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  1. Woah...I draw the line at that!! Dougie is a fine drummer Vipond is a shite name and he does seem a p***k though
  2. watching without sound, can someone tell me how Wolves didn't get a penalty for handball?
  3. Aye looked a penalty all day...he then gave st Johnstone a free kick for even less which just about sent Martindale over the edge. Chebb had to move the equipment back over the wall to stop him swinging ankick at it
  4. McGowan went in and pushed Nouble...it was a booking all day. He didn't book Nouble, it was Ayo for storming in and getting involved
  5. You'd think Livi having 2 goals disallowed yesterday would warrant some sort of mention on sportscene
  6. I'm working on a theory that Scrutinizer is actually David Martindale venting after a poor result
  7. I think the main reason it wasn't given was Kevin Clancy being the referee
  8. Just watched it back on alba there....at full speed it looks like it could be over but the replay makes it look more like on the line
  9. As much as I doubt he'll sign he does tick the boxes of what the fans have been moaning about in the last few weeks. Clinical finisher [emoji736] Willing to have a shot from distance [emoji736] Generally very good from distance [emoji736] Can take a penalty [emoji736] Shooting from free kicks speaks for itself [emoji736] Delivery from set pieces is very good [emoji736]
  10. is that the same Anthony Ogogo that boxed in the commonwealth games? Isn't he registered blind?
  11. It'll need to "even itself out" this weekend against St Johnstone before VAR comes in and does away with the evening up of these mistakes. I'm all for VAR....but halfway through a season is bonkers
  12. We played Newcastle in a friendly in 2003...that was my first Livi game. I'm slightly worried about this weekend as I've not heard anything from the club yet in regards to times etc
  13. I hope its "wittle wed widing hood"
  14. It'll be those dangerous grass pitches you play on It'll #GioOut until they body Motherwell at the weekend, then it'll all be fine
  15. I believe Mark Burchill still owns the record for the fastest hat trick in any European club competition with 3 goals in 3 minutes in the old Uefa Cup
  16. I'm looking forward to this game...not for the football though....my daughter is the mascot this weekend so it's a bit different
  17. I've heard rumours that he and Martindale had a falling out about Jaze's attitude so would need to see a step change in that respect if we're ever gonna see him at Livi again. Probably the best thing sending him out to Dougie Imrie's Morton as Imrie will know what Martindale wants to see from him
  18. Overall, I'd say Josh Mullin is a championship level player. His deliveries are premiership quality but that doesn't make up for his shortcomings. If there was something like "special teams" in American football then he's probably the first guy I'd be looking at
  19. Shinnie had a shot from outside the box blocked early doors, Holt and Devlin also blazed long attempts over the bar. Ayo blasted a free kick into the wall and Kelly blew one over the bar too. Having a shot wasn't the issue with 22 shots in the game, it was the lack of quality. Our long shooting doesn't seem to be very good. I can't actually think of the last long range smasher that we've scored.
  20. Every time Everton put a cross into the box, Shaw is pulling the attacker's shirt....I thought that was a penalty these days with VAR. There was a free kick that came in from the left flank and Shaw had Onana's shirt up over his shoulder
  21. Bayley v Bianca was much better but Edge v Balor blew it out the water. Thought we'd have seen Bray Wyatt (if it is him) there due to his history with Balor
  22. I had notifications on for the City score....it got to 3-0 and I assumed he wasn't playing since he hadn't scored
  23. Having a shot wasn't the issue today....getting them on target was our failing
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