to move on from the Goodwillie saga. I would expect he will be the man to get you out of League 1 and get you competitive in the Championship but you might need a shit ton of money and/ or a replacement lined up for years 4 and 5 of the plan to complete the journey to the Premier League. I'm disappointed how all this has turned out but hopefully we can make a decent appointment to replace him otherwise we might have to give you a wave as we change places in the next couple of seasons.
  21. Canny argue with that. I would take Ellis all day long.
  22. Oaft, what a day. Just catching up on this. Not a done deal yet but looking very likely. Based on the 2nd half of our season, McGlynn is taking a big risk moving to Falkirk. His signings are not always great and I would imagine that if he doesn't get off to a good start he will not get the same time from the Falkirk fans as he got here to build his squad. Yes we have played some nice football and he has moved the club on from the Barry Smith era but we have just shitfested our way to 3 wins in 20 games playing some really shite stuff. We also made the worst 2 signings in Scottish football history this season in Goodwillie and Keatings. I would be reluctant for us to offer a big wage increase and a 3 year deal to him so if Falkirk are then fair fucks. The fact that no club higher than us is interested speaks volumes. Falkirk taking a risk here too, we had a five year plan for premier league football too and we are nowhere near it. They key now is how we replace. McPake would be a disaster, he isn't what we are looking for. I think it needs to be a relatively new manager with good Rovers connections/ history. Someone with an affinity with the fans. Prime candidate in my head would be someone like Laurie Ellis or Danny Lennon. Maybe doesn't create a huge amount of excitement but would much prefer this to some fucking jobber that has been around the houses with no Rovers connection at all. Never a dull moment doon the old san starko.
  23. Although it is 99% certain already, could it be that there is an offer waiting to be signed once our league status is confirmed. I would imagine there would likely be a demand for change in terms and conditions should we miraculously become a Premier League team next season.
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