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  1. Darts on ITV4 for anyone finding this as Turgid as me
    I'm really enjoying the game...plenty of action, end to end at times, posts being smacked, goals disallowed and a sending off. Surprised more of the Iranians weren't booked for getting in the ref's face ..while they were correct in that it should be a red, they were screaming at him, inches from his face...a few were even pushing him around
  2. Switzerland are just the most boring team ever. Always seem to qualify and can’t remember a single entertaining game.
    Was it not Switzerland that had the nutter of a keeper a few years back. I'm sure it was at a tournament where the ball was rolling towards goal and he lay down and stopped it with his forehead

    Jorg Stiel v Croatia at Euro 2004
  3. Just now, AyrshireTon said:

    Kabia and Schwake are on loan from Livi - how long are their loans for?  

    I believe they're both season long loans with the option to recall in January. I can't see either being recalled, Martindale apparently dropped Kabia due to his attitude and he's behind guys like Nouble, Bahamboula, Shinnie, Montano in his position. Martindale has also said he wants Schwake to play 80-100 games before bothering the first team at Livi. He's currently behind Shamal George and Ivan Konovalov....would probably have him ahead of Jack Hamilton though

  4. 1 hour ago, CoF said:



    I’ve watched it a few times and seen various stills but I still cannot see where the offside is. Can anyone explain it to me? 

    the angle they showed on tv replays was quite deceptive in that there was a second ecuador player hidden from view by his team mate and the qatar keeper and he is offside from the header

  5. Well, aye. Because football matches are things that ebb and flow and change with events.
    If Shankland scores his early chance, you probably get nothing from the match. That's fitba.
    I think the result was about right. I'm just amused by this 'TELL US WE SHOULD HAVE WON, SHOULDN'T WE, SHOULDN'T WE, SHOULDN'T WE!!!!'
    It's like a support lifted right out the school playground all excited about a result and wanting everyone to tell you how great you are. In reality, it was just a tight game where any of the three possible results could have happened with no real complaints. I think anyone viewing it would have agreed Hearts would have been a bit hard done-by to not get something from it.
    Happy now?
    You're a very angry person aren't you?
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