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  1. I'm not saying the will...but there's a chance....slim as it may be
  2. I reckon it further proves that Martindale is the greatest Livi manager ever. Leishman was brilliant but we were throwing money about that we didn't have at the time and paid the price for it. What Davie has done with the resources available to him is nothing short of miraculous
  3. Any chance of posting the article rather than the link?
  4. It appears to be proving quite difficult to get tickets, even for non season ticket Livi fans. Heard of a few struggling to get seats and we're now less than a week away
  5. BBC Sport twisting the knife beautifully with the financial gulf line [emoji122][emoji1787] "Livingston, with probably the lowest budget in the division, are always well set up by Martindale. Given the resource gulf to a lot of teams, his plans don't always work, but the manager time and again proves himself one of the shrewdest in the division"
  6. VAR shafting city twice yesterday. Should have had a stonewall penalty on for Haaland at 0-0 (Morgan Boyes was sent off for the same thing for Livi yesterday too). Then the Brighton goal shouldn't have stood as Akanji is pulled back the exact same way that caused the goal against Liverpool to be overturned...no consistency at all. Ironically the penalty they did get was much softer than the one they didn't get
  7. I'll defend artificial pitches because of the advantages they bring like being able to train on the pitch, easier to maintain, being able to hire out the pitch, less games affected by the weather and it's always the same condition regardless of time of year. Would I prefer Livi to have a pristine grass pitch? Of course
  8. That the same Davie Martindale that lies down to rangers?
  9. Leon King against Motherwell is a yellow but that's a red? Hmmm
  10. Long time to hold on but we've defended really well. Montano going off is a worry as Jacko isn't as quick as him and prone to a mistake. Can't say they've really caused us any major issues and We've had a couple of good chances.
  11. They also think that Montano having 3 goals from full back shows how defensive we are....how many goals does Tavernier score in a season?
  12. The delay is to be expected while the officials get used to it...I'd imagine things will speed up once they've been using it a while
  13. Using it for the sake of using it at times tonight. That "should" fade over time when the novelty wears off
  14. he's talked himself into a booking then didn't help himself by swearing at Beaton
  15. there were also St Johnstone fans having to sit in the walkways on the steps. I'm not worried about whether or not it was a sell out....I just thought it was bizarre they've never sold out an edinburgh derby in 33 years
  16. The part I'm struggling to get my head around is tonight being Hibs' first capacity crowd in 33 years. I'd have thought the Edinburgh derby would have been a sell out
  17. Hope wee Stephen Kelly plays like he did last weekend and shows rangers what they missed. Regardless of rangers' troubles recently this will still be a really tough game to take anything from. Wouldn't expect us to set up much different from how we did against them on the opening day with Nouble driving at their weakened backline
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