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  1. we should have Anderson, Bahamboula and Bradley at least...hopefully Nouble is back from injury too...we also have Goncalves who I'm sure every Livi fan would happily send your way
  2. Get your money on a red card to Livi because Bruce Anderson scratches his nose. Gonna be tough missing Pittman AND Holt but hopefully Nouble and Shamal are back for this one. Stephen Bradley will also be available which gives us another attacking threat. Doubt we'll see Fitzwater and not sure if De Lucas will have his clearance in time but Boyes was pretty good v St Mirren. Hopefully we go something like this and go at Motherwell who look in a bad way with injuries. Shamal Devlin Ayo Boyes Montano St Kelly Se Kelly Omeonga Bahamboula Anderson Nouble
  3. Only for certain teams I would imagine...can't see Lundstram or Mcgregor being sent off on Monday for a tackle like Pittman's or Holt's....even the hearts player's assault on Nicky Devlin a few weeks ago was worse than both our red cards yet the outcome was a throw in to Hearts. It's becoming harder and harder NOT to believe there's a vandetta against some clubs
  4. Pittman's appeal will be heard today so will only be available for the Motherwell game if it's overturned
  5. It's really not...the whole thing was similar to Holt's in that the opposition player arrives late to the tackle and there's no reason for them to be there as the ball is well away already.
  6. Just seen the sportscene highlights and Pittman should never have been sent off...he's got the ball and is pulling out of the 50-50 tackle as Baccus wildly swipes at him...probably a foul TO Livi. If the ref is giving that a red card for Pittman then O'Hara should have walked for his first yellow which was a straight leg stamp on Shinnie. The penalty shout for Obileye is another miss by the ever incompetent Nicm Walsh on VAR.
  7. Pulling a player to the deck is usually a penalty...the further ridiculous part is he gave st Mirren the foul
  8. Another contentious red card decision (from what I've heard, I haven't seen it) and a penalty not given...for the second game in a row
  9. I'd imagine we're lining up: Konovalov Devlin Ayo Boyes Montano Shinnie Se Kelly Pittman Bahamboula Anderson St Kelly Similar to how we started against Hibs with Sean Kelly giving us more of a physical presence than Holt. I think we may have seen the last of Fitzwater and he's sorting out a move in the same way Dykes was pulled out of the squad before his QPR move.
  10. I'm sure the rest of the Livi supporters will join me in wishing you the best of luck with your bet
  11. I get the impression Anderson is a fair way down the list of penalty takers. Sean Kelly seems to be the main taker with Holt and Obileye behind him. Fitzwater taking a penalty against Hibs was a strange one. I'd imagine Shinnie and Stephen Kelly are higher on the list than Anderson too
  12. Livingston won't appeal the decision as it costs to submit the appeal. We didn't appeal Montano being sent off against Aberdeen earlier in the season when it was another player who was involved in the scuffle
  13. Hearing he's had his contract ripped up today would actually make the day a positive one in football regards....even after a 4-0 thumping. Can't believe he's earning money for what he does
  14. Congratulations on your referee assisted win, Hibs
  15. His impact off the bench in recent games has been really effective. Still highly rated but I don't think he's signing a new deal so Martindale has been using guys who will be here longer term
  16. I don't think there's anything surprising about Longridge starting at LCB. Martindale is a big fan of Jacko and his versatility. Also, playing a natural LB there allowed them to cover Montano going forward without having to change their game too much
  17. Game needed Nouble's chaos inducing ability. Decent performance though in a game we weren't expecting anything
  18. Yellow card for Boyes after being clipped late by Kyogo...it's a wonder these refs need VAR eh?
  19. Sounds like there's been some damage to the stadium too....wonder if there's burst pipes like Motherwell
  20. There doesn't appear to have been any news about Shamal, he didn't appear in any of the friendlies but hopefully that's just precaution and giving him as much rest as possible. The only other injuries I can think would be Tom Parkes and Jamie Brandon who haven't featured much or at all this season anyway. Wonder if we'll see Steven Bradley make an appearance today
  21. I'd be amazed if Kabia kicks a ball for Livi again after...
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