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  1. If we end up getting relegated because of it then it won't be fair and I hope we contest it legally. If not then I'm fine with it.
  2. Feel your pain, I haven't been able to stomach Jack D in about 15 years. A double at 10 to 3 used to be a prematch ritual when there wasn't time left for another pint but now I should be called stay at home shandy or something like that...
  3. I would agree with that, if the punishment for administration was relegation to bottom tier and liquidation meant the end of that club.
  4. Anyone seen this? A SIGNED Scott Thomson Jersey from the 94/95 season. All funds to the rovers.... Dunno why the club haven't got behind this... great piece of memorabilia to own.
  5. Interesting that the Scottish Government have just announced there will be no exams this year and qualifications will be awarded based on work completed so far.... I can hear freddy singing already..... "I've paid my dues..." "
  6. I think either voiding the season or finishing it here could be classed as fair tbh, looking at it objectively. Genuinely not sure the authorities want the season to count for nothing though. However, that may end up being the only solution open to them. Regardless of the rules the very spirit of football is that if its not over the line then its not a goal, doesn't matter what prevented it. I feel cheated out of a title race that I'm confident we would've prevailed on, cant put a price on that....
  7. Yeah, I was thinking more in the spirit of compromise and if we could get an acceptance that we need to finish where we are due to factors that nobody could control or have predicted. We either have a season that has meant something or we don't. I prefer the thought that what has been done so far would count for something (possibly biased, I'd readily admit). My thoughts In terms of compensation would be say 5% or so was skimmed off the prize money across the board next season and used to split between Hearts, Partick Thistle and Brechin to partly compensate for relegation. Everybody then shares a bit of the pain.
  8. They might, but that would mess up 2 seasons. I think concluding this season in the autumn would be a terrible decision. Can't see closed doors being an option. There is bound to be teams that will struggle to put a side on the park over the next few weeks due to either isolating or illness. Also, if we have a full scale lock down like italy or france then how do you even get 42 squads around the country.
  9. You're probably right tbf.I meant clubs relegated or denied potential promotion however, with 8 games left this could include a lot of teams. I don't know the specifics of the rulebook but it either allows for early conclusion of the league or it doesn't. If it doesnt the season is void, if it does then current places should stand. Whatever happens, the games aint getting played.
  10. I wouldn't be arguing for it but I would've accepted it if the games cant be played. I can only speak for myself. This is a clusterfuck that no one has control over. The straight choice is null and voiding the season or finishing where we are. There is no real alternative. In either scenario there will be rightful claims of disadvantage which we should try and redress as much as practicable. What's needed is compromise and consensus otherwise the gemmes a bogey.
  11. Most Rovers fans were preparing for that to happen over the weekend past. If it had, I wouldn't have an issue with it. I would even have suggested that the result had more credibility as it would have been another game completed. Whilst the last 8 games could certainly change things (and most probably would have) I don't think there a question of the integrity of awarding a league title after more than 75% of the games have been played, given the extraordinary circumstances we are in. We are going to need to find a compromise as there is not a chance in hell of completing all fixtures required to complete the season by 30th June. Either the league standings are taken as final or the season is null and void. I would use whatever window becomes available to finish the cups/ play-offs so we can start next season on time in August. An agreement to create a compensation fund for all disadvantaged clubs could be pooled from next seasons prize money and distributed accordingly. Bottom line is there needs to be compromise, not self interest. This is no-ones fault but everyones problem. If self interest prevails then Scottish Football will not survive this in it's current form. From what I've seen so far, i don't have much hope.
  12. Donated the money I'd have spent going to EF game on Saturday. Plan to donate further what i would've spent anyway (as long as I keep my job ) at games.. Looks like I can throw in the kids links market money too...... It is nice to see donations from fans at other clubs too. Would chuck a few quid at any other club that decided to follow suit. Pathetic, but unsurprising, that the fans will inevitably need do what the governing bodies won't to ensure the survival of our club(s).
  13. If the games are to be behind closed doors, what kind of appetite do you think there would be from fans to contribute to the costs of the game. I think I'd be happy to pitch in a tenner for each home game for access to either the live match stream or commentary that Raith TV do.... Maybe even get a few donations from folk who would'nt have even been at the game anyway. As said above, every little will help. I think its beyond doubt now that these games will either not go ahead or will be behind closed doors.
  14. Day 3 - Alex Salmond trial: Woman claims former first minister gave her 'very sloppy' kisses 3-0. To be fair, I'm not sure how this could be written differently 😄. Perhaps 'Woman claims Salmond would always greet her with a kiss' doesn't a headline make....
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