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  1. Sure will be. Either the Prime Minister of the UK lied to the Queen or the UK supreme court will overrule the unanimous opinion of the highest court in Scotland. Constitutional fireworks either way!
  2. It is quite disheartening that, with all that is going on at Westminster and how little fucks they can give for Scotland, that a majority of us still think its better that they run things for us. Even if there was a £13bn black hole to fill it would be worth the struggle for some dignity as a nation.
  3. Not sure being limited to just the 200 is going to go down well though.....
  4. Easy now, easy now. Clocks still to go back and you haven't seen us away from home yet...... We haven't put 3 wins together for a considerable time. I expect some outrage at your post from along Methil way.
  5. Labour and Tories combined would've lost a deposit. That is quite phenomenal. Also a resounding pro remain vote. If the 14% swing to SNP is replicated across Scotland then we are in UDI territory!
  6. Jo Swinson just said on LBC that she has "written to the Queen?" I wonder what that letter said, imagine the leader of the Lib Dems asked the Queen to ignore a sitting Prime Minister? Thats not very liberal or democratic....
  7. I think putting your trust in a man that has made more money out of Scotland's oil than Scotland may be misguided.
  8. So who's making the money out of Scotlands oil and who's letting them do it? Why is oil the other side of an imaginary line in the same sea generating so much money for Norway?
  9. I think that's kinda the point being made.
  10. Independence will change who controls the oil industry and the democratic power the scottish people will hold over those who control the oil industry. Little may change, we may still decide to let private companies make billions and give 90% of the tax take to Westminster. At least it will be our choice. I offer the Norway figures as a mere comparison, we are where we are.
  11. In terms of revenue, North sea oil generated just under £1bn from the Scottish sector. This £1bn is to be pooled and shared with uk. Oil from the Norway sector meanwhile generated circa £30bn to be shared by itself.
  12. Interesting, according to GERS, Scotland pays more towards defence than any other country as a % of gdp.
  13. GERS figures aren't necessarily "rubbish", they just don't show an accurate measure of the finances of an independent Scotland. They aren't designed to. It was a stupid decision to refer to them as such in the 2014 White Paper but we are where we are. I totally agree that the Yes campaign needs to credibly show the economics of an Independent Scotland and clearly show its working. It will be routinely rubbished by the Unionist politicians and media and they need to be prepared for that. What I do hope though is that 2014 No voters are open to objectively assessing the information for themselves (if it is provided) and not just regurgitating inevitable Unionist propaganda. Simply regurgitating "£13bn black hole" doesn't do the debate any justice at all.
  14. UK "Strategic" Infrastructure, Hinckley point Energy subsidy, Met Police, Westminster refurb, Nuclear Weapons, Illegal Wars, National Debt interest are some of the ones I'm more interested in 😉
  15. Agree 100%. We can account for circa £30bn which is spent through Holyrood and funds pretty much all the major public services in Scotland, quite what the additional £45bn is spent on isn't abundantly clear. Malky is correct though, a fundamental breakdown of what it is and how we could deliver it more efficiently on our own is needed before many will vote Yes.
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