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  1. If it was 11 v 11 would of been much closer game
  2. Correct, but didn't expect much when 10 men was always gonna be back to the walls second half
  3. the ref ruined the game end of story, got multiple decision wrong
  4. Hahahah just bout as bad as Dunfermline at taking penalties
  5. Rather play no-one than Fraser at CDM, the c***s never puts a tackle in
  6. We get the joy of giving Gavin Gunning abuse next week against Morton twice
  7. See Durnan, Donaldson, Dillon, Fraser, Spittal all playing tonight against Motherwell for development team. Lost 3-0, no wonder with them 2 at the back
  8. Hahahah please make this happen, just in time for the two games next week!
  9. Would start same team other Robson in for Dixon and Smith for Murray. Will be a tough game I think, get to see ranks again what a time to be alive.
  10. Just watched the highlights. Telfer looked decent, William looked very good won everything for us! Andreu clinical, Dixon looked like he won the ball for second yellow. Would like to see Cammy start next week upfront. Special mention to Jamie Robson for that block at 2-1, amazing Only one that was a pen was the one where VDS slipped, was no need to make a challenge boy was going different direction. Cammy Bell tho, insane
  11. Hahahah 'deliberate handball' the c**t smashed it at him didn't have time to move out the way no way a pen
  12. My mate is friends with one of the boys in the development team and apparently Justin Johnson was caught by the manager out at the casino night before a game. Hence one of the reasons why he has been put away out on loan.
  13. Swankie was working, he said on his Facebook
  14. still done more than Dixon already Donaldson now on...well goodbye to 3 points..
  15. Murdoch is the one missing. Murray, Bell and Obadeyi back in the squad. Surprising tho that Obadeyi is in, but hopefully he takes the chance
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