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  1. I quite like him This is probably why I believe the whistle had gone before the goal was scored so they can't check VAR
  2. The more impressive thing is, the merseyside derby was actually a cracking game and still didn't get lead billing. Both sides had plenty of chances and it was end to end at times. Really wouldn't have been an issue to have it on first except for the fact there were goals in most other matches. The glasgow derby was a bit of a shite game in all honesty although there were 4 goals scored.
  3. Fantastic performance, Craig Gordon kept hearts in that with some huge saves. Montano was superb, Nouble led the line well, Stephen Kelly looked bright when he came on...not a poor performer in a Livi shirt
  4. Can't decide if we're going for Shamal Devlin Kelly Ayo Montano Omeonga Holt Penrice Pittman Goncalves Nouble or Shamal Devlin Kelly Ayo Penrice Omeonga Pittman Holt Nouble Goncalves Montano
  5. Shout for a red card for VVD there, straight leg, studs up and over the ball
  6. Did that clip off the defenders foot before going to Coady? If so isn't that a goal these days?
  7. Yeah Ke. Jacobs and Ky Jacobs so I'd imagine it'll be Se. Kelly and St. Kelly....or Big Kelly and Wee Kelly
  8. Speaking to a few rangers supporting pals they say his free kicks are pretty impressive. He's also one for a long range shot which is something we don't have a lot of. Found a video of a belter of a free kick he scored against Denmark U-21s https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=694552764959444
  9. I don't get the mega love in for Mullin. He's got a fantastic delivery but his application during games can be questionable. More often than not, in his second spell, he went missing in games. If special teams was a thing in football then I'd be all for him staying to bring him on for set pieces. I reckon his level is the championship where, unsurprisingly, he played his best football for us
  10. Talk of Konovalov on the way out. Wasn't in the squad last night and there's apparently been interest.
  11. I had written the exact same thing but thought I was just rambling in my post
  12. Fitzwater's suspension last night was due to his bookings in the group stages of the cup. He hasn't served his league suspension yet. I know Cancar had a bad game against Aberdeen but who didn't? I'd like to see Ayo and Cancar as the CB pairing. I'd also go the other way with Goncalves and Guthrie. Start Guthrie and hope he can ragdoll the defence enough with his physicality and bring Goncalves on later where his lack of fitness would be up against a tired defence...ideally. George Devlin Ayo Cancar Montano Omeonga Pittman Kelly Bahamboula Guthrie Nouble Holt has looked off the pace recently but so have a few others. I was torn between dropping Holt or Pitts but Pitts can always cause issues running from deep, especially if Bahamboula and Nouble can draw the CBs wider and create space for him
  13. It's scary that the best Left Back in the league is actually a Right Back playing out of position. Just imagine the nausea inducing love fest if he was English Not just that, he went into that game having only played 40 minutes in pre-season
  14. Other than the rangers game, Nouble's best performances have been on the wing. I get he's been playing centrally due to Anderson not being fit but we now have Guthrie who can take up that number 9 role and allow Bahamboula and Nouble to be the wide men where their height would give the opposition more issues. If the opposition were to try to double up on them out wide, it would either require the CBs to push wider and leave gaps for Guthrie/Anderson/Pittman to exploit or would pin back their wingers which allows Montano/Devlin to bomb further forward with less of a worry on counter attacks
  15. Really all depends which Livi turn up. If the team from the game against rangers turns up then we could be looking at a decent performance, if the team from the motherwell game or the second half v aberdeen or the first half of last night turn up then it'll be Livingston 0 - Hearts whatever they decide to stop at
  16. No goals in 2 and a half games but conceded 8...f**k me
  17. Oh I totally agree that he should stay and get fit here. I was just saying I could see the thought process behind it...even if the decision would be questionable
  18. It's up in the summer and I believe this loan is with a view to give him game time and get him in the shop window for a new club next season. Was a brilliant player for us previously but I felt he lacked the versatility and energy levels that Martindale wants. Most of our players are able to play in many different positions and will run through brick walls for the team, Josh is very much an old school winger but I felt he faded out of games quickly last season before going out on loan. I watched the Ayr game V Dundee last week and Akinyemi could have a field day with the Postman on the wing, his delivery is outstanding.
  19. That's Mullin confirmed as joining you on loan until the end of the season
  20. I'd call myself pretty tech savvy, having studied computer science and information technology at uni but I find Twitter horrible to navigate. I only have it to follow the Livi matches I can't get to but all throughout the day my phone is buzzing with random notifications from Crystal Palace signings and government cabinet reshuffles to photos of vin diesel on a night out and "news" regarding one of the kardashians' latest face surgery
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